Political Snap Shot



Written Mar. 30 11:55 pm EST


   The Almighty gave you, Andrew a choice, as when you were addressed, my words were His Words, the Father in this instance. You were told to shut down the borders in your state in certain areas, but you questioned the fall out. Did you listen, no. If needed, it would be enforced in other areas to protect the general public. The elite are heavily infected by design. They are fleeing to their vacation homes in upstate NY, New England and out west to the lower provinces of Canada. But you already know this. The CDC travel mandate was to prevent the poor from migrating to relatives. Trump caved to you and the establishment. So sad. You say, they will be responsible, but their children bored will infect the locals as they are wealthy. Just like Spring break. The virus will explode. So a new set of orders.

   To the CDC, Trump closed down the EU and Italy for far less than New York City. You now realize that the infection rate, will not slow, which will allow isolation in densely populated areas to be impossible. So what do I mean by that? I grew up in Queens near Elmhurst and Jackson Heights. In the seventies there was a fire in the home on my corner. We saw a small family home exit 26 people during the day, and all not were home. That area of Queens is known to Trump and Andrew, is heavily Latin American with many not counted as Americans. Elmhurst Hospital near 82nd St. south of Roosevelt Ave, the # 7 train is overwhelmed, and others soon as the overflow is moved to other Boroughs. No I did not look that up, idiots. In the seventies wait times in Elmhurst were 3 hours, nothing has changed. It is worse.

   Those who are hiding, are infecting their family members, as they continue to fear deportation. Where do they go? The covid-19 is aerosol, adhering to common surfaces like the cruise ships in the form of micro droplets, and human skin as dust. If they come out in their true numbers, extrapolation will lead experts to calculate the true number of illegals living in this country, which is just north of 40 million. There are 3.6 million Dreamers that want to be counted, many more uncounted, and these are just the college and senior high school kids. There was 11 million illegals in the sixties and this number has not grown. This is a fact, but you won‘t hear this on CNN or MSNBC.

   Governor you are walking a fine line, shut down travel going north at 287, the bridges, tunnels, Port Jeff, Orient Point & Block Island ferries, and side roads at the north end of Orange county until you get a grip on this to start. Workers and essential travel allowed, but a family with bags, tag them or turn them around. Boat traffic across the Sound and Hudson will be monitored. I expect the CDC to make this recommendation as a choice. Just know this is your last choice if or when requested next. I am giving you a chance to do the right thing, and it better be timely.

   I have watched the talking heads push an agenda. Racism to stop the Chinese from entering, so they went to Italy and Spain. They would be here in your stupidity. Thousands more would have died. You speak of the defense procurement act, did put in measures to protect America in the Bill, no. Money for the arts, you are idiots. I will say this, exactly what will happen if Mexico’s health care system collapses, and the gangs exploit the population. Millions will migrate north, and you can not handle your own. We see AOC wanting to give your tax dollars to support illegals. Now you say the Dems are for the poor, really.

   The Dems are supported by monopolistic tech corporations. Why is that? The Dems are supported by Big food and agriculture, as they support their illegal labor sourcing, Unions, not there. Again, why is that? The Dems are supported by the upper Middle Class and rich (Hollywood) as they exploit cheap household labor. We know why that is. The sad side, the overflow as they move on depresses your wages at the staring level jobs, and crushes your school systems and social services at the tax payer’s expense.

   Remember, they come to work everyday, sick time and disability, non existent. This is how you are being replaced, but you don’t see it. And you want two time loser, soon to be three, Biden to lead this country? Cuomo makes him look inept. Now What? Pelosi or whoever you, when are you finally, going to make a decision that benefits this nation without politics? Just telling you, if corporations fail, there are no jobs. Unemployment eventually runs out. Such the idiot.

   The virus will end. It has brought some together the goal, others listened to satan and are divorcing. The challenges you will face, shall be far greater in the very near time. Jehovah Witnesses it is time to break free. No man (elder) can promise salvation, that is in the Hands of Jesus, which you do not believe as God. Do you want to be sweep away as dust? This is written in the Bible. As I warn the world, prepare for the quakes. You will need those emergency hospitals, especially along the Mississippi valley from Chicago to new Orleans. As for the UK and the eastern Atlantic coastal countries from Portugal to the Netherlands, a little in Germany, Denmark and Norway, you will just bury the dead.

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