Political Snap Shot

Booker on CNN


Written Mar. 31 11:59pm EST

   Booker, I reviewed your town hall (B--), but what I noticed, is you took a chance on just answering pre-chosen questions out of a pool, which you were prepped on, as opposed to presenting America with your vision in a passionate speech to remove Trump. But you did not have the balls to do that, as you are a politician in your safe place.

   As Newark’s mayor, 2 years after being elected, the poverty rate of your city was above 26%, then 23% and you think you are successful? Lets not talk about the next 4 years that averaged above 30%, and you call this fiscal and social responsibility? What is funny, is that I know, you were a Rhodes Scholar. Really, and this was the best, you could do. Life did not change in Newark for the better, and the Democrats ran the country. You presented a lie in your forum, as some changes did occur, but 43% of children are below poverty levels. You could have done better.

   You talk about expunging the crimes of marijuana, but forget, some of those arrests were used to removed the violent criminals, when they were not convicted for other crimes. Crack cocaine destroyed families and the lives of innocent children and your answer is to forget and erase a dark past? You are an Stanford idiot.

    Expand Medicaid for all, yet the average family income in America is 60K and health care for a family is 19K after taxes, so exactly how is your plan going to work? The answer, it won’t, or will be sub standard as you lie, like those before you. Check it. So you get hundreds of thousands from the Pharmaceutical industry as campaign contributions, now exposed, your spots change? Please tell me, you are not that stupid, but you are with my next statement.

   So Booker, you want to see the Mueller Report in its entirety. In my absence you have on the surface, but hope something is hidden from the public. What is unknown will hurt the Democratic Party, not help. In your small mind what you think is, there is not. What will be revealed, is that the DNC conspired to discredit Trump to insure a Hillary victory and you were on board spewing the same hate.

   What surprised me about you, is you knew Trump was being framed, and you went along with it. Sorry Booker, the DNC anointed their candidate, and it is not you. You say the people will choose. Really the media is bought and paid for as the polls, good luck. Do you want to do a service to this nation? Then quit before all will see you as a loser that sucked up, then kicked to the curb. It is your choice.

   Days ago McConnell took up a vote on the new green deal. You knew that this was a political ploy to trap those who back this, as you also know something that is threatening all life on this world. Few on this earth will be alive after the earth changes and it is not Climate Change. This is why you voted present as you lie again. Booker this is why you told the nation, the Military is preparing, and this is true, but your timeline of 25 years is a lie again. You know this earth has 11 months to little over a year.

   On the question of mass shootings, we do have background checks. No felons, crazy people or person on the no fly list can purchase a gun with out being watched. In many mass shootings, the children took the guns of law biding parents. So what is your solution? You have none, as your social media has corrupted kids. And you think, taking away guns from all, is a solution. Again you are idiots, as you are being herded. If a criminal wants a banned assault weapon, it is only about the money, nothing changes. The goal is to relieve the rightful gun owner of their weapons, but protected by your Second Amendment for a reason.

   Booker, the Electoral College was put in place, so that all areas of this nation are represented, as a safe guard against a party like yours today. It could have been the Republicans, but was not. You were warned of these times in the Bible. What will not happen, is that certain East and West coast states control the future of this nation without considering the needs of Middle America. When the tsunamis wash away your homes and the food stops due to drought and hording by the farmers, then what? I know your plan. It is to take what you want from a disarmed population, this is not going to happen by the power God and for those that believe.

   You spoke of voter suppression, how, when almost all have access to transportation or can register to vote online. These are not the old days, where polling places were sometimes 50 miles away. You want to vote? Then get up off your lazy asses and register. No car, then set up transportation with your churches You are creating a problem that does not exist, as these are not the sixties.

   Your opinion on Smollett stating, “I am not familiar with the case” is a lie. You are familiar with Ms. Fox, the prosecutor, but the case went south. So you lie, rather than accept the truth, he planned the attack to discredit Trump and you were a tool with your comments in the media. You got off, but you will never work again. Was it worth it?

   Addressing the LGBTQ community does have civil and human rights, but have no rights in the eyes of God, no matter what you think. Man is influenced by another, do you really want to follow this path? Booker, I did like your view on, that special needs children and the need for more funding in our educational system. Booker there is hope for you, as this is a start.

   Booker, you spoke about the values of our country, under God, indivisible, freedom and justice for all. Your party is undermining our nation. Where is the Justice when millions sneak across the borders you were sworn to protect? We have laws and to use children for economic gain is criminal and you know this. Then without asking, you send the bill to the Congress for incarceration, social services and health care of illegals, yet those you serve do not have the same care, like veterans, our homeless and the poor? So allowing millions with no money to flood neighborhoods without assimilation is your plan? They build America is your answer? Booker exactly what century do you live in the 18th when all was welcome or the 21st when most are a burden. Oh I forgot, reality is not your agenda as a politician. Rhodes Scholars, really Clinton thought with his other head and you, neither.

   You put our veterans before the illegals, as if we are responsible for correcting the world when 20 trillion in debt. Help home before others. When home is correct, then help others. This is common sense, but I see as a scholar, you have little. The same talking points is given to your leaders and the media, for once break away, and be your own man, thus change the world, but you won’t do this. This is why you are a politician and I am on the other side representing the Father Almighty. Guess who is going to win?

   By the way Booker, I did like your 2nd good point, support for HBCU and please continue to keep up, as you will lose if the election was to occur in a month and Biden has yet to run.. You are a diversion, a pawn, as to show diversity in the Democratic Party, thus some are backing Harris as win-win, Black and a woman, sorry. Did you ever ask why CNN gave her the first town hall by design? Obama was the first and last of color, get over it, as time is up.

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