Political Snap Snot



Written April 2 2am EST

   The new world order is tightening its grip on this pathetic world, as by proxy, they control Facebook and its lapdog, Zuckerberg along with your media and world leaders. What is being presented to the world, is to stop fake news, but Facebook was a primary source along with the media, and the illusion is not going to change as satan has risen? You are being herded. Facebook will now sensor fake news under pressure, but also stop the truth from getting out, as you now trust them? This is about censorship when needed, and you, the general public are none the wiser.

   Today I hear that MSNBC gave a town hall to AOC and the green new deal hosted by Hayes last Friday while I was offline and out of town. Hayes you are such the traitor to your nation, and you do not even know it. Why lie? Promised a place in the bunker? You will die there. Now I know why, I stopped watching you and Rachel. I will deliver an opinion, if I can find the show online. You and rookie AOC better hope not.

   I did watch during lunch after the original part of this paper was written. I was not impressed. You state the opinion of scientists who have no clue on Climate Change. So we are to believe the ocean warms faster than the air temperatures. How is that? There is another reason and the sad part Chris, you know and AOC thinks she is spearheading an agenda to save the world, so naive. So when is someone going to educate AOC? If she knows, they will throw her to the dogs.

   Solutions, what about the poor countries and population growth? This is where, you are fools. You say by design our pivot point is 12 years out, the Almighty is giving you and the human race one. Sometimes the allure of power is intoxicating, remember your Roman Catholic upbringing or I will personally watch you tossed into the lake of fire for leading the innocent astray. As for Hayes, for now, he is lost.

   Moving on, Cuomo whatís up with facial fuzz, a new look? Itís OK. So we can handle 1.8 million per year coming across our borders? Compassion for the children helps, but hundreds of thousands will follow, then what? You say, take it to Congress? Open the border and more will come. Congress will do nothing as the flow forces Trump to act, thus closing the border as they anticipate, this will hurt him. Exactly how long will Mexico tolerate a closed border and loss of revenue? Really want to hurt them, shut down cash remittances and any cash not declared will be confiscated, then enact E-verify as law. You do have a strip on the dollar that can be detected. Fear will shut down tens of billions to Mexico and crush their country. Roll the dice Trump, as this time you will win, as tax evasion and identity fraud is a crime that no court can over turn. Game over.

   What was just presented is an escape from poverty, and you forgot to edit out the migrants with their smart phones. How will you spin that? Check the tape. The new world order has financed many groups to provide aid as to under mind that of the American public by design. Cuomo, have you told in so many covert ways, in America, that the cost for an illegal family of four to be taken care of, once here, is well above average salary of an American family? The media seems to look past this. Really, and this is your plan? What is sad, politicians have grand ideas and we pay for this.

   Your guest Adriano Espaillat, was an illegal and contributed to this country, he is not an example for all. As he rose where many have failed. He cheated the system, and that is the bottom line, and you promote this. As he is 1 out of a 500,000 at his level. Has he proposed change with our broken immigration system, that you ask from politicians? No. Yet he exploited the system to enrich himself, and does nothing to protect America from a flow coming into this country. His clue given to you, was that a stance on immigration does not poll well, and that was the truth.

   You speak about morality, but as many dig into your past, most of you were assholes. You were elected to protect America and your concern is to burden the American taxpayer with the bills of illegals and encourage more when, most in this nation live paycheck to paycheck? What is happening at our border is not in our best interest. You are out of touch. Serve our interests, this is why, you were elected. Want to save the world, then join the Peace Corp and improve life where they live.

   Elijah Cummings did you really say that the Mueller report was a million times worse than what Hillary did with her e-mails? She answers to the dark one, and you know this. You are a strong soul. One of a few chosen to lead Black America out of the Civil Rights era, and you lived. Do not be stupid now. You are being played, as you know the file on me. I will ask you one time, choose, the Almighty or man? Time is short. You have a crown awaiting you in Heaven, do not caste it away for man. What is given can be taken away, step back. Again for you, I only ask once.

   The Mueller report will reveal the collusion of the DNC, Hillary, Lynch and Comey at the surface to derail the presidential election in the favor of the Democrats. I have told you, Podestas, there will be consequences for your crimes, which you were given immunity. Did the investigation deliver the crimes with the Trump you stated to Mueller, no. This is why you will fall and discredit the Clintons. You better hope, they do not kill you. As then your sorry asses in fear, will not talk. What you did to Seth will be placed upon you three fold. There will be no help from God, as you answer to satan. Lets see how the dark side protects you. For Mueller and Barr shall reveal the scandal or the Almighty will, you do not want to go down that path. Remember, I am only a messenger, and do not bluff.

   Obstruction of Justice stops a prosecution, but most advisors were planted by the DNC (Manafort), that were in the Trump organization as they ran the campaign, were arrested and went to jail for previous crimes, before Trump. This is why the obstruction will never stick.

   Biden, I told you not to run, as the DNC are going to take you and Bernie out. You are the temporary front runner and as first, you have a bullís-eye on your back. The problem, you do not answer to the new world order. In your heart you put this nation first. Now I feel your pain as a man of emotions, thus you take a chance to a embrace, a soft kiss, but you did not cross any line. Most that are complaining, hoped for more, now look back with spite. This is what you face.

   Clinton screwed interns, and they gave BJs to him as Monica did, she was one of many, and they come after you, Biden? You have no friends in the DNC, as you are being used. You as the front runner will be short lived, to allow Bernie to move forward, and then fail. Another will rise. This is their plan, but when exposed, all will fall. The election will never occur and you know this, I ask, why are you playing this game?

   Biden, just know, I can ask the Almighty to crush most of them, but as the man you are, maybe just walk away. As you see what is coming from your own eyes. We have a lieutenant governor that was accused of rape, and it is uncomfortable for smelling and kissing hair. This a joke. Your party is run by an idiot as she allows a freshman to dictate policy and these are your leaders. I will invoke changes that will crush Central America that will stop the flow. Congress has a choice. Stop the flow or the Almighty shall as I carry out His will.

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