Political Snap Shot




Written Apr. 3 11:59pm EST


   To the Mexican government your time is up. It is no mistake that certain news programs brought to light, the American dollars sent to your country is its biggest source of foreign capital. Trump will stop this with a new income tax, send it through the mail, it will disappear as it is illegal. For the Mexican government, America is a cash cow and it is in its best interest to covertly assist illegal immigration. First by removing their weak and poor to another country and when they grow, they send money back home. This is your plan Mexico along with your drug imports, which stops now.

   It is constantly presented to the American public that illegals take jobs that Americans wonít. This is true, but the reason is the fair wage was removed when the illegal offered to take a lower wage does, thus displacing a working American offered a choice accept a pay cut or resign. They resigned without revealing their story as they could not connect the dots of the greater picture. This cascaded over time to where we stand today. Industry taking the lowest bid for work and a fair wage for the American worker removed. This is the Truth.

   So heed this. As an example, I have requested to your capital, Mexico City to be crushed in magnitude 10 quakes, which the false news will report as a high 8. Almost all of your buildings will be leveled and loss of life minimized as to learn. Since you will not stop the flow from the south, the Central America land bridge will also be destroyed in a series of quakes. Godís faithful will be taken home. This is your last warning and a warning to the world.

    The gloves are off will the false religions promising salvation while treating those who do not agree with their views as any questions are dismissed or expulsion. You are first on my list to suffer. All that you value will be destroyed as you listen to another, but preach you love the Father and others that disagree answer to satan. You shun those who do not follow your ways, when Jesus accepted the sinner. This is your folly. The protection granted to the Christian religions with a hidden agenda shall now be dissolve on my request, which was granted. My experience with your members left much to be desired when given every opportunity to change. The door is not closed, but the window is so much smaller with conditions.

   All of you on this frail world you call earth is nothing compared to your new home when you pass over the veil. None have listened, so death and destruction will be increased exponentially to hyperbolic according to your changes. Again heed this as you can still change.

   Countries will disappear as predicted in the Bible and finally you will quake in fear as the Rapture promised never comes and a comet strikes killing billions. Then you will realize you church elders lied and have no power, but for those given an opportunity now as to move forward with insight shall be revoked. Just like in the time of Jesus. As you listen to men.


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