Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 3 7 pm EST


   As the media continues to bring the West news from Ukraine, there is a need to update the American people with the truth. There were two main false flag events this past week in Ukraine, as to get a better world wide opinion at the bargaining table. Land mines would be counter productive to bring if you were planning an occupation of outlying areas of Kyiv. What if Putin changed his mind, then what? Land mines placed on civilian land is a war crime. No one saw the Russians planting mines and why would they take that risk of being shot. This would not on a small scale change created by the soldierís decision, not put in place on a large scale by Putin. The will of the people or government in Ukraine change? No, but it would enrage them into a solid cause against the Russians. Nothing to gain here.

   You were told, the Russian would leave, when they want to. It is not a Ukrainian military push back, as if they forced a withdrawal according to a bias media. No, the Russians decided to move on. That is it. Old faulty land mines placed under corpses, how would that work? It would not, as dead bodies shrink due to loss of moisture and some would release pressure on the trigger for the land mines with unexpected explosions. This scenario would only benefit the Ukrainians who have stores of old Russian land mines from the old days of USSR. Planting them would point the finger at the Russians and win more worldwide support. That was the plan, but also the fault. They were not used in previous Russian attacks and that is the problem casting doubt.

   The second false flag event is that with no air cover and skies filled with Russian jets and missiles, Russian target as hit. We are to believe the Ukrainians now have helicopters that flew east over Russian occupied Ukraine territory, then evaded Russian air defense systems for 20 miles inland and hit an oil depot and made it back in broad daylight. They would have been shot down by missile batteries already on alert due to NATO. What ever team hit the oil depot, it was not from Ukraine or Russia, but you are meant to think so and you have to ask yourselves, why?

   The Russian plan for Ukraine was only for increased territory along the Black Sea and the eastern regions. The Russians need a direct land route to supply ships in Crimea. The attacks to the north were an educated diversion, so that Ukraine would concentrate most there to maintain the capital. Radiation poisoning as if the tanks went into quarantined areas marked off. They stayed on the roads just like the Ukrainians working there. You are being lied to. You were told they would surround the city, but not occupy it, which is what they did. Yet the media said they are coming in. Zelenskyy and the West fell for it. Peace negotiations will include the southern areas surrounding Crimea and Mariupol. This is not what you are being told. Putin wants more warm water ports or you can continue the war and your spin.

   The one thing that the West needs to consider. The sanctions imposed by the West for the most part takes away some the oligarchís toys, but crush the Russian people, who have no responsibility for Putinís actions and some do not support him. They are innocent, but you punish them as if Putin will change. He cares not for the plight of his people and you know this, but continue your ways. Hunter received billions for proxy influence, the sad part it is from the Russians and Chinese, yet his father still walks free. Is this the justice in the West or aiding and abetting the enemy? This will come back to bite the West. Just as the West except America, continues to buy Russian oil and gas. America, you are being lied to.

   Now shifting to the domestic arena, finally some in the media are getting it. Those who lead you have two ways of getting very rich after becoming a politician. One reserved only for the highest people in office. Influence peddling through phony jobs, business associations and Charitable foundations. The other is family and friends trading stocks and commodities or setting up businesses that will be needed on inside information leaked by key representatives from the Senate and House on upcoming bills and executive orders. Guess who bought up all the seedy motels along the border now housing illegals and bus companies before they get transported into the interior US?

   Look at Pelosi and Waters just to start, both have used their power to enrich themselves. You want to check it? Look at past legislation and then track the trades of family members made pre release of public information, as they are not that smart and think they are above the law like Clinton. Why hasnít the Republicans looked into this? Because they also are guilty of the same crime. So why concentrate on the Democrats?

   We all know the Republicans are for the rich. The Democrats on the other hand, backed Jim Crow and pretend to be for the people with their social agenda. When services are offered, many times the organization belongs to distant family or political friends who contribute. One hand offers help, the other hand steals, despicable. This is why, what is rotten in DC, is called the swamp. Pass a law, they will just add layers of proxies to hide the money trail. You need term limits and algorithms to flush out usual trading patterns due to inside information, but they will not do that.

   All of you have seen the George Floyd encounter, spark the defund the police movement and then blow up later in the Democrats faces. But you fail to realize, this same scenario will happen again with greater consequences. They followed what they thought was public opinion, but it was just the loud voices of BLM and Antifa. The general public stood by in disbelief as their cities were besieged by gunfire, riots and looting and this was not for the better.

   The crisis at the border was sparked by the babies being taken away from mothers, remember that from Pelosi and AOC. And now with out of his mind Biden removing article 42, millions more illegals will come. You have the homeless here begging for help. Children who do not have enough to eat in schools or at home. Covid and crime out of your control and you invite more problems from across the border by design. Rents in cities will force many to live in a single apartments and even more in a home. School systems will collapse. Social services will be overwhelmed. You know there is a coming food shortage and lack of housing. So in your minds increasing this same issue, is an answer for America. The travel and restaurant businesses are crippled by your Covid lockdowns, so where are the jobs for these uneducated and mostly unskilled people? Nannies and landscapers infected with Covid? This will not happen in your homes.

   Exactly what purpose or who does open borders serve? We elected you to work for America, but you seem lost or confused, which is it? Please tell America. No, it not working for America, as we see it. It will cause riots in the future by design discontent and only for your Democratic party again to reject open borders. This will fall short of supporting the wall in the near future, but the damage is already done. The wall is not racist as it keeps everyone out and does not discriminate for race, color, creed or gender. White, black, brown, or yellow it stops all. It protects the interests of America, Biden do you get this? No, I forgot your cognitive abilities on my request to the Almighty, has you in decline.

   Oh and Bidenís brilliant idea to tap the oil reserves, how does that work? So Biden will have to sell our emergency reserves to oil companies well below the current spot prices and the current contracts for delivery on the most part, that were set years ago during the time of Trump. So how does the Biden Administration rewards those oil companies?

   The oil futures markets is driven by speculation on future prices caused by natural disasters or supply issues due to created political upheaval or demand. This is why they call them futures contracts, as the price is set to hedge against supply issues in the future, but they do not tell you this. Where money is made is when the spot oil price usually very small percentage of the crude oil supply far exceeds current contracts already set. The oil companies raise the price of finished oil products like gasoline to reap in windfall profits. You get fleeced and most are none the wiser.

   So in laymanís terms the current oil supply might have been bought at $40 dollars a barrel on a futureĎs contract a little over a year ago, but you are being charge as if the barrel cost the current spot price of $100. This is a scam and Biden chooses to look the other way. He is not protecting you. The oil companies will make a fortune guaranteed by this government, and you hope they pass a saving on to you, maybe a nickel or a dime per gallon, pathetic.

   This is not the first time, price manipulation caused a crisis in the world. The Middle East for the most part hates the West, especially in that England offered them pennies for the oil within Arab lands early in the 19th century. NaÔve, the leaders uneducated saw no real value in the sticky black liquid. It was only when the sons and daughters of the Arab elite were educated in England. That they saw how their nation and people were being exploited. This caused events in the colonial Middle East to turn.

   Death to the West instigated by the colonial power England due to greed. When the elite of the Middle East gained wealth and their people suffered. The West protects them and on the other side, the Arab elite covertly supports the terrorists. It is a symbiotic relationship, they remain in power with money and they funnel funds and weapons to support to their cause. All in your governments knows this, but it is the price of doing business.

   Several thousand get killed over time furthering the terrorist cause, but to the West it is just useless lives, a small price to pay in the business of the oil industry. This is their big picture while you mourn your dead. They do not count. They go to funerals say a few shallow words, check their watches and move on. This is your world. The problem now is that Biden has lost control and they are moving towards Russia and China. This is dangerous for the security of this nation.

   What you have to realize, is that Biden told insiders back in early March of his intentions and family along with friends shorted the oil market. Those trades were executed into the oil market for days during the accelerated buying just before the peak. As to not be detected before letting oil traders know to cover their tracks. When the shorts covered about a week later, prices slowed downward momentum, reversed then again trended upward. He told those same insiders of the current plan in late March. But the markets has already factored in Bidenís strategic reserve release. The real oil traders are aware of his intentions. He will now have to discount more, but you will never know that price to make it happen, as marginal prices at the pump fall. You save pennies, and they make millions on your backs. These are your leaders, common thieves.

   You the tax payer paid for the oil being sold from the strategic reserves at a loss and you will have to buy it back eventually at a loss. The total cost you paid at the time of storage to the current replacement cost. The price drop at the pump is only an illusion. Because, the root cause will still exist 6 months from now, if not worse due to the coming earth changes. This will affect the supplies from Arabian peninsula.

   You ask why 6 months? Biden is doing this, only to reduce the talking points related to gasoline prices in the media. It is only out of concern for the upcoming months leading up to the November election. After that, he does not care about you and your pain at the pump. It is all about winning in November. Consensus among the Democrats due to issues presently not known to the general public, they hope martial law along with Covid lockdowns will keep them in power, if the 2024 election can not take place. This is their plan.

   Finally on the Global scale, you have been warned years ago on the primary threat to this world, is the new world order. You have heard Biden say, we will lead a new world order. You have heard the Russians and Chinese recently say they will lead and establish a democratic new world order and now we hear European leaders say we need a new world order to bring about peace. Again the new world order through war will achieve all countries to choose to be under one leadership that protects all. An option that most will take by design, as they are being herded after an event that shocks the world. No borders, no more war and no one owns property, you all are at the mercy of one leader, admired, worshiped, a cultured man with a spirit that seems like god on earth, yet he will be the long awaited antichrist. All is not what it seems in this time of darkness. Heed this.


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