Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 4 11:59pm EST


   The NOAA predicts a below average hurricane season, and they work for you. They are lying. The coastal cities for the most part will be uninhabitable around certain parts of the world as the year closes. The US will be impacted, but will seem like a very severe season, while the rest of the world will lose tens of millions. Will the true numbers of deaths be revealed, no, just like today. They base their research on lower ocean temperatures, but this is another lie. We have increased water vapor responsible for rain measured in feet and snow falling at levels over 10 feet in a day. Check the charts of ocean temperatures, before they are doctored. Speaking of lies, ask how ocean temps rise faster on average at the poles than the air? There will be silence, as all have the same talking points. All are muzzled.

   Speculation with the 737 Boeing crashes, both identical, and what is being floated as a test, is a bird hit the sensor? With the sensor on the side of the plane a bird would graze, but really would have been sucked into the engine. They have absolved the pilots, a step forward, and it comes down to the sensors. You were told this here shortly after the crash. Check the past documents released.

   The Boeing software incorporated sensors, Mcas system, with real time data, and compared it to flight instruments as a back up safety mechanism. What they will not say, only a rouge EMP pulse would have overwhelmed the system as the flight data recorder showed the spike across all instruments. The FAA, Ethiopia and Boeing can never reveal this, as all will be asked what is the source of the EMP in to separate areas of the earth? They will fix the software, Boeing will be compensated quietly to shunt it losses, as the truth would crush the entire industry. You the public will never know the Truth and life goes on until its over.

   Recently we are hearing, that we have an influx of poor immigrants, as they are needed. Because, Americans are having less children, as they are expensive. This is true. So let in others with little education, skills, and have children in tow, many in poor health, and this is your answer? If can not afford kids, because of taxes to support social services for those free load. Again your answer, these are the leaders, you see as needed today, for change. Compassion, morality and over a million flees to this country out of greed, and an escape from poverty. Please check the rules for asylum. You cannot even police your own like Virginia, as over time, it just goes away. You are Hippocrates. Then you put the bill on the backs of Americans. Did you ever have that friend, who never paid a bill, then when the money runs out you are dumped?

   America, they promote all to come here, they take what is yours, and many of you are poor. I ask, is this fair? Is this what you want from your leaders? When you cannot afford an apartment, because 20 live in one. You cannot get health care, but they can and walk out on the bill passed to you, who has coverage. You will have no future as all infrastructure and social services are overwhelm, but your hapless leaders only think in their myopic view of 2020.

    Mexico, last chance, as I have been held back by the Almighty. Trump gave you a year to clean up your act, I give you a month (30Dasys) staring 4/5/2019. Stop the flow at your southern border or the Almighty will level certain Mexico, coastal western cities, destroy you roads and crush oil production. My patience is so thin now. I will not allow a flow of illegals start a race war within the US, as the new world order wants. I always say you have a choice, in your case, you have none. Do not come to me after the fact. As you will never know when it shall start, as that is decided by Father, but it will. When you come, to stop it, I will turn my back. I told you, God has mercy, I do not.

   I am holding back on Mueller and Barr, as to let you the media take positions by design. You do not know the facts, but assume. I see strike 2. By the way D Lemon, no need to curse on your show, sh..ty, that is so low class for the reason you used it.. Do we need to put soap in your mouth as you sleep?

   By the way, Tucker, it is wiser to tone down attacks towards others in the media. Never let respect for another go out the window, even when you disagree, and if they are an idiot. Rise above it. What you say may burn you, as your Fox network is owned by proxy, the new world order, and the leash they let you have, is by design. They are waiting for a mistake, as your warning was Jeanine. There is no need to point out, what most already know about your peers. Focus on the mission only, exposing their false policies.

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