Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 6 2pm EST


   Mueller stated when this investigation was over, he would not reveal damaging information on those who were not implicated. But others are trying to change the narrative. Those who are now leaking, worked in a compartmentalized environment by design for secrecy. No one individual or group had the full story except a few at the very top. The leaks were not from the top. This is standard operation in the Military and certain high profile cases. But those, leaking to the Times leads the general public to believe, they have something big on Trump, really how? They have snippets of information and were not privy to the total case. Yes some did see Trump pull strings to push back against Manafort, Flynn and others from being investigated for collusion, for which, they were innocent. Mueller got them for other crimes committed and in place well before any Trump campaign association and squeezed them to turn. Push back is not obstruction, as they are were innocent of collusion with Russia, but the media continue to promote the suspicion, they focused on over the past two years.

   Your State Department during Clinton’s reign was riddled with influence peddling and the name just changed after her leaving in 2012 to the Clinton Foundation, which shut down after she lost. With no influence, there is no high profile donations. This why Hillary’s servers and emails were off limits to the FBI. The Podestas and Manafort took the crumbs in the Ukraine and Flynn in Turkey. For most in politics, it is about getting rich on the backs of the American taxpayer. Help the world as you burden your children with debt, and you live one pay check from disaster. This is your world.

   This is what they want and do not want America to see, and we know this. Trump cannot be indicted for trying to help. The key, no influence was used to change the results, as all were convicted where there was a crime. The insiders inflated the information without seeing the counter arguments, as Mueller if he had a case, he would have taken them down, rather than rely on an opinion of the Attorney General, who did not work 2 plus years to bring charges of collusion against Trump. Again, if there was no collusion or crime, then how can you obstruct? I know you in the media are not all idiots.

   Some inside the Mueller team were planted, but Mueller knew this. Those that leaked were set up as the information was specific between the teams. They have been eliminated. You can speculate, ask, and push it, but just know, all will be revealed as to the involvement of the DNC to set up the Russian collusion in order for Hillary to win, but she lost. So please proceed.

   The Democratic Party speaks of our morals, yet KKK is in a Virginia mansion, and your decisions affect that of the American public. Your cities are in decay and nothing has changed in poor communities since the sixties. Is not this your domain the cities? We have over crowed schools and now you will divert precious teachers to bilingual classes without replacing them for our own? Millions are coming and will move to the cities for work. A mother feared for her life and was told to leave Central America, but she left her many children. So much for that threat and that story. Those here will see rents and housing costs sky rocket as they live 20 plus to an apartment or home all based on supply and demand. Health care which you are now trying to pass cannot absorb emergency visits that they cannot pay for. As society eliminates low paying jobs through technology, most of the uneducated will fall on social services. Not to mention identity theft and falsifying social security information. Assimilation is out the window as communities form within the cities and isolate as the culture is different here. When the flow of money stops, crime will take its place as America is the land of opportunity. And this is your leadership? You need to take off the blinders. You are being played.

   Biden, I told you, they were going to set you up. You are not going to betray this nation under the grip of the new world order. This is why, you are feared. The false sexual charges are shunted as not sexual, but they are to stop you from declaring, you are in the race. So why the parade of women and the timing? Who is behind this, as we have seen this before, it is the new world order who backed the Bushes, Obama, McCain, Hillary and now Beto. Maybe now you will listen, as you are in the way. Next is Bernie, but socialism and his age, shall hinder him with out interference for now. To eliminate a few, Harris, Booker and Gillibrand would have never reached the top, if there was time.

   Taxes of the President, were reviewed by the FBI. They have access to all IRS files as a federal government agency, long before he came into office. This is standard protocol. Any financial ties to a foreign country, would have removed him from running by charging him with a crime before the election, but you do not state this as the people believe any in the media if all follow the same talking point handed down to you. As Obama was cleared of being born outside of America, despite the accusations from Hillary in the 2008 primary elections. Check it.

   The Democratic Party is only about proving, Trump is not a billionaire. Who cares, everyone knows he lies when it comes to his personal life, most rich do the same thing. But he is not a traitor to America as I have pointed out those who are. Was his net worth under a billion at one time, yes as I will not reveal when, as I have not asked for the information. It is irrelevant, but not now as all want the brand name. He is president and will profit immensely once out of office, if that was to occur. He is the last president, thus the urgency to impeach. With that said, the Democratic push for impeachment for them, is survival, as none will fare well in the bunkers and many friends and extended family left to fend for themselves with Trump in control. An angry public will take its revenge. This is what they fear.

   You ask, why Trump had a reversal on the closing the border? Many in positions that could hurt Trump financially in his business dealings applied pressure to the State department and they applied pressure on Trump. A secret back door deal with the government of Mexico was opened as Congress continues to fail to act, who did agree to stem the tide flowing north outside of the eyes of the media. They will impose threats at its southern border. The idea of closing the border was seen as a temp posture that would pass. A tax on remittances or seizure by those sent by undocumented would crush Mexico and many poor families. Will this new approach work? We shall see. If not I will have the Almighty lay waste to Central America and Mexico, as the flow will stop due to death, lack of food, water and transportation on broken roads. This is a promise. I will not allow a race war to divide this nation, by those listening to another, flooding this nation with migrants like the EU. Thus opening the door for attack from the Bear and Dragon prophesized in the Bible.

   Your leaders have no plans as your rents rise. They have no plans as your schools decline. They have no plans as they welcome all on a tax burden applied to you. Follow them as your nation falls to the influence of another or you can choose God. When you help others, you do not destroy your nation for any reason. This is the difference between a fool and a leader.

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