Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 6 11:59 pm EST


   Again the media fails to heed His Word. Failure to prepare for this pandemic, has many facets. Yes Trump played it down, as the CIA did not reveal the true numbers of deaths in China until after Trump opened his mouth by design. Did he receive information the Almighty would shut this down suddenly? This is true, but yet to happen. Yes there was a break down on supplies, as the Trump Administration just knew the previous administrations had back up supplies in place, for a pandemic. They did not check, and when they did, the tests were not valid. This is on them, but who polices the underlings. They will now.

   Many now knows the Chinese through social media lied about the results of the virus, but you were told here. Are there 10 million cell phones now off line as stated on the web, maybe? But ask, how that information was obtained, as communist China shut down most leaks. The number was revealed to show suppression, but they have other ways to control the internet. The numbers was exaggerated. 500 K to a Mil that died in the hospitals, thus the loss of cell phone service, others who died at home, were not counted.

   The WHO which is new world order, lied to this world, as did China, and some of you look up to them as leaders? This pandemic was seen as a gift to the new world order, intern, eliminate millions of useless eaters. You are fools. They are lying to you. Again, had Hillary been in control, she would not have shut down access to Wuhan travelers to America, and later those from Italy and the EU. She would have said, we stand by our friends, and you would have died in much greater numbers. That is an idiot, as certain aspects of your media. This is the Truth.

   The hospital systems are totally overwhelmed, broken ventilators, shortage of supplies, as the black market pays, and lives are lost. You refuse to believe this would have been your future on this world. As no matter who was in control, events would have played out similarly. You do not listen, just as pharaoh. So the Almighty will release another plague. The Great Rains that will flood your mid nation and other parts of the world, watch and behold the power of the Almighty. As for China, they will be digging out of the quake rubble besides the floods and rats. China, your dams will burst, rats will infect your children. This is just the start. You picked the wrong partner, satan and the new world order. I told you Xi, you fool no one. You will fulfill the prophecy of a 200 million man army, but they on the most part, will be children. Removing your weak by allowing the virus to spread among the elderly, great plan for new world order, but it took out some of your best.

   On the sinister side, the new world order was allowed to spread the virus by planting it in certain Western nations locales by design. Just realize that Germany got a pass. In the East so did Russia, as the virus did not affect them wide spread, but was limited as both are new world order. The elite always wanted to sculpt the population, so you think evil would not accelerate the misery? It is so easy, through parties and sex. Few would turn that down in certain aspects of society.

   Will the corona virus subside by Easter in New York? It depends on the prayers of the faithful. The Almighty said New York must atone for their sins of abortion to lift the plague. Let me say this in plain English, the corona virus is the first of many plagues, as none of you are listening. Look not to man, but look to your God. This is a promise.

   For the leaders in the know, you can continue to play the game. Some of you will die, as an example to others. The public will despise you. Just know, if Biden is elected, as a dark influence envelopes the world, he will never serve.


Update Apr. 7 10:45 pm EST


   I listened to some parts of Cuomo tonight, and he had words of wisdom, but when he spoke to Zucker, he lost his mind. It is true that when an individual contracts the virus, all shun them for fear of losing their lives or infection. I went through a similar unrelated situation, when the mob put out a hit on me, when on local NY NBC, and a certain magazine, I spoke about the Mob on Wall Street. I was not mean to my family and friends, but when shunned, and I remember this to this day. People turn, it is a common human reaction. Chrisís advice was spot on.

   Zucker runs the NY State Health Services as Commissioner, he exhibited caution during an interview, as hospitalizations drop with a I donít know? The current death count in New York State is a lagging indicator, as those dying today were infected weeks ago. You are an educated idiot, Harold. It is about monitoring the trend. Those should have been your words.

   Just know, China eliminated all infected by design. The point, their economy is up and in control, as you flounder bickering for leadership and pointing fingers, seeds of division. If this was a race, you just gave the Chinese a 1 month head start. Your leaders are fools.

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