Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 7 11:59pm EST

Update Apr. 8 11:59pm EST


   So this week, as they celebrate the 70th anniversary, as Stoltenberg addresses, so many say who? He then appears on the Sunday morning news channels in America stating NATO is a friendship. A friend pays their bills. A friend has a standing army, that can protect its nation on its own, and does not ask others to die for them, when their population are cowards. A friend does not open up a backdoor agreement, to share power over the EU(new world order), which they will break. Trump is not Hillary, and your appeal to Congress, only was approved by like minds. But, those in the know, see you answering to another. Pease say it is not so. But you won’t do that, if so, he would take your life and soul.

   I can visualize when the Russians comes across the NATO eastern front shortly in the near future, the Poles will fight to their last man after, the EU will surrender by design. Starting with Germany, who are secretly working with the Russians (Merkel & Putin). This is why her phone was tapped. They were (Germany) new world order during world war 1 & 2 and nothing has changed except when they emerge again. Stoltenberg, America is not interested in joining the global agenda under Trump. This is why all in world governments wants to remove him.

   Iran has been inundated by severe floods thousands of cities, yet this is not covered. Muslims are blaming Tehran, but it is the Almighty or as they know Allah. Thousands have died not 60 as told to you by your false media. This will increase as your defiance hardens. Allah has not authorized your religion to kill, your clerics have. They are men, know the difference. Allah wants you to come back home to Him. The Quran was a base to guide you, as an alternative to the Bible. At a certain time you will be told the Truth.


   What has been a problem, since this country was formed, few of you address the true cause of what affects this nation. Those few that did are dead. Lincoln with slavery and finance. The next few assassinated Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy were associated with the banks in stopping the Federal Reverse, but due the traitor Wilson it started and keeping it intact. Kennedy tried to eliminate it with an executive order and was then killed. Check it. You promote accept all as if this is still in the nineteenth century, and the needs of our nation does not change.

   You want the truth, go into a Black community and ask the men, do they want illegals to come in and compete for low level jobs, see their rent and home prices rise due to demand and pay more taxes to support them, please ask. You won’t. Democrats when was the last time you helped the average Black man or student? You cannot even control predatory interest rates by Sally Mae. You can get a car loan at near 3%, but a student loan with cosigners? You are joke as a Party for the people. As time goes on, I will expose all for who they are. Nothing is hidden from God, as His spokesman, now what? Your media seems to speak for all of you, as if you are stupid. They back it by fixed polls. You will show them at polling places if the next election occurs, as they are out of their minds, the sad part being quiet and staying that way is not your best choice, choose another way.

   You allow the poor in the world to be lent money, as to improve them to western standards, but their leaders steal the money, western firms when call in to improve the nation’s infrastructure rapes them, and their country is held in debt, so they give up their natural resources. Then when their people are slaughtered due extremists or they run to this nation, you promote sympathy, the children and hope for the poor. Do improve the lives of the poor here? No. So why are you lying? You are nothing but tools for the elite, as nothing changes over decades. This is the Truth.

   You speak that the border closing will hurt both countries, but if the trend does not stop, it will hurt us. Cheap labor comes at a price. The taxpayer is burden with through social services supporting the impoverish, and the rich get wealthier. This is the Democratic plan, still in place since the sixties. You speak of, if we cut financial aid for the country, it will hurt the people. News flash, the money going to the governments is dispensed just like the Clinton Foundation, little is seen by the people. You have no intention to change corrupt countries in Central America, but choose to look the other way. You play the America public that has little insight on the how corrupt nations operate as they listen to your media with out doing their own research.

   We hear of the cages, but Obama allowed them to stay in place from the days of Bush. We hear Congress passed 415 million dollars to address the problem, so with a million people plus crossing the border, 415 dollars per person per the next year is going to change the situation at your border. You are idiots.

   You ask why the wall? As many choose to pass through the ports of entry, but are held until they are called. The wait could be years. Jump a short wall or walk across with none, they will claim asylum and they are in. The wall is the only deterrent. A waste of money is not doing anything, as it cost almost a trillion dollars. Illegals are approaching 40 million in America, but you do not consider this, or dare to reveal this number. Remember the population has stayed at 11 million since the sixties. Check it. You have millions associated with DACA just in college. What about those who never went? They are lying and the sad part, again you trust them.

   Some are apologizing about the phrase, “all lives matter“. Is this what Jesus would say? Black lives matter was presented, to bring focus on the disenfranchised, but to suggest that Black people are elevating themselves above all, is on you. Change this or it will backfire. All lives matter, including those in the womb. Focus on that!

   By the way Juan, income tax did not exist in the days of the founding fathers, so refrain from the reference.


Update Apr. 8 11:59pm EST



   We hear in the biased media, that family separation at our border, puts children in cages. As this is not what America stands for, we have morals as you tell the country. This has been in place since the Bush days. During the Obama Administration the cages were there, but not one you said anything as it did not benefit your party. It has been compared to the Japanese internment camps on US soil during World War 2. Again you are played, but worst, you insult the American Japanese due to fear and hate, as they were American citizens, not illegals that flow across our borders. You use them, but here you should apologize for our racial hatred. Family separation is to protect children from sexual predators until the DNA tests come back, but you do not see this.

   Truthfully, many coming here use to sleep on dirt floors in 10 by 10 zinc roofed shanties for an extended family eating corn mush, the cages and warm meals is an upgrade from were they come from. Check it. If not, why do they come, as asylum is not granted for those fleeing fear and economics, read the rules put in place by the UN. Cowards run, heroes take back their country. This is why, they come by the millions, and break our laws to put their kids in a position to gain sympathy, but you don’t get this. Send aid, they steal, just like the Clintons.

   As the media, you do not reflect the values of the people in this country, but repeat the same talking points by design, as you lose more and more viewers, just ask Anderson. What is so funny, those that watch know this, but are in denial. This will change. So on that note, events will be stepping up. This is on you, as I am now talking directly to the media, who for the most part, are deaf. So some of you will fall. Once it starts, many will beg for mercy, but that time would have past. DID I NOT WARN YOU OVER AND OVER AGAIN? Now it gets serious.

   There was no Russian collusion, but you go on and on, tainting the American public with a toxic narrative, and you do not think the Almighty, will not hold you accountable for the vast lost of souls? You work for another, but there is time (little) to change. Heed this warning.

   Millions have flooded our border, and we have a legal system to regulate this, to where all on both sides benefit. So labor with no or little education flooding in, and you stick us with the bill. Oh, you do Kumbaya while looking at the Statue of Liberty as if this is an answer? Yes, it was about a hundred years ago, and that is why you are out of touch, dinosaurs. The tab for the American taxpayer is at least 100 billion. Those in Congress are rich, you are not. Your leaders are serious idiots.

   I ask, those who promote a wall is immoral and 100 thousand come here under Trump. How many will come with the present narrative of the Democratic party? They invite all when in power, then what for America. Yes, and you pay the bill and your country falls. This is the plan of the dark one. Will someone wake up!

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