Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 10 1am EST


   I will start with Cuomo, as I still do not know why, you have not learned. You stated Tuesday evening, nationalism is not the opposite of globalism, it is isolationism. As a Roman Catholic I know you have read the Bible. I ask, do you think in your mind, you can render an opinion on Godís Word? I will ask once, stop promoting globalism where one rules the earth or do you work for the new world order, say it isnít so? This is a subject you need to drop. It is real.

   The media and certain in Hispanic media continues to promote, we need labors to do the jobs, we do not want to do. This is true, but they come with children and baggage. Yes they will work for a few dollars per hour. Then there children are in schools at a cost of 10K per pop. They do not make enough to pay income taxes, oh I forgot most are off the books. Those who work for the rich, shift the cost of social services to the taxpayer, as you were called the little people, but you donot speak of this, why? It is a net loss for America. Paying sales tax is not paying taxes, you are idiots. They get sick, you pay through higher costs. The driver who flees an auto accident, you pay with higher insurance rates. They are illegals not waiting for the cops to come. Murder or rape, you pay with a loss. Just one is too many.

   You want to shut down guns for the deaths of mass shootings by the very few out of millions, but illegals have killed thousands over the years. This is your double standard. We can count mass shooters over time under a hundred over the last few decades, which is too many. Where is the outrage? You are hypocrites. Stand against what I have said. If so, you can lie.

   I am speaking to some, not all, that are the idiots in DC. Have you contemplated the thought of work visas for workers only. Registered, pay taxes, no family to burden America, based on a renewal entry approved every year to the season of need in agriculture or 2 years in plants? They go home or can apply for citizenship like all others. No, you have little reason to change.

   A wall stops fence hopping and you see this, once here they can claim asylum, which does not accept economic or fear as a reason. It takes billions to process and you want to spend money on them just like worthless wars? For the 100k that are caught, there is 30k that escape. This is why they come. For 40 years we have heard this nation will address the problem. Forty years later, events are worse and you state the same lying narrative as politicians now running for president. I hear what you are going to do for the illegals, what I do not hear, is what you are going to do for America. I thought this was your job. This is one of many reasons this world will be crushed.

   I ask you Democrats and Republicans to think. Those that come here illegally are not educated for the most part. They work hard, but how much non skilled labor is needed in this country. Yes your naive politicians read the script from the Statue of Liberty, but as the fools they are, many ignore times have change since the 19th century, and you want them as your leaders? Tens of millions are here. For many of you from the sixties and seventies, have seen the quality of life go south. Barr will reveal the DNC set up the Russian Collusion to destroy Trump and if the 2020 election was to occur, you would be crushed. Many now see you, for what you are, beware.

   I will address the Gillibrand Town Hall on CNN in the next day or 2. I definitely will be watching Thursday, Don.

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