Political Snap Shot

Gillibrand Town Hall


Written Apr. 11 11:59pm EST

   I did watch Gillibrand. Did I learn anything about her, besides the orchestrated talking points to be covered by all candidates, scripted by the DNC and screened questions, some leaked to the candidates? Little, as did the nation. You open up to America on the plight of the illegals crossing our border against the Laws of Congress, which you are a part of, written and passed to protect America. I ask what has changed?

   Oh, the political narrative controlled by the elite who owns the media, and you through contributions wants sympathy for all, coming by the millions. You need to ask why, as they have none, that is why, they are rich. As politicians, you say illegals need beds, but our homeless sleep in the streets. You say illegals need healthcare, yet the poor and some middle class in our own country have none. You say compassion to improve their lives as they run instead of fighting for their homeland, yet the Black community is going backwards as Black on Black crimes, drugs and poor education crushes the chance of improvement for many. This is the Democratic plan Gillibrand? You are no rookie to the plight of the impoverish, as you live in New York.

   You say, you have been fighting for immigration reform. 10 years has past since you have been elected. I have seen nothing and you cannot even control MS-13 a small group of illegals in your own backyard, Long Island. Need I say it? You are Loser. 10 years has passed, and you never thought they would call you on immigration, so you ignored it, as did the Democratic Party. In secret, I will let America know your pet name for the illegals you whisper among your friends, dirty browns. This is reported by many at the borders by all who go there and observe. Gilli before you want to go there, the Almighty told me what is in your mind. Need we go on as I can, so we shall stop here.

   As you whine at your town hall for immigrants, the 2020 election is about America. Do you get this? We can help others only when our house is in order. This is basic 101 in school or did you skip that class due to privilege?

   Now on a serious side, Gillibrand brought up an issue that all Americans need to bring out of the dark, sexual assault. The fact that Congress needs to address this within their own house was a brave statement, and Gillibrand in this regard is one of the few pioneers as to speak about what happens in Congress. No woman shall feel the need to sexually please any member of Congress or staff to further her or in some cases his career. You will not win in the primaries and shall drop out, as you are positioning for a Cabinet position as Booker, but if you really want change, you can start here and clean up sexual abuse in Congress.

   Gilli, please say it is not so? Did you really seek advice from Hillary. You know Hillary is new world order and wears a boot. Was convicted in a secret military tribunal on crimes against this nation. On the Foundation, it is a loss, it dried up and the money confiscated. She is a loser. Oh that is why you like her, you are both in the same club. She and the DNC set up the Russian Collusion, which will come out in the Mueller report, and this is one of your first steps towards the presidency? Good luck.

   You speak of Medicare for all. You stated and it is recorded, 4% of your salary would cover this. This is a fact. The average family income for your state is 65K. Now most corporate families have benefits and pay a portion of the 19k per family or about 9K for an individual. Lets do the math with both parents working. It is about 2.6K. Your leaders think insurance companies are going to cover a family for that? What about the co pays and drugs? Do not even think those who work hard and have plans are going to throw their money from union contracts into a pool for sub par coverage. Under your plan health care insurance companies will be out of business as the general public that never had health care and have little disposable income, will have a host of pre conditions and present medical problems. This is how Gilli lies as the rich will never pay. They will forego income and take stock options, which you cannot touch while invested or hidden overseas. Where is the money coming from?

   You speak of the NRA as if they pull the trigger. Killing is in the human mind and this is the cause, there are many tools, eliminate one, they will find another. Then what? Let me take you into the deep recesses of deranged mind courtesy of the Almighty. The dark one is influencing the young to go into a classroom of kids with gasoline, spill a 2 and half gallon container on the floor, light it at the entrance and shoot any one that tries to leave, they all die and the attacker commits suicide as fear takes the souls of the adults. It takes a minute. As a response are you going to ban the sale of gasoline? We have teenagers drinking and texting while driving and thousands die. Are you now going to ban cars? You never address the source of the murder, the human mind. You are idiots and this is why the population wants to keep their guns.

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