Political Snap Shot





Written Apr. 12 11:59 pm EST


   The Catholic Church is in a state of crisis as francis moves to change that which, is from God the Father Almighty to another. Who have been told judge a man by his actions, yet you are confused and concerned with your pope. Do his actions follow the True Word of God that never changes? The schism has begun as this is the time of satan and the scriptures of Revelation shall be fulfilled.

   The deep state, which is in control of your banking systems, is now dictating that they will not lend money to companies that adhere to our Second Amendment. This is a discriminatory practice, but your law makers say nothing. Loans are based on the financial responsibility to repay the loans, not political views. There are laws against this on the books now. The deep state goal is to disarm the American public as to protect the elite enclaves. Will this work? No. The public will just get cash from the same banks and purchase at untraceable gun shows. Just know I have authorized to the Almighty to remove those who caved to the deep state to be removed from earth. He will take your souls as an example to others who may follow, but the public will never know what you know. Your rumors will be perceived s a glimpse of Hell.

   This nation stood up against small business owners who refused to make a wedding cake for same sex couples, designed to break them. China has banned the Bible. Do you see a pattern?

   On to Syria, again this was a deep state operation, rouge from those in power in Russia and Assad as they were not a need to know. The US has radar records of all aircraft that participated in the chemical weapons drop origin and landing points. They can not point the rebels who they are arming and cannot reveal a deep state operation. So the fall guys are the Russians and Assad.

  Trump is a trap to force your hand as you were briefed it was not Assad, but your media paints a different picture. Nothing will be gained by spending over 200 million dollars to destroy asphalt, desert and obsolete equipment. You say people died from chemical weapons. Yes people die everyday there. In this case does it really matter as they are still dead, the method irrelevant. This is the Truth. Back off and ignore the Russians and Assad. If you really want to end this, then hit Assadís command center, primary electrical sub station and palace with a 15 minute warning to preserve life. The choice is yours.

   The discussion on the California splitting into three states is just a manipulation of the voting population. All of the proposed areas contain major cities to offset the rural areas. But the true purpose is to add an addition 4 US Senate seats while the House seats just get divided according top the same population of the census, wise up.


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