Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 12 5pm EST


   Yesterday we have reports of an Israel satellite orbiting the moon, and then crashed upon landing. Landing was not its objective, but photographic evidence of moon alien bases to be used as blackmail. The probe was shoot down by those on earth, as there is such power. The new branch of the military Space Force is operational and has been for decades. This was a message sent directly to the Bear and Dragon.

   In Sudan where millions have die due to genocide or starvation, now that a military coup has taken over. You really think the world cares about starving black people with no resources? Lets all tell, a joke to get past this.

   Assange being evicted from the Ecuadorian Embassy is not what it seems. The deep state backed the new Ecuadorian president, but with a tag. He was promised to be elected upon removing the Assange protection. The excuse of publishing emails of the president and wife whose embassy that protected him? Does not all internet traffic go through the embassy and is monitored. Now I know, you are not the fools to believe that.

   Assange has been framed, as to conspire with Chelsea. How would this come about with him in isolation and she in IT within the military? She saw things that were against the grain of this nation and choose to expose it, thus went to Assange to tell the story. Chelsea did steal it and Assange published it, not knowing where it came from. Collusion, how, as Assange has insight into the Pentagon security codes. If so, why use Chelsea, when he could have done it himself? But, you do not connect all dots in the media.

   Assange receive direct messages from Chelsea and Seth. IP addresses were recorded. One was arrested the other eliminated. The DNC is in fear, as the White House may allow Assange to tell the truth. The new world order is now putting in place, a legal entanglement to keep him in England, yet they promised extradition to the US. This was the reason for the raid. Assange if not killed, will reveal his sources were Americans and not the Russians. The DNC and Hillary are sweating. You state, he assisted in the hacking. So if he knew how to hack into the Pentagon and Hillary’s servers, so he would pass the info to another that leads back to him? The problem is, you refuse to believe those on the inside saw many things that threaten this nation, and they needed to be exposed. They were heroes, as the point, it shows your leaders as traitors, and they were muzzled.

    Brexit is exactly what I told you it would be. Prime minister May put in place a deal that would never be approved by the MPs. I told you, the EU does not want the UK to leave. As the end times accelerate, the EU grip will tighten on he UK until, it will be a dictatorship. Then, all will call out for God.


   The DNC and fellow Democrats are shocked at the NY Post Cover story. Be careful here, as Omar downplayed the 911 event, which was an attack on our nation in the name of Allah. As to say, “some people” and we went to war in the Middle East, where thousands died, killed Osama, and almost 3000 Americans died on our home soil. This was disrespect at its highest level. This why she was called out and she made a mistake, that no one as American should come to her aid, no matter Party affiliation. This where you stand up for America or shut as a coward. Her words were not taken out of context. If she is hinting that it was an inside job, which it was, her political career is over. You and AOC need to know the Democrats in power will reign you in. Change comes in moderate and humble steps. This is how you play the game. Give a little get less.

   Barr reveals, the Trump Campaign was spied upon, so why would he reveal this knowing the push back from the media and the DNC? Agent of Trump, no, that is too easy. You, the DNC were set up, as the Mueller investigation shall reveal this. By the global agenda as to discredit the American political system so they will accept another. It is in place and those who agreed to the new world order, once accepted by the American people, you will be killed. You are dealing with satan, not a man.

   Trump was warned about the moles in his campaign and certain areas of Trump Tower were being monitored. He cleaned house as this was one of the reasons for the high turnover of staff.

   You say the FBI set up an investigation on Russian collusion, but you the DNC planted a false dossier, falsified evidence to get FISA warrants, for what is now known as no collusion. The Mueller report in its investigation, gathered by those offered immunity, pieced together, the DNC and Hillary campaign engineered the Russian collusion by design. This is what Barr is hinting, but you refuse to believe this. Shock will descend upon the DNC and Hillary as their plans are revealed. Many in this nation will hate what you stand for, and reelect Trump if this is to occur. Those lines in the report will not be redacted as requested by the Democratic leaders, as they think the info released will paint Trump as corrupt. The Podestas cannot be touched, Hillary already convicted outside of the public eye, but others can, thus the indictment of Obama’s attorney Greg Craig. Many more shall fall and talk. This is why the old guard and the DNC shall fall and a new face will emerge as the front runner against Trump. This is the present plan of the new world order.

   You were told watch Bato, but a diversion is in place with Buttigieg. He states that being gay was in the hands of the Almighty. If you were deemed to act like a woman, the Almighty would have gave you a vagina, but what you have is a penis and you play with another. This is not the way of the Father, God the Almighty and is written in the Bible as to guide mankind. Your behavior was learned over time, influenced by another, and as a choice, own it. The Almighty is perfect and does not make mistakes against His own Laws. In his kingdom homosexuality, is a sin and He destroyed a cities for this. You will not lead this nation of Christians, no matter how the media spins your story. Pence was right.

   Cuomo, this really was not worth my time, but for you, I will make an exception. The banks are controlled by those aligned with the new world order. No person of color or woman has power or ever will within their ranks. In order to have a position that controls the world, you need to sell your soul to satan. Hate comes from satan and he promotes the domination of others, not one will sit in a seat of power he controls. Stop dreaming.


Update Apr. 14 1:15am EST


   Some in the media, and the Trump administration have allowed the truth to come out about the Democrats and illegal immigration. With a brilliant move to send them where they are wanted and protected, sanctuary cities. They all promote it. You pay for it, but they do not want it in their backyards, as they profess, now in the media. All speak of a welcome, but it is a lie, as they know the cost. This is the push back. The truth has been revealed and on display. For those caught up and watching in disbelief. A few in the media are now ahead of the curve and growing, finally. More will soon follow.

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