Political Snap Shot

Julian Castro Town Hall



Written Apr. 13 1 am EST


   Julian, just like another woman before your town hall on the same network, did you receive the same talking points from the DNC on immigration. Do you not know, the polls are rigged? Views on immigration have been going south for a while? Yet listen the media, and you are going down that same rabbit hole. When you speak to America, the last thing they want to hear, is money being sent to corrupt countries to keep their population at home. Wake up call, they steal the money meant for the people. This is why they are leaving. As a politician you do not get this. A 100k a month and 50k that does not get caught crossing our border and you think, we do not have an illegal immigration problem?

   Illegals are called that, for what they are. Climbing a fence or walking through an open area instead of going through a port of entry is a crime. As a law maker, you can not enforce what was put in place by your peers? Let someone climb the fence in your yard and they are American. Yeah, I thought so. False papers, tax invasion, theft of social and health care services and you are ok with this? Please tell America, we want all to come here out of humanitarian needs by the millions and you the American taxpayer will cover the bill as your services get cut. Is this your American dream or as I see it, nightmare.

   Again, you are running for president and the first words out of your mouth, is save the world. What are you going to do for America? If you spend 100s of billions on illegals, then what about those who voted for you and their needs? Did you and Gilli have a powwow, sorry, I mistaken Gilli for Warren, as you all have the same talking points. Oh, that’s right, in order to be accepted as a DNC candidate, they dictate your talking points.

   Medicaid for all is doomed due to fraud with unnecessary tests, unnecessary drug prescriptions and false evaluations. If you can not stop those that recommend false braces, stints or procedures, you will fail. What about the salaries of doctors, again you overlook the predatory lending on student loans with debt on 500k in loans as the young want to be doctors come through the system. You do not have a clue Julian, as politicians like you, are the problem.

   So Julian you want Trump’s tax returns? Why, to show that he is being paid or influenced by a foreign power? The Mueller report states he is clean. It is about catching him on a 900M net worth when he states he is a billionaire, which he is now again. You are so petty. Move on as no one cares. Focus on what makes America great, then talk about the world.

   The new world order exemplifies class on the surface, but it is a façade. Its goal is to enslave the general population in debt, as the politician put in place accelerate the process, and disposable income evaporates. You offer words of improvement, as those before you and nothing changes. Trump may be crass, but he puts America first and is not a traitor. Your words are falling upon deaf ears, as we have heard this before.

   Castro as a cabinet member under the Obama Administration, you were aware of the toxic mortgage situation before you served. Properties inflated, predatory lending rates given to people who were known to default and packaged as investment vehicles to the elderly? This is how you care for America. The average investor, which you state to hold and not sell lost 50%, and that slice was transferred to the wealthy selling short. This is a fact. You looked the other way as it was not your problem. And you want to be president, small one.

   Julian, America is tired of hearing apologies from the past. Are you going to burden our children of the future for the choices you make today? As most in your profession will not see the Pearly Gates, as all is not what it seems. Reparations for slavery, it was legal for its time, but not right. Yet it still exists today, do you change it? So we are to give trillions, increase debt so the elite steal it back in purchases? Few will invest to improve lives and you know this. This is a scheme of transfer of wealth masked as reparations. Fraud as to who is a slave descendant. Move on.

   All you spout plans to improve education in America. The problem in low income areas is not the schools, but in many cases, the parents and you refuse to call this problem out. Unless the child is exceptional and rises without help at home, they on the most part, fail or are average. If you do no homework. You are told you need to get over as they hear their parents talk. It is about a 300 dollar pair of sneakers, athletics rather than an education that controls your status among peers, nothing will change. This is the Truth. The money you throw into the system will change nothing as seen in the past, unless you change the mind set.

   Castro you state, we as a nation is about building alliances with our friends in the EU and the east. Yet your Party states Putin and Trump have a bromance, which is further from the truth. Friends pay their bills. This nation sees China and Russia as an imminent threat. You see them as trading partners. You are a fool. Do not mistake friends for those that use us. This is your problem. The EU is dependent upon NATO, we are not. Their armies will not hold back the Russians if they advance, and the EU is already in bed with the Russians, but the world, please act surprised when invaded, as you were told.

   Castro, you want the Mueller report as if the independent counsel is hiding something about Trump. Why would he after 2 years? The delay was only done at the hands of the Democrats as the timely release should have been after November 2020 by design. Many of you will wish the report was never made public.

   Castro you speak as if the Russians really hacked our voting system, exactly were did you get that lie from, the DNC and bias media? Russians did attempt to hack the company that provided software for our voting systems, but the actual systems counting the votes is a closed system and not connected to the public internet. Thus cannot be hacked unless within close proximity of the polling places, within 50 yards at the point of transmission. And would affect that polling place only. This did not occur. Paper trail, why as that could be manipulated as Jeb Bush did in 2000, against Gore in Florida for his brother, remember. Votes get lost in the swamp.

    What I do not understand, is you lied to a woman about the thousand year flood in Ellicott City, only to happen again the next year. As part of Obama Cabinet, you are well aware of Nibiru and this is the cause of wild weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but you will say nothing as did Obama. Let them die along the coastlines. The population will know before 2020 elections. Then what? Ask Trump to hide you, good luck.

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