Political Snap Shot




Written Apr 18 3am EST


   Confusion now is rampant within the media, as you think you are astute, but you still cannot connect the dots. You were told Trump was an ally of Putin months before the election and what is so sad, you believed this. This would turn off voters as the Clintons had planned and with no manipulation of the vote. The Russians did not access our political systems, but the Clintons did. They had political appointees in Florida swapping votes. They had Donna give the questions in the debates. They crushed Bernie. They expected to win. Their claim was false. They never thought Trump would ever win as did the Russians so they held evacuation drills of their major cities to defense bunkers in case of nuclear war in anticipation of a Hillary Administration. I told you watch the actions for the Truth.

   Fast forward to today and the gas attack on children, but will be addressed later in this paper. He tomahawked Syria, and in mercy warned innocent Russian troops to get out as long as antiaircraft defenses were not activated. So effected, but at a million dollars apiece the runway was operational the next day. We saw one jet debris within a fortified hanger, just know you were played. The Russian media considers Trump not Kim Jong-un the greatest threat to peace, but few of you ask why?

   Hillary lost, due to a certain segment of the American population that was told the Truth in their sub conscience by the Almighty, God the Father. Few of you believe, we are in the End Times, but those in the media and all that controls your world were briefed on the approach of Niribu and you were told a lie. Proof, get a number 9 or 10 welding glass for fewer than 20 dollars and look at the sun at sunset, before they pull them or alter them. The Bushes and Clintons did not warn you, but chose to steal gold and oil. This is the Truth. The Government will still offer protection for you and your family when the time comes and you believe this. CNN and MSNBC that time will never come. They lied and know this; Trump is in control and has a memory, choose. You can bank on this, as no impeachment will come, now what? What will you say to wife and children as you betrayed the world for a false promise of safety? Only God provides safety, not man. Come home.

   To Putin and Xi, you know I speak the Truth as the NSA shares all info to advance the new world order and I know what you have been promised. He is not of this world and will destroy you. You China have risen from the ashes in 50 years against corporate America and you think this is not by design? Russia crushed in the cold war and now told they can control America once conquering the EU, which you will do. America will never fall as long as Godís prophets are on this earth. Merkel promised control of Europe as again Germany betrays the world ushering in WW3. They say the third time is a charm. Just ask, how your future is printed within these words?

   Most of you think, the flash point is North Korea. But you were told, it is Syria that ushers in nuclear war, that shall begin to the horror of this world. North Korea has been given the delivery system for ICBMs by Russia. Their failed tests only a diversion. Your military knows this truth.

   Yes, the general public believes Assad used chemical weapons as they take the word of officials and backed by the media. But, why bring the attention of the world when the Russians were bombing them to where there was no hope of winning? Yes you were told the gas was dropped by Assadís planes, but no radar signatures was monitored in the air space or released as proof. Did you ask why? There is no cell phone record of the discharge of the gas as this was not one bomb and the burning would within lungs and about the eyes be almost instant causing alarm, but no video showing the bombers or mist of the gas clouds.

   The Russians know the accounts are lies as they answer to the same one, as do some politicians in this country, the EU and Merkel. Yes, Trump did know Assad and the Russians were not behind this, but the world needed a show of force. They were warned the attack was coming and some obsolete planes were destroyed for photo ops. No valuable assets were on the ground as your media led you to believe. There will come a point where Putin will move, but not until after the Warning. He knows the EU will fall with the same blitz creed tactic of the nazis, but mainline Russia and China will be toast. What you in this world fail to comprehend is that the dark one wants to destroy Godís children and he has be given this time, almost all of mankind will die as this has been written.

   Their goal is not with their people, but embedding within the EU and Middle East to where tactical nukes cannot be used and manpower reigns. The EMP pulses will take away the technological advantage the US now holds over the world. This will occur shortly after all see the double suns in the sky, and the Pope Benedict flees Rome. You have been told to look to has the most the gain and you will identify the culprit. 

   So Muslims as it is written, who in the Middle East will die, when the Chinese 200 million man army comes? Your women sex slaves, your men executed and the world will turn a blind eye. This is written, but when you read the Bible, few see. The Quran sends a mixed message as yes you are children of God, but you kill in the name of God if you do not believe. Many do not believe. Did Jesus kill as the Son of God? He died for you. But some of you do kill as your message comes from another. Israel will be given to the antichrist and a genocide far worst than the world has ever seen, will commence. Heed this message.


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