Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 18 11:59pm EST

Updated Apr. 19 6:30pm EST


   With the release of the Mueller report, I told you, some in the media would take positions early at the press conference, and then they doubled down, as they had no choice, by design. Barr purposely revealed contents of the report, as some would see a spin and they did. But the truth was in the report. Now they want to hear from Mueller, why?

   They were told by the Mueller report, there was no collusion, on any part, by anyone within the Trump Campaign. Yes there was meeting, calls, associations, lies, but the bottom line, no collusion. It was an opportunity to seek information, not buddy up with our enemy. So exactly why is CNN and MSNBC still saying collusion is in play?

   They are following a narrative of the same talking points along with the major networks, as all are of the same mindset, across all liberal networks. Right now some are undermining this government in order, with the demise of the Democrats, we choose the new world order rather than Trump. This is the current plan as the pawns in your government play their dangerous part.

   So America, so lets step back and examine what some in the media, Democrats, some Republicans are saying to move this country forward. We have Hillary and the DNC pay for, and create a fake dossier, then use it to get FISA warrants to open up an investigation and spy on the Trump campaign. That is a crime. Then when they found no collusion, they look for charges of obstruction to prosecute a crime, that did not occur. As they arranged it. The Podestas would have went to jail with Manafort as they were partners in the Ukraine deal, but were given immunity in order to squeeze Manafort who was placed on the Trump campaign by design. Did they meet with the Russians for dirt on Hillary, yes, but it was low level subordinates. Jared and Donald Jr. were only to be called in, if there was something of value presented. This is why nothing stuck to them. The Russians were blown off as useless and opportunists. But this is not crime as Hillary was and still is crooked, as her false foundation has proven.

   What you fail to realize, is the meeting was a farce as they had nothing on Hillary, yet our intel states, the Russians hacked the Hillary and DNC servers. So no dirt, and none of you ask how? The Mueller report did not identify what areas of our voting system or servers were or even affected, but in their investigation, it definitely occurred. How, when the DNC and Hillary destroyed evidence, then forbade the FBI from examining their servers. None of you asked why? You in the media again does not probe.

   You cannot obstruct, first, if there is no crime, or second donot carry through. You are innocent until proven guilty in America, but this is not what you see in the media. Why is that? So exactly, what does it mean, no evidence of collusion? He is free of all charges. What does it mean, obstruction can not be proven for a crime that did not exist|? Did Trump ask for Mueller to be fired, yes. But it was not the actions of his subordinates that stopped Trump, as is being reported. He listens to no one and fires them all. Now the narrative is different?

   He backed off on advice, there was nothing there and won. If you did not commit the crime, any lie to protect is innocent, push back, is self preservation, all of you would have done the same thing. So you say he lied about the building in Moscow, yes. It was a dead deal as you would have painted the dead agreement another way. His options are left open as no election is guaranteed and life goes on. Making money off the Russian is smart and you are not a traitor. Is not Apple and other companies in communist China and they steal our technology. But you are worried about a hotel that was never built? You are idiots. On the other hand, go to jail as innocent, welcome to a Black manís life. Your leaders framed him, and all you see is obstruction, again you are idiots.

   If no one colluded with the Russians, though they may have been tempted to seek dirt, which is not colluding. This is not a crime. You look at a bank and may want to rob it, but reality sets in. Is this where you are going? They asked for evidence against Hillary and her breach of servers, but none was produced. Why, did the media state, the Russians hacked the DNC servers, but had nothing to offer at a meeting? Because, it was an insider. You have nothing to offer, meeting over. Yes there is bad judgment to consider.

   As I go into the mind of Bill Clinton, he thought of many times, to rape the women that turned him down, but he may not, in some alleged cases. This was a shot across your bow. All of past administrations have done this, but Trump is being called out, as not being part of the old boyís club. Crimes will be exposed created in the Democratic Party that will seal your demise as I gave you and offer and almost came out against Barr or remained silent. Get ready as you asked for this instead of giving America a true alternative.

   There was not a crime of collusion, no matter how the liberal media wants spins this. Calling for the resignation of Barr for telling the Truth. Letís see how that flies. But you want to hear from Mueller, really to repeat the same thing? Then what? All is not what it seems. Please try, as the day it is called into the public eye, is the day you will regret being a Democrat.

   Trump does lie, just like all of you at some point in your lives. He was accused of being an agent of Russia, and the push back is obstruction for a crime he did not create, but was arranged by design by your DNC. This is where the Democratic Party will pay a heavy toll. The point, I say again, you in the media, are going down a rabbit hole as fools.

   A word of advice, this is a war, you will never win. As the Almighty tells me all. For once in your pathetic lives, hoping to be president, let it go, and do the right thing (thanks Spike), and if you hope to win, then what are you going to do for America, but most of you have your strings pulled. This is your choice. Save the world yes, but save America first. This is your duty. This is why you got elected. This is where America comes before Party. Do you understand this?

   The angle, exactly what did the Russians hack as for information, and was it the Hillary emails? The intelligence agencies never clarified this, but they know, as not to reveal the source, the NSA. What methods were used to influence our voting system, and was it effective enough, to change even one vote? If so how many? How did Russians overseas breach internal servers in the DNC, which was being monitored real time, and why did the DNC ban the FBI from examining them, as if they had something to hide, when the NSA monitors all traffic? Did they fail to protect America?

   The liberal media will not seek answers to these questions, maybe you at Fox will? Beware, some of you may, lose your job, as Fox is owned by the new world order. Remember the vision of the leash. You are all on one, but the length varies to allow what seems a balance, but continue to direct the path of those whose minds are manipulated by repetitive statements in the media, so that all, achieve a desired result.

Quick Update for America

   As the media realizes they have been fooled, a decision must be made. Stand for America, no matter what party presents the issue, as this is the basis of freedom, no matter if you hate the presenter. All of you collapsed when Hillary lost. This was by design, as she was a traitor to this nation, with an agreed pact to join the new world order after WW3, yet to occur. She signed off to allow US cities in order to declare peace under one.

   Fast forward to today. You in the media near or are the right, assume that the left is moving to a more extreme position within their party. So you really think Bernie, AOC, and Omar can change what is wrong with this nation, when their partyís agenda created this mess over time? Your nation is moving to one world government. No borders as all in the world are equal. Is this not what you see in your media? The EU is your example. For that to happen you lose, and they gain. Willful workers for food and shelter, when the end times intensify. They will let you die.

   The goal of your government without Trump, is to be subjected under the new world order. A world with out borders. A world where there is a slave class and the few, the elite controls all. Who will stand up?

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