Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 19 11:30 pm EST


   The World is just coming clean, as intelligence services had confirmation that over a million died in China due to the virus, yet not reported. These were the early estimates, as I stated 500 K to a million months ago. Rumors of up to 20 million perished, backed by the decrease in cell phone subscriptions. Somewhere is the truth. A point, the communist government had overlooked. You ask, if the CIA knew this, why not alert the public, and have Trump move faster? It would have caused chaos. This is a fact. Does it really matter, how many died? 20, a 100 million, that is communist China, but you seem to forget this.

   The one tentacle of the new world order is placing the blame on a leak from a level 4 bio lab near Wuhan, the another the US Army. Where is the evidence? In any level 4 bio lab, all exiting goes through a decontamination scrubbing process. Vials are monitored and any removal would be caught, unless by design. An escape through venting would have followed a pattern of wind dispersal. The US Army carefully watched and locations they travel monitored. Release points and dates would lead back to them. The elephant in the room is why infect your own nation? You donít. The CDC in America was banned from entering China, and the WHO suppressed the word, ďpandemicĒ by design. All of you thought, you would conquer this virus with ease and your crude medicine. It is beyond your control, as few nations reveal their true death totals, even here. Only the tested and confirmed who die, get counted. They do not test the dead with a lack of resources, that is to save the living.

   The media and the Democrats in this country rallied behind a front, stating Trump was wrong to ban the Chinese as racist. The following ban on the EU could not be racist as they are just like Trump. The point, they were against allowing alleged infected people from being banned from entering this country, as not one thought this was a true threat. As Trump was guilty of down playing it. They were wrong. All nations have a shortage of PPE, and the Democrats or any other Republican would have been prepared? They lie. The medical experts are also wrong, as the virus is spreading, but far below the predicted rate, and you listen to them?

   We hear almost all state, we need to ramp up supplies. A sterile scored q tip and a plastic vial and we need to invoke the defense procurement act, really? This is obvious. No Administration in power, no matter who, would have answers, as seen today. It would be just another talking head feeding us lies. Those in charge of pandemics made no to little preparation. This is why they were fired, but no one took the helm to correct it. They thought, they had time. They will be removed also. Criticism is easy in hind sight.

   Trump stated infections would be far higher, had not the lockdown from certain countries. This is a fact and true with some in the media now pushing this. This nation can not handle what it has presently, and under Democrats millions would have been infected and hundreds of thousands died. They would have waited and the supplies that Trump has, would be the same. The current lock down is just what the new world order wants. Eliminate the source of income for the common man, inflict debt, dependence on government, and lock populations in place. Why is everyone talking about lock downs to Sept. and zero cases? Again, you do not see this.

   As the disasters increase, especially in our coastal cities, few will be able to relocate. The governments overwhelmed will print money again, but with grave consequences, hyper inflation. Money will be worthless. Food will skyrocket in price on the black market and donít even think you will have influence in the rural areas. The shoot strangers first, ask questions later. Those in the cities with few skills and arrogance shall perish in the woods. The United States will know hunger, as crops rot in the fields. Distribution networks will be broken, as the quakes take out important bridges and interstate routes in the Mid West and California. This is your near term future, now measured in months, not years.

   Few of you reveal the truth to the general public. Most that are placed on ventilators die. It is over 80%, and this is your hope for more ventilators? It is a waste of resources to prolong the death of those who will eventually die. You say everyone needs hope, reality you save those who will survive. Death is not the end of life, as your God has told you.

   All of you are up in arms about Trump withholding funds to the World Health Organization. Itís leader was corrupt. Check it. Sinister plans to infect the citizens with tainted vaccines in Africa was suppressed. The W.H.O. as the United Nations is just another tentacle of the new world order. The UN is based on one organization that oversees the world. Their crime, is refusal to declare a pandemic, thus a pause in the world towards a Covid-19 critical response.

   This nation and certain governors have tipped their hand. We do have a crisis where thousands are dying. Thousands die due to suicide. Thousands die in car accidents. Hundreds of thousands die to various diseases, but do you shut down the nation? I ask, would you shut down all automobile traffic because over 50,000 die? Would you ban all Cholesterol products, because 500,000 deaths may be related? Have you shut down America over Influenza? No. What you face is by design. Not that Covid-19 was predicted, but was taken advantage of. What is key as the CDC traces the contacts of those infect there is a pattern. But that will not be revealed, as would point out a particular source of transmission.

   No human knows the source of Covid-19, as I told you, it comes from God. He created it, and will destroy it, when the current lesson is over. This is in His Hands. Let it be known, as the angle of the Sun increases in the Northern Hemisphere, the penetration of short wavelength UV rays normally absorbed in Winter and early Spring due to a low angle of incidence as they pass through our atmosphere. Activity within the Sun shall increase, causing an increase in luminosity. UV rays will bathe our air in intensity and levels, destroying Covid-19 virus. Infections will occur, but transmission will virtually shut down. Your scientists will say they were responsible, but just know it was an act of God.

   For the astronauts that volunteered for international space station, you are on a suicide mission, rogue meteors will take out the station, as we move towards the fall, thus verifying the HOPI prophecy. I hope your escape pods work.


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