Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 21 1 am EST

Revised 6:30 pm EST

Update Apr. 23 12:30 am EST


   This is a quick update. The nation of Israel decided, they would break world protocol to get a few Iranian generals, which had titles in an embassy, but little insight to strategically move Iran forward at a serious threat in the Middle East. Exactly who is running things in the IDF? Break international law and risk WW3 to get what? As if the targets had real value. So with inept leadership, you did not expect a response from Iran. To defend Israel, you cost the United States now over 4 billion dollars for a few men. I would send you the bill for the waste of resources instead of aid. You could have taken out the whole building of men with a group of friendly girls or when they rotated out. The strike shows the incompetence of the top leaders of the IDF. Billions wasted and for what. The sad part, Netanyahu stood by as a yes man.

   All knows IDF are back, as you struck civilians in Rafah with air strikes. But this will change. Blinken took a tepid step in sanctioning a particular Israeli unit for world optics. Not impressed, but it is a start. Now I know why you hold your head down. You, as Secretary of State will be given time to stop human rights violations in Gaza, use the time wisely, it is short. As the Leahy Bill prohibits Mikeís funding bill in the Middle East, which. These are your laws, but you do not even follow them and expect to be taken seriously.


   Today on one of the Sunday shows, we heard Lindsey address the troop situation in Ukraine after a visit. It is great to say you were there, but no footage of these thousands of troops ever. Ukraine can lower the age, but no training camps full of recruits. Weapons disappearing, but somehow no one hears of losses ever on the Ukraine side. Just how many Ukraine troops lost their lives? You donít even know and if you did, you would have to lie. You say, if we stop support, that means we support Putin. What a spin. Have you forgot Ukraine once had missiles pointed at America. Ukraine broke free as the USSR collapse not out of democracy, but as an opportunity and greed, as it is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The government is known to give kickbacks and bribes to politicians. I would keep my distance, Lindsey.

   You say it is imperative to stop Putin from moving on from Ukraine. Really, the EU does not care, as they pour little money into Ukraine freedom effort and their countries would be in Putinís crosshair. Putin is presently not planning to move into the EU no matter what happens to Ukraine. But after the Mid Atlantic Rift split and the resultant tsunami all bets are off. Vast migrations will be heading towards Russia, now what?

   The Ukrainians have fought valiantly, but they are losing with being supplied. You are throwing away money and you can not change the inevitable. Your horse is running last and you want to double down on pride? Lindsey you can show your support, but be fiscally responsible to the tax payers of this nation, who have great concerns at their home tables, consider this. When discussing the funding, modify the bill as a loan, if you really think they will win. Everyday many in this nation looks down at the poor and giveaways, when was the last time this nation gave away 100s of billion to the poor in a year? Ukraine has nothing to do with national security when NATO is in place. Russia and China are prepping for WW3 and are not fools to start now, but will bleed our national resources, as members of Congress fight to protect Ukraine. You have to let go for the greater good of this country. In the Senate modify the bill as a loan, then pass it. Need I remind you of Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Iran 1979 and Afghanistan. How many lessons do you need? Pride is a powerful enemy.

   So lets move on to Representative Jared comments to today. You say genocide is not occurring in Gaza. Have you read the definition? Lets refresh, where a group of people are killed in whole or part (this applies) causing maiming and distress (this applies), or altering living conditions in order to scatter large groups (this applies).

   The Jews have a right to protect their nation. They do not have a right to level cities to find a few. Collateral damage and civilian deaths are out of control and few care. This is the problem you fail to see. The billions in the new aid package for air defense would not be needed, if someone had not give the go ahead to attack an embassy. You were put in office to make wise decisions for our nation. Iran is no real threat to this nation, shut down their oils fields with an increased domestic production and they go away. A nuke nation with no delivery options, please. If there is bad behavior in the IDF a cut in funding will stop it.

   You can protect the people of Israel and tighten the leash on the abuse of civilians in Gaza at the same time. They are starving. Stop looking at the Middle East from a Macro prospective, if dig down to secondary agendas, as actions occurs in small numbers, but add up into the tens of thousands. The slow distribution of aid is by design. Gaza will be rebuilt with Israeli settlements in some parts, but lets not talk about that. This is the deceit. On the Israeli side some civilians aggressively hide and aid Hamas, when that occurs, they are legit targets. So Jared, if you canít see the total picture, then resign and let the voters put in place someone who can.

   The trouble on the College campuses is self inflicted. This is what you taught them and now it comes back and bites you. The students have a right to protest peacefully, but does have a right to promote Hamas as a terrorist organization. Students do not have the right to demand anything from Columbia as to overseas policies. If you do not like it, go to City College, someone will gratefully take your place. If you want to change things in Palestine then go there, but you wonít. A two state solution is not coming anytime soon if ever, as the goal of Hamas is to return all of Palestine and that is not happening. There is no solution, as if offered a state, it would smaller than our occupied lands, you have now. Blinken wonít tell you, but he knows. So the war will never end under present world policies.



  Now that the media is questioning the Leahy Bill, some now see your effort against a particular Israeli military unit as an optics deflection. The event brought to the attention the world, happened in 2022. Yet atrocities are happening today. Blinken many who are watching events unfold, have a sour taste in their mouth as to your actions. Hundreds of bodies dumped in mass graves, as if notification to their families is not warranted. How many other sites are like this? But the Israelis want every dead hostage. There are so many human rights violations today and your streets here are getting louder, but you are silent. Sanctions against a unit? The Leahy Bill requires sanctions against the nation, there is no loop hole. You think this nation is a bunch fools, as if they wonít get supplies from another unit. Clean it up now or this will be an election issue.

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