Political Snap Shot





Written Apr. 23 11:59pm EST

Updated Apr. 24 1:15am EST 


   We will start with the Democratic Party suing the Trump Administration, Wiki Leaks, and the Russians. Again no one thought Trump would win including himself. You need to be reminded that the Hillary campaign used the Russian association and Putin to discredit Trump by design to crush votes only. Those put in place to switch votes at the polling places failed in key states like Pennsylvania in a just incase. Again I need to remind you of the voting operatives removed in Florida that got caught, while over 90% went unnoticed around the country. Our voting centers are closed to the internet and cannot be hacked. Only an operative within close proximity can replace transmitted files and off shore operatives were used as a deflection.

   Hillary a deep state operative was guaranteed the presidency and certain Republican senators would be elevated to control the Republican Party like McCain. Yes Trump makes many mistakes by design again. As the American public can not be allowed to realize their political system on both sides only favor the elite. This is the Truth.

So you ask how do the Democrats help the elite with all they support are social issues? Letís start with welfare in this nation. Yes many of the minority spokesmen and women state that Whites comprise the most on welfare. This is true. But letís look deeper. You need to focus on the percentage of the population needing permanent assistance. Your men have been reduced from the labor force by illegals that come from nothing. They show up, work hard and do not complain. So you bitch and get replaced. Yet this process was put in place by those you vote for. I ask, has the Black community moved forward or programs introduced that seem to change? After 50 years from Kingís death, would he happy with the current situation? You need to address the percentage of the population on welfare as opposed to the numbers. They use compassion for those fleeing poverty to depress the wages of American workers by allowing many to skirt the waiting list designed to manage assimilation that benefits America. Your deficit increases by the illegals sending money home that is off the books to invade taxes. Their children flood the schools. Those who may kill the innocent in auto accidents in a state like California promote this by design while issuing drivers licenses that should not be here, as they are part of the deep state. This is your ruse.

   Social services have organizations put in place to help the poor while draining government coffers under the guise of helping the disenfranchised. It is all about the money. Check the politically connected by donations. While the Republicans, just offer tax breaks and legislation to increase profits for businesses. This is the Truth.

   For once the Castrosí are not in control of Cuba. Few of you know the truth of why that nation went Communist. The US Government backed the Mafia who controlled Havana by bribing the politicians in control of their nation and ours. Their beautiful women were made prostitutes for rich Americans by force and some were seduced by the money. All wealth from foreigners flowing into the country was siphoned off by the mob and those that protested just disappeared. So if you as a Cuban and see your women fu.ked by old men and vast wealth shared by the few and when you went to the US government for help you are now dead. The Russians offered an alternative and they took it. What you have to realize is those who enslaved their own nation were allowed top escape and move to Miami as heroes. Now Communism is the scourge, but this nation failed to step up and protect the weak and backed the money of the mob. Cuba could have been saved, if the few stepped up and the brave were not eliminated. This was the Truth.

   As for Hannity referencing the Obama deep state tonight 4/23, this is false. Obama is and was a pawn under the control of the puppet master. Hannity, when to report to the America, you must always tell the Truth and refrain from a jab is false. Your second warning will not be so soft! What has been given can be taken away, remember this.

   DNA testing was introduced to the United States to detect oneís ancestry. But that was the true purpose. Few of the general population is concerned with their past, as most in truth would reveal disturbing details. The point was to start a trend where many would volunteer their blood samples by design. As the earth changes increase those with genetic defects will be allowed to die without support of this nation when or if controlled by the elite and those with desirable features for the elite will be taken. This is the deception, beware.

   The American public has been told the Chinese and the Russians are developing a hypersonic delivery system to neutralize the US anti missile defense put in place decades ago to protect military bases, industrial complexes and key cities. US corporations gave them the technology as they are owned by proxy through many layers to hide the ownership of the puppet master. The hypersonic system has been deployed by the East.

   The Lockheed contract to develop hypersonic weapons is a farce as they were operational in the Seventies and their technology is 200 years in front of our present. Space based laser systems in place in orbit and the moon can easily remove intercontinental weapons and sub launched weapons as the point of vulnerability is the launch point and the zenith of the projectile arc. Again this is the deceit of your world. When, not if we are hit, it is by design.

   One only has to look back at history and the Third Reich. The world was struggling with the depression and Germany who just lost WW1 was now in position to gather arms by rebuilding its industry. Who financed them if all banking systems were controlled by the Jews?

   As for the North Koreans one needs to ask where did they get their Plutonium? The North Korean again are pawns to deflect attention from a real threat. They have accomplished their mission.

   Barbara Bush was the wife of elite. She was allowed to perish in order to allow all to admire. George does not have that option, change or join his wife in hell, which most people on earth discount. Bush does not miss his wife who was a bitch to him as he cheated on her. Now the Almighty is sending his soul to he pledged to in the skull and bones at Yale in the name of the dark one. You wonít choose, but the narrative pushed in the media will be you choose o join your wife, which is a lie. Let this be a lesson to others.


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