Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 23 2:30am EST

Updated Apr. 23 8:15pm EST


   Today as the world reels from the attacks in Sri Lanka as an after thought. What is missing from the mouths of the left that lead our nation? Hillary called them Easter celebrators instead of Christians, as she dare not offend the anti-christ with the word Christian, as did Obama.

   The coordinated attack seems to point the finger towards Muslims, but they already have power, and no need to step on what is less than 8%. But your media leads you to believe this.

   This was an orchestrated attack by the new world order, as was the fire at Notre Dame during the 1st day of Holy Week to send a message. The key in Paris with the new world order was to arrange a simple electrical short, yet you were told all left and power was shut down. You ask how was it done? A small radio receiver, minute battery and Thermite embedded within a backup electrical cable next to old wood. Replaced by a worker that infiltrated as all seemed normal. The cable replaced was there for months as not to cause alarm when the workers were asked did anything change. It did not in their eyes.

   When activated by design all workers were gone. So with no electrical load, how would a fire start? The alarm sounded with the smoke from burnt rubber at first, that simmered although not visible from the floor, but ignored by designed as no one wanted to check the roof, which sensors gave the location. Then a delay by design in the fire response time in order for the fire to grow. How was this possible, unless the stations were given orders in advance to stand down. When an alarm goes off for fire, all respond to investigate, but this did not happen. This is your clue. When a false 911 goes off, do not the police show at your home? All would look natural and be dismissed as an accident. This was the plan. The message was to France, as we can take out any of your treasures, so you must comply.

   Sri Lanka was just carnage to destroy Christianity on the last day of Holy Week, Easter, and point the finger at the Muslims. It was about the churches, Roman Catholic Churches and the bombings at the hotels to mask the true targets. Again this was their plan. You are still none the wiser.

   Today the media pointed the finger, stating this was retaliatory for Christchurch bombings. Christians had nothing to do with the bombing, as the white nationalist was recruited by the new world order to achieve his goals. You are meant to think this was revenge, while the persecution of Christianity accelerate exponentially, but you see only that which is high profile.

   Now I did not waste my time watching the CNN town halls last night, as all just repeat themselves. Bernie you are insane to think the rich will give back. Philanthropy is about prestige and favors. When rich, in order to advance, you step on the weak and poor. This will never change, except the façade, you are allowed to see.

   Oh Warren talked about giving back 50K in student loans for families making under 100K. Wake up call, most Middle Class Families spend 30 to 65K per year per child. Instead why don’t you limit interest rates on loans to 1% above the Fed Funds rate? But you as an advocate, won’t do that.

   You speak about the green new deal, which will never come in time and bankrupt this nation. What if I told you, I would reveal the secret to free energy? Interested? Ask those inside your government as they know I speak the truth. It shall come, but your world shall be renewed. This is why, it will be released. Your physicists will make a break through, but all will know the knowledge came from God. This is the trade off.

Update Apr. 23 11pm EST

   Cuomo, you took a serious chance, by bringing a former AG as if your twisted arguments would sway him. Good try, but you failed, I hope by design. He told the truth and as there was no collusion, no matter how you spin it. Russian interference that did not change one vote, and this is the priority? Your guest stated 100K versus billions and this is serious. Serious to who? Political idiots who can not prioritize? This is what is wrong with his nation, you in the media, and guests, on your show, who might as well be puppets.

   Just how many lessons do you need, as you are subtlety slapped in your face, figural, as you lose debates? The AG stated, in plain English, no crime was committed with collusion. The AG stated, with obstruction either you are guilty or not. This is the bottom line, not continuous speculation as if Mueller missed something, as you would hope. The AG stated, there is another side to the investigation as to how it started. The Democrats need to fear this. You want to beat Trump? Do it on issues, unless you have none, as all are beginning to suspect. Impeachment will not fly, as he did not betray this nation.

   For Cuomo, bring others like the AG tonight, tone it down and you will rise. Trump, leave the loser in this instance alone, you have bigger things to work on. He is Roman Catholic and with all the persecution in the world, send it to another. He will change.

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