Political Snap Shot


Written Apr. 24 11:59pm EST


   As was stated tonight in the media, former Secretary Nielson told all among her staff while in power, not to bring Russian Collusion up, in the presence of Trump. You looked at it, as he is denying a problem. The problem, the Russians have been doing this since 1946. This is nothing new, and the Cold War never ended, yet you are to believe this. It is easier for a friend to stab you in the back, than an enemy, you are prepared to face. Who is the fool?

   The NSA monitors all internet traffic and breaches. With no effect on the vote totals and a mere 100K spent on ads, and you freak out as idiots, interference. Meeting with the Russians had nothing to do with collusion. Collusion is when, we work together for a common cause in the long run. Then he is a traitor. Hillary works with the new world order to bring this country under one, yet the media ignores this. She is the traitor, and wears the boot, just like McCain did, when he was alive. No one thought Trump would get elected, including Hillary. The scam was insurance for Hillary, and the failed Moscow tower for Trump. His thinking, when he lost, his name was golden. Traitor no, businessman who loss an election, yes. This is where again, you idiots get it wrong.

   Both parties took different paths, the Trump campaign as a rookie organization, riddled with plants, fell for Russian opportunists in the hope, they would get dirt on Hillary, but had no official ties to Putin and offered nothing. I guess your press missed that. It is not a crime to ask for dirt. As for the Democrats they created a crime, used it to spy, and then with push back, invoked obstruction of justice for a false crime, only in America.

   So Mueller found no collusion, examined over ten cases of obstruction with no probable cause. Now you as in Congress hope to find something else? All will come out about the Podestas and Seth, and then, we shall see, how you fare in America. I do not bluff. As for Hillary, keep up with your comments as if they have no consequence in the eyes of God. A loss of souls will only be tolerated for so long, then you will answer to Him.

   Again, if you believe the polls, Trump will be impeached. With the up coming election your media spin will not be seen the same way by the American public. They will ask, if all hate him, a victory is easy by any opponent? But this is a lie. All know that Hillary paid for evidence that started the collusion. Hillary is asking for a Watergate style hearing to fill in the gaps. Not the part that, how all this started? Remember, no crime, no obstruction for that, which did not exist. But, you in the media cannot understand this. In a court of law, this would be thrown out, as you cling to presidential exemption, instead of the truth. This is your down fall. For Van Jones your mission is the Redemption Project, drop the BS. If you stand between two chairs without choosing, you fall.

   The classification of citizenship is so important on the census. Yes we need to count all, as this is how your representatives are proportioned in Congress. Our Constitution sets up fair representation for all citizens of our nation. Not those who are passing through, as illegals, non residents, or those here on work visas. This is our Law, if not, change the law for all to see with consequences.

   Do not believe the lies. We need immigrants, because Americans cannot afford kids. So bring in workers with no education and skills, to fill the gap. Then your taxes go up to support socials services for them and I ask? If you can not afford kids here, then how can they? Yes you pay. Your politicians are idiots.

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