Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 24 5:30 pm EST

   As the Covid-19 crisis begins to subside, how will this nation bring its people back to work? The answer no one wants to admit, slowly. It will be years, if you had that time. The general public is now wiser, as their leaders sold them out for decades. Both Republicans and Democrats shipped your jobs overseas. Remember this is who you elected to push forward your best interest. They lied. In your Democratic cities, your rents are out of control, and new luxury apartments are now displacing the poor neighborhoods, look at Long Island City and Harlem, soon coming to the South Bronx, if life was to continue. They allow H-1 Visas to flood the high tech companies with low paying jobs at your expense and few of you complain. You have allowed your leaders to be dependant upon a communist nation. You say, they are compliant, no they are stripping your money due to trade imbalances. They are the enemy. When the flow of money stops, it is war. Why work for the infidel, when you can take control of all. That day is months away. You seem to think all play by the same rules.

   There was talk on CNN today on Trumpís briefing yesterday. You in the media are out of your minds. The UV rays will be absorbed by the body, and cleanse the system, and atmosphere. Where you took advantage is by twisting the words of a disinfectant to be injected. Anything injected into a human body needs FDA approval. No one in there right mind thought that Trump was stating to inject disinfectants by choice into their bodies. Did you hear him say this. No! By your coverage, now some idiots are considering this. What about hydroxychloroquine, this is an approved drug for lupus and now it is a threat? You try everything, but politics state another.

   The sun with its UV rays will penetrate the body and stop Covid-19. This was the key message, but you twisted this, and you discard this. Now you will pay for this. I thought sending a message to Chris and Brook would set you straight. Yes they were targeted by the Almighty, but you think it was random, how? How were they infected? You have no answers. Chris almost saw the light wanting the quit, but again he fell. Now I have asked the Almighty to send a direct message to your top White House anchors and others, you know you are. You will drop like flies, a few at first. You will not lead America down a corrupted path.

   The collapse oil in prices is by design. The new world order is about control. Both Russia and the Saudis have deep pockets. Need you ask why, now is the time for a price war when collapsing prices hurt both, unless they are looking long term to squeeze the competition for long gain in market share? Profits drop, only their people suffer, so what, but what is in the ground, will yield immense profits after this is over, so they hope. Their plan is to buy the assets of the bankrupt oil producers by proxy in the US. The sad part the new world order position puts (options) on a declining market that most thought was a bottom. None of you expected a negative price. Again this is by design. This is the windfall they will use, other peoples money Watch as this unfolds, but this government can stop this.

   What is unusual is the spike of infections in only the meat processing plants. Again this is by design. In a state that has few infections, but the hot point of infections is focused in plants that provide food for the masses? Those in the new world order have established 2 goals. They have crushed your financial systems and job markets. Next, limit the food to the common man. What is funny, is that you were all expecting Martial Law to confine you during the end times. Now the virus has done this, and you by choice have accepted this.

   Now lets address basement Biden. All of you have been told that Bidenís mental facilities will be taken, but not enough before the nomination. The VP pick will be essential, and the party knows this. Yes they have settled on a woman, but she will not be Black. Biden has the Black vote locked up. Do you not see this? So why the games? If the election is held, he will lose as a traitor to this country. He is new world order now.

   Now a special message to Nancy, your website out side of your knowledge is allowed, because you get messages from both sides, masking as one. Yes you speak the truth to the world, but you also spread lies. There is a balance in the universe, and it is up to the common man to come to the truth. Jesus is not a prophet, He is God. Remove your page referencing Him. I will ask this only once.

   Obama you said was a spiritual walk in, that only can occur from a service to other, Putin was a man of light, but the Bible states the opposite. In your pages Obama was executed for crimes against this nation. How? Kim coming back, if his is soul, is taken, the Almighty sent him to hell. There is no coming back. Doubles replacing the evil, how does this help mankind? I will say this. It will end. This world will see many doubles die. They have a choice. Heed this.

   God exists in this world, as you can see it in the eyes of children. They are innocent, until they reach an age of conscience, at 7. This is when your world and satan corrupts them. When they start to disappear, realize it is your life choices that pulled them away from you to save their souls.

Update Apr. 28 2 am EST

   This nation chooses to open up, but a governor in Georgia denies the request of the President to stand down, yet this seems to be by passed in the general media. You need to ask why? All is not what it seems. Your politicians approach the Covid-19 pandemic as one shoe fits all. This is not the case. Governors in the Northeast are being pressured to reduce the official numbers of death by corporations within hospitals. They say the nation will fall, and you will have a burden of poor people, you cannot continue to support. This is true. But this can change to a random number later released to the public. This can vary, up or stay flat at zero.

   Yes, the news New York State has secured a interest free loan from the Federal Government to support unemployment. Andrew has listened to the new world order, it is the first step to demise. What is in place, is the transfer of suspected terminally ill from Covid-19 hospitals like Elmhurst in Queens to nursing homes. The point, they are not counted in the official hospital death rates. Numbers reduced artificially will get his nation back to work. Is it Trump, no. It is the new world order, as the elite wants an iron grip on the common man of this nation through debt and hunger. Those who die are useless eaters. This is how Gates thinks of your world. He is one of many. Heed this.


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