Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 26 7:50pm EST


   Macron has commented after the state visit with Trump that we need to rejoin the Paris accord and honor the Iran nuclear treaty put in place by the Obama Administration. The Climate change accord is a farce as the elite continue to use heads of state throughout the world to keep the general population of all nations in the dark of coming events as this world reacts to the passage of Nibiru. Macron said there is no planet B. What he meant is there is no plan B and this is the truth. As there is Nibiru and you, Macron, know this. Corporate profits, our banking systems, the stock market, coastal property values and the general labor force all are in danger of affecting the net worth of the rich. It is I that looks out for the common man as appointed by God the Father Almighty. I the deliverer volunteered my soul to come back to this wretched planet and I now question why as few are listening. But He, the Father Almighty said this will change shortly as billions of souls are saved in His Glory.

   The Iran nuclear treaty is even more sinister as the Israelis know their nuclear program continues as enriched uranium is smuggled in by the Russians. US nuclear detection satellites have traced the movement, but now compromised by the global new world order they look the other way. Trump wants to renegotiate, but now informed nothing has changed and his NSA and CIA has lied to him, it is escalating war with the deep state.

   Many have asked, why the Democrats are pushing sanctuary cities and a relaxation of immigration laws? Those in power who have pledged their souls to the new world order (AKA satan or the dark side) think they will rise up and control this world after the pole shift and earth changes. They are delusional as their master has lied to them. No man, no devil will ever come out on top. This is written. The Almighty created this world and all life including satan. He can destroy them all or you can love Him. Heed this. They know the general population of the United States will not work for those who hide in bunkers as they were lied to, but the illegals will be eager to work for food and housing to rebuild. Those who donít will be eliminated as to not waste scarce resources. The plan is to let the general population succumb to murder, depression, disease and starvation. Then exploit the illegals as slave labor once not needed, they will just disappear. This is their future they hope, but God has another plan.


Update Apr. 26 9:15pm EST


   Joy, the information on your past was revealed by design. They have forced you into a canned response, in which you had no say. Yes homosexuality is against the laws of God and you answer to no man or corporation. As you move forward consider your choices carefully.


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