Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 26 1 am EST

Update Apr. 28 9:30pm EST


   We have within the media that Sri Lanka is not capable of counting torsos, and backed by the data of missing people. What the new world order has discovered, as all in the media, starts to question the government controlling the count of dead bodies. Who has called for the reduction of death, as professionals made and verified the count? Torsos comprised the initial count at the scene. The greatest rise was from those dying at the hospitals, a number they choose to suppress. Proof none, as the mistook body parts as a total human? DNA tests will solidify final the count, but the goal is to tone down the narrative of a religious war, as a new agenda evolves. This is the new plan, just for this incident. 359 reduced to 253 without an explanation? The goal is to reduce the death count, to minimize the crime in the eyes of the public. The point, push the narrative away from Christian persecution by lessening the toll. This is a mind game, as it was not that bad, a hundred less did not die. They are lying, total was far greater.

   You ask, why did the bombers look so calm. This the same trick the deep state used in the UK subway bombings and Middle East. The bomber were told they are testing security parameters of vulnerable sites to enhance security. What they do not know they are carrying a live bomb on the most part. There still are financials who will blow themselves up.


   What you were given, was a warning. A covert team observing the border, were confronted at the border. Now, I do not know how the Mexicans were north of the Rio Grande as reported, as a mistake, not important. Surveillance vehicles do not cross water as to say they were south of the border, was a lie. Just what were the Mexicans protecting on America turf when they shut down the border patrol?

   There was no need for them to be there. Cross the border, why? You know they were protection, the mules crossed without notice due to the takedown. After a time interval what they protected passed over, the border unobserved, was no longer needed.

Update Apr. 27 6pm EST


   Van Jones made a comment that was true last night. We need to stop focusing on the fact, that white nationalist are very small in number, as one is too many. As at some point with the build up of rhetoric on the networks, promoting something that should not get as much coverage, by design, is building their ranks, but you do not see this.

   Yes, Trump could do much more, but you could also could cover less of it. White nationalists did not rise with Trump, it was always there and you know this. You labeled Trump as a racist, because he wanted to stop the flow of illegals from crossing our border. With this policy, your government sticks you, the general public with the bill. Are many women raped as they pass through Mexico, yes. The Macho man mentality is, this is free pus.y and I am never going to get prosecuted. This is why there are caravans. What he said was not political correct, but it was the truth. One is too many, just like Van Jones stated.

   The policies of the far left have backfired, as well over a million cross over into the hands of the border patrol, and hundreds of thousands additionally will go undetected this year alone. Some, finally are stating, that economic distress and street violence are not grounds for asylum. This again is the truth. It is great to be a nation of morals, but you do not speak for those paying the bills.

   The policies of removing statues of the men of our past, because of past actions? The demonstrations are polarizing to this nation. Really, Black people are offended by a statue of General Lee? Many do not even know who he is. Why donít you march for fair housing, good jobs, instead of a statue removal, but you wonít. Then why donít you erase the history of mankind. A statue being removed, does not change the mindset of a racists, that starts at home. Again you do not seek to address the route cause.

   Slavery was legal in this country, but it was not right. All men and women are equal in Godís eyes. Do you look down upon the Colonial powers that facilitated the capture, killing and transportation of tens of millions of slaves? Not one of you righteous zealots points a finger at England, France, Spain and Portugal, just to start. Columbus lead men to kill millions of Indigenous people, and he has a national holiday and a parade. Discovering a new world, no. He was given a map, stolen from the library at Alexandria, which was burnt to ground to hide the theft of many artifacts, manuscripts and maps. He rose above the edge of the world theory at that time for wealth. The settlers in this nation gave blankets that covered those who died from infectious diseases in England and wiped out millions of Native Americans. But you praise the history of this nation, where the land was stolen and tens of millions killed. Be careful where you go, on your mindless path to erase history, when we should learn from it.

   I ask, why do you in the media at CNN and MSNBC, give credence to white nationalism? Again in order to bring down Trump, as you associate him as a sympathizer, when he hates what they stand for. Yes he praised Lee who was a great general, and Ulysses only beat him with, what seemed like unlimited manpower. Check it. Remember in those dark days, this country was built on legal slavery, but as the north moved to manufacturing for wealth, the south still depended on slaves to tend the crops. The Civil War was over economics and what none of your ancestors considered a full man. Slavery needed to be abolished, but the Colonial powers still allowed it after the war, and they were considered the civilized world.

   Trump is no idiot. Yes he will disavow the heinous acts of white nationalists, but to look for a comment on every statement or event, is a waste of time. I guess you in the media need your hands held, every time a bad comment is said., soooo needy. Do you want to be reminded, the Democratic Party looked the other way, when many were being lynched in the South? Only in the sixties did you give Black people Civil Rights, and once in power, nothing has changed. Oh, I am sorry our disposable income has been cut significantly.

   Racism is passed from father to son, from mother to daughter. In the north the smile is a faÁade, in the south they tell you to your face. Your poster boy (no disrespect Trump, just a term) as to its rise, is a lie. You give billions to illegals and forget about the plight of Middle America, the Deep South, and Appalachia. This is what, they despise. Soon, if you do not change things, this war will spill into your streets, then what, shoot Americans?

   What I do not hear from you Democrats running to replace Trump. The burden of unpaid emergency visits, doctorís salaries, which is out of control compared to other countries. Lawsuits as God controls life not a man. Large numbers of people that have had no preventive care, and unnecessary tests? How are you going to balance this as affordable? What do not hear, is controlling the rising cost of apartments in the cities forcing Americans to the streets, as illegals who live 20 to home force rents up due to demand, as you let them in? What I did not hear, when in power, the Obama Administration did nothing to reign in the price drugs in this nation. Yet the rest of the world paid pennies on the dollar. Now as a campaign promise, you may address this to gain votes. When given the chance, many of you accepted millions from the pharmaceutical industry. Again you lie.

   Yes you say, we shall build low cost housing, but as officials directing funding, they shall funnel the projects to your donors for immense profits. Infrastructure, just look at the Tap Pan Zee bridge replacement in New York State or the Long Island Expressway on Long Island. 40 years later and it is still not done when it was built in a few years from scratch. Check it. This is how your party works. You steal from the government through social projects, the Republicans do it through the military contracts. As for Rosenstein, be very careful of what you are suggesting with him, as he has the truth, that you assume you know.

   As the case for impeachment ramps up, CNN runs a special with Fareed hosting. What was not addressed, is why would Nixon arrange a break-in to the Democratic office, associates get caught, when he was predicted, to win the election in a landside? For the history books, Nixon had no direct knowledge or orchestrated the break-in, then why did it happen?

   Those on his staff gave him the polling data, he was assured a win. The break-in was arranged and carried out by staffers, who were compromised by the Military complex. They were assigned an easy task to comprise the Democratic office, but betrayed as the crime was called in and they discovered. Once exposed Nixon instead of throwing them under the bus. Nixon then obstructed justice for a crime, that was set up to entrap him. It worked, and the American public none the wiser of the deep state. This was put in place as punishment for ending the gravy train of the military complex that Eisenhower warned of, the Vietnam War. Billions lost in corporate profits and the increased government debt in the form interest to the Federal Reserve, all reduced.

   But Nixon was still used by the new world order as Kissinger opened the door to China, and accelerated its great wealth and rise to a super power. Thus fulfilling the final confrontation prophesized in the Bible. This is the truth. The deep state through the Democrats have used the same plan to remove Trump. False collusion paid for by the Hillary Campaign and waiting for Trump to obstruct justice for a crime never committed. This time the truth will come out, and heads will roll. This is the connection, as for Clinton, he was whore in the White House trying to bang every intern. Those already abusing, saw him as a liability that could expose those already in Congress. The impeachment process was the final straw to shut down his behavior as he brushed off countless warnings. As for Hillary, she did not care as she ventured out for her own pleasures. During the campaign and well before you saw it as Huma. This is why her husband who was getting none, seek out others.

   This was a disturbing Friday covering the news outlets, as I was forced to watch Rachel, because Tucker and Cuomo are missing in action, and Dee Lemon had nothing new really to say. So of course nothing with you, Rachel has changed 2 years later, as you still follow the liberal narrative. You speak of Barr as hiding something or redirecting the investigation. Did not Mueller state there was no collusion? These are not Barrís words, but Muellerís, yet you create doubt in the minds of those who follow you. As a journalist, when are you going to take responsibility for the minds, you corrupt? You say nothing of the false dossier. You say nothing on how the Russians did not affect the election vote, because it did not change one vote, but there was interference, how?

   Some are now stating the truth. That it was election vendors or creators of the software that controls the voting systems that was hacked, and finally after presented here a year ago, the truth is revealed. If the Russians hacked the DNC and Hillary servers, why did they not provide it to the Trump Campaign, who was seeking dirt? Why is that not in the Mueller report? I will say this, the Almighty is going to crush this. Walk away or change your narrative before it is too late. The Father loves all you, but He hates your sins.

   As for the Democrats trying to impeach, Pelosi will allow it to go on, and step back as the fallout will take out the freshmen and naive. Thus allowing the Party to more to the center to oppose Trump. This is the current plan.

Update Apr. 28 9pm EST

White House Correspondence Dinner

   As all of you sat on stage, many ideas were stated. You would like to preserve your focus, which was on the First Amendment, yet you look away from the college campuses. Where free thought and now speech, is shut down, due to personal assault and riots. You replaced the comic with a speaker. Last year was seen by the general public, that does watch, as crass and insensitive, and not about good fun. You used a comic to berate his press secretary, since you could get to him. We all saw the revenge. Did you also state, we do not want to become, that which seems to impede the truth. Be careful here, and in certain points, and I noticed, you did not use his name, when I watched.

   The Notre Dame fire was covertly planned as the flash point needed time to develop. None of you will focus on, why a stand down order was given for the first alarm? Over 800 churches burned in France just last year alone, and now the atheists billionaires give millions, and that is your focus. Not one of you questions, why the death count in Sri Lanka was reduced by over a hundred or linked to Christchurch?

   You ask why, is the public being told the press, is the enemy? It is that, you pushed the narrative of the deep state without question. Your coverage of WMD, ushered us into a war, were thousands of Americans died. You never properly told the general public, the housing crisis was allowed to happen, as a bubble created by toxic mortgages, exploded. Does this country have oversight? Only if it is the Russians. You knew the markets, were going to collapse, would crush the net worth of most Americans, but then devastates their 401s. Is it not the press that recommends the policy of hold for the long term on your financial shows? The real money was made, by the deep state selling short. Again America is none the wiser.

   You pushed the Russian story, knowing its goal was to remove Trump as its agent or a traitor to this nation and it failed. As nothing is further from the truth as they hacked election software companies. If there was no fake dossier. All set up by the DNC and Hillary. Then there would be no FISA warrants, then no investigation. This is why your dinner at points, was somber. You are the press, but many live a lie. All of you in some parts of the press are the mouth piece of the elite (the deep state). Cronkite told the news without the spin, do you remember? Can you?

   This is what America sees, and now many Democrats are just staying quiet. This is your disconnect, as your polls lie. You are not using the press to stand up for America, but you brand your stories for another purpose. Not all are going for this, but the general pattern shows a collusion between certain networks. What has quietly surfaced, is that many have the same approved talking points, just like the politicians. This is why, you are called fake news. By the way, when America discovers the true cause of Climate Change, and it is not carbon, but an earth changing astronomical passage of the object, Nibiru within the inner solar system, that will shortly be seen by many more in your skies. Then you will lose them all.

   God the Father Almighty gives me the Truth, to counter your lies, but also supports those who tell the truth, and I have just asked for another upgrade in power. Fear this, as I work for Him, to save as many souls from the fear and a false future, you have created. One question you will be asking, is how the media promoting all are welcome at the southern border, and then leads to a race war?

   What I do not comprehend, is that you do not understand the meaning of full. Are you schools overcrowded in the cities? Is your infrastructure crumbling by an increased population unable to contribute? Can you give millions healthcare that is free, when Americans can barely afford it? You take in what you cannot afford, rather than taking care of what you have, your citizens. This is what, is meant by the word full. But, you idiots in the press, see this as another opportunity to push an agenda. Wake up call, fix home, then invite and care for others. It is not our job to fix other governments. They steal. As 3 now become 10, advances to 50, then what?

   This is not the late 19th century, but the 21st as corporations downsize, and low skilled workers are let go first. You hope for votes, keep waiting, illegals hide, and they do not vote. They have to gain citizenship first, until then, we pay. Their children if born here, paid by you, will vote. The parents will be subject for deportation. What happens when free ends? Free in America means illegals and welfare, who the media and some politicians say you want, gets a transfer of your hard working money in the form of tax dollars transferred to them. Politicians harp morals, but not in their neighborhood, and you get to pay the bill. Whatís funny is that you elected them to represent your needs as citizens. You are fools, as your politicians focus on the immediate, their elected status, and on what some may want to hear, backed by false polls. Really, illegals are wanted, by who, the rich as slave labor? Definitely not by the poor, who are already struggling for resources.

   Charity starts at home, have you heard that phrase? The politicians do not care about the growing gap between the rich and poor, as disposable has decreased since the sixties, but time allowed it to undetectable or accepted. Your leaders are rich and you are poor, and nothing has changed. The race wars are coming by design. As you were just tools, and you donít even know, that you were used. But, you think, you are so smart. Just know, once started, it will not end. This is on you, the press and some politicians. All put in place, as Trump is not one of the good old boys (new world order).


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