Political Snap Shot




Written Apr. 28 6:15pm EST


   This past week Ryan removed the Chaplin with what seems a weak excuse to many. It is alleged he did not provide spiritual guidance to some in Congress. This was a lie and a cover story as the Chaplin was a Jesuit. The pope is a Jesuit and also the false prophet, but of a particular group, the black Jesuits of which the Chaplin reports to. Covert communications traced the Chaplin to the new world order or as you know in this country, the deep state. He gained the confidence of those in Congress as they confess their sins to a man who they though represents God, but he answers to another. He reported this to facilitate possible black mail to influence key members. This was the plan. General Dunford contacted Ryan to remove him as part of the purge of the swamp. So the general public was given a generic excuse that may fit, those that push Ryan for more details will be shut down or as they see support as operatives of the deep state now expendable.

   The North & South Korean peace deal is more than what it seems. China, who does not answer to the US for anything, but does provide almost all commerce to North Korea, thus controls this nation. The Chinese are the North Koreansí lifeline. For South Korea they see a deal, provide wealth to Kim and his associates and they will have land, resources and labor to propel new Korea as a world power. The natives of North Korea will be offered pennies for what they own as they do not know wealth or how to bargain for a fair price. The women who are pretty will be seduced into mistresses for the South Korean elite, the sex trade or worse. The North and a gullible South will use this to ensnare and play Japan and the US into this process as China continues to weaponize under these peace agreements. This tactic is only to freeze the US response in this area of the world only as war is coming under the guise of peace. Heed this.

   You have been told the Iran nuclear deal is not what it seems again. The Middle East is uncomfortable with Israel covertly having almost a thousand nuclear weapons that was provided by the US since the sixties. If war broke out in the Middle East Israel would conquer all and the Arabs know this. The new world order wants to bring a balance to the area in order to plant seeds of war. In a war when both sides are almost equal, the banks win. It was the EU countries that provided Iran with their centrifuges to increase the purification of uranium. Check it. It is Russia that provided them with weapons grade plutonium and the Trump administration knows this. Iran was put in place to destabilize the Middle East for Israel to attack. If the nuclear threat under a new treaty lowers threat levels to zero, then Israel will have no reason to attack and conquer the Middle East with the Russian and Chinese starting WW3 in response. This is their current plan.

   Trump, honor Stallone's request for a pardon Jack Johnson, it is the right thing to do. I am asking, but choose wisely.


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