Political Snap Shot



Written Apr. 28 11:59 pm EST


   There is a great danger with the student protests unfolding like a dark cloud over America. The students think by applying pressure to university leaders, they are going to change the world. So your idea is to divest and weaken the military complex that protects this nation, because there is a problem Gaza orchestrated by a another nation that Biden and Blinken can not control? Call for a cease fire, not until Hamas is flushed out. Israel did not roll into Gaza and destroy everything just to let Hamas walk free at the end, because you pitched some tents on a university lawn and beat some drums. Is this what they teach you in school?

   Your universities have no power, just like you on the world stage. It is one thing to support a humanitarian outrage, it is another to back Hamas and their death to America threats. Then Iran and other terror groups send you likes and you do not see a problem? You have free speech, use it wisely, as your efforts border on supporting a terrorist organization. All see the hate speech spewing forth in the protests under the guise stopping unnecessary civilian deaths and there is no spin. If there is one violation, there might as well be a hundred.

   The Military Complex which is making hundreds of billions while we protect Ukraine, Taiwan and NATO is not concerned with a small price dip in their stock. You do not get it. You are American and you could be shouting at the top of your lungs free Palestine and Hamas would kill you anyway. This is the dark truth. They state death to America, not death to American except for my student friends. Again if you were in Israel on Oct. 7 with your political views, you would have been killed and raped also.

   The leaders in our nation walk softly when talking about Gaza. The Israelis will destroy Rafah then assault the West Bank, as a clean up operation. They will kill some Hamas, but spawn a new huge group of recruits. What about establishing a 2 state solution? So you think one, Israel is going to give up land and 2 offer safe harbor for terrorists in a newly established independent country and Israel can not enter? Really, watch the administration and Blinken avoid that solution and kick the can down the road.

   Standing up for injustice is great, but to blur the line of respect for this nation becomes a problem. Not one of you wants to be taken in under supporting terrorism. As you cry asking for your mommies. The America is watching the emotional driven actions of your cult following and many in this nation are not on your side. You brought this upon yourselves. Just know this, many employers will access to a photographic data base of the protesters on the various campuses. So after so many declines for employment, you will know why. Heed this.


The Correspondence Dinner


   It was a good night for Biden and Colin even with opposition. At least he showed up and took it. Some of the guests had to walk through hostile protesters, which could have went south quickly. What was noticed is the crowd had a subdue laughter, as some are starting to wonder if the truth matters. The news organizations are told to present a narrative to the American public, yet those in the business see a different view. The public is now wiser and is questioning this with their viewership. Will a group of journalists break and start telling more of the truth without a political party in power spin? We shall see and you better have a long term broadcast agreement from the FCC. As this will be used against anyone who strays from the established narrative.

   Side note, so much for DEI, the failure in the administrations optics is failing, so lets get a fresh face. Jean-Pierre loyalty gets you no where. If you get pushed out, you will be threaten not to speak on it, otherwise you will never work in media in any capacity at all. Be prepared.


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