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Written May 1 1:30 am EST

   College campuses have brought the nation to the brink, where the line to protect the innocent in Gaza and the agenda of a terrorist who use woman and children as shields, has been blurred. This situation on our campuses has festered for over a month, yet has not been addressed by most universities. What you have seen, is that leadership freezes during the controversy and morphs into inaction or silence by your leaders. If there was an incursion within America by Russia or China, the present administration would freeze in silence, as they did with just students. Decisions matter and needs to be timely, not the spin of how you may look in the polls.

   The NYPD was set up in the press to fail, instead they shined, maybe they should run things in this nation. The NYPD removed and contained the crowd. The NYPD push the press back and dispersed the crowd to limit student drama of the arrests. The NYPD sent in the team without tactical equipment and shut it down. This was a great job. NYPD called the shots, as Columbia University administrators asked for help. Nothing came from the Biden Administration or the mayor, as cowards they are. All feared making a decision to rein in disruptive students and paid agitators. The optics, which the press wanted., did not happen. The lesson is, the present administration does not have the balls to stand up for what is right nor correct Israeli humanitarian abuses and this will affect the election. If this blows up and divides the youth from the elders, all of you will have hell to pay. Warnings have been sent, that just seem like accidents. Lets not have the Almighty escalate.

Update May 1 4:30 pm EST

   Some students seem to think the current protests is what made America free and is similar to Vietnam. The Revolutionary war broke away from British suppression and heavy taxation, which affected all lives in the colonies. In Vietnam we where fighting a war under the guise to stop communism, as the military complex became rich. The protests at home did not bring an end to the war. The military could not win the war and abandoned Vietnam just like Afghanistan. The war in Gaza was self inflicted and Israel is fighting not America.

   Look at how easy the protests in Columbia were sweep away, when adults are in charge. Just as you label the IDF as killers of babies, you as protesters can be labeled baby Hamas and a clear and present danger to the United States. You have no clue of what you think will be a protected cult backed by the public. Your protests have not considered what your actions will bring upon the nation. If you feel that our money should not go to Israel, you have a vote. You have that right. This nations has politicians who will not stop Israel from committing humanitarian abuses. They wonít even enforce the Leahy Law in place. So the changes you hope can come from university campuses, changes nothing. Those in Washington look at the news of the protests, then change the channel, as if it will go away. This is the inept leadership in place.

   In Gaza it is far to costly and dangerous to sweep buildings one by one, so suspected holdouts are destroyed with huge collateral damage. In a war that was started by Hamas and Israelis were killed resulting in the Palestine homeland getting pounded and you expect your protests of mercy is being heard? The IDF ignores you, just like the present administration. You cannot change Israel back to Palestine, which was enforced by the world not the Jews who were exiled there out of the concentration camps. Palestine was a British colony.

   Hamas will always be at war with Israel. As a 2 state solution if given, will never be excepted, due to the reduction in the size of the state given to Palestine. Rebuild Gaza, wait for it. This is the truth the world refuses to accept. Give the families a stipend to immigrate to another Arab land not the United States, which they hate, where they can be free from war and live a happy life. The present plan will only spiral downward, as another land grab under the guise of buffer will follow the next attack.

   Oh and next year students, many universities will require you to sign a waiver for admission resulting in expulsion for 1st time violations with loss of tuition and scholarship grants revoked, paying full price. You brought this upon yourselves. As for Tlaib and Omar becareful of what you mumbled under your breath, if you slip, it will be last year you serve in Congress. You serve the people of the United States first and only not Palestine. If you have a problem with this, go run in Palestine, oh you canít, women have no rights.

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