Political Snap Shot


Written May 3 5:15pm EST

   The Mueller Report, despite what is being stated on some parts of the media, did not provide evidence, that the Russian’s hacked the DNC servers and Hillary’s emails. Nor did it reach an opinion that charges could be brought against the Trump administration for collusion with the Russians, which the Democrats were savoring for 2 years. It did say, that certain election software companies were targeted, but offered no proof of a breach. It was also reported, Florida was targeted, but how, when the systems gathering the votes and transfers totals to the Capital, is not connected to the internet?

   If nothing changed, then why report a failure, unless the threat was local. Trump did not benefit from the Russians in the elections, Hillary was a loser, plain and simple. Americans are tired of hearing, the same nonsense from the Democrats. If Hillary was in power, our embassy in Israel would not have been moved. Billions would have been siphoned to fund the green new deal initiatives slowing the economy, thus stalling at a 6% unemployment rate. Racism would still exist, churches burned, it just would not have been covered, as it is now. Healthcare costs out of control is the problem, medical salaries, excess tests, and the cost of prescriptions. You cannot bring down costs by throwing money at it, without reigning costs.

   We hear that Barr lied to Congress by Pelosi, will you ever stop or retire? Lied about what? As nothing backing that accusation uttered from your lips. He gave an opinion that is all. You have the report, focus on that. The redacted parts will not give you evidence against Trump, as you allude to the general public. Mueller gave you an out, as he had no evidence, and now you can pursue the investigation at your own risk, yet again you don’t see this. Keep going with this, and the Podestas and Hillary will be the first to fall, then your candidates shall follow.

   What is funny about Stephen Moore, and all the talk about vetting, but he worked for CNN. How is that? The message sent, by CNN controlled by the new world order, if you choose to work for the Trump Administration, you are punished, and your reputation destroyed. This is where we are at.

   The Democrats face 2020 with a serious decision as to the direction of the party. Continue its present course of collusion, which was proven wrong, racism as all associate Trump with it by design, yet why do we have minorities and women in his Administration. Where are the sound bites talking about blacks?

   The Democrats use Blacks, as their vote does not change over time. They smoke the same 2 brands and drink the same brand name beers in the hood for almost a century. Promise change and give them little. This has worked since the sixties. Why change? So Trump wants to stop illegals from raising the cost of rent as they should not be here, supply and demand. They take jobs, pushing wages lower due to lack of demand in low skill areas. But Trump lowered your unemployment rate, trying to reduce the cost prescriptions, and you believe the Democratic motto, “racists”. Speaking of “racists”, that KKK hood wearing governor of Virginia, how is he doing, and you have a picture? Nothing has changed in the cities for nearly 60 years.

   We are not the world’s policeman, when our own die in the streets of our cities. We are not the new home for illegal migrants of the world running from poverty on the backs of American tax payers. We have a process to allow an orderly system of immigration that assimilates, instead of dividing at our needs. When you offer a job, do you want a candidate with skills you need or none?

   Morals, really, it is talk, just ask slick Willy, and many in Congress. When are you going to break from the false words of the media? As for the impeachment debate, this will not go in your favor. When lost, it will seem like a political ploy, or is this your only choice, as deep down, you really don’t think anyone in the present field, can beat Trump? This is what I am sensing.

   Some are wondering about the measles outbreak, as it seem to targeted those affected with a commonality, religion. Measles is stored in the CDC, and several samples were removed, and the vials that replaced them were placeboes, check them. A vaporizer was used in Williamsburg area of Brooklyn as the primary point of infection, and on that ship with followers of Scientology. The spread in New York City was assisted by the Hassidic Jews disbursing the infection by contact with others. This was an attack on religion.

Update May 4 3am EST

   Trump did have a conversation with Putin, and your primary concern is, why he did not bring up Russian meddling in our elections. He did not, because they always spy. This is not an excuse, as that it is their nature as an enemy. Do you think Trump stating stop spying, will end this? Israel spies on us, and they are our friend, they only need to lobby. China steals our military technology, yet you state they are our friends. And as the idiots you are in the UK, you gave the 5G network as if you really think they will not listen.

   Trump told Putin that the Maduro leadership in Venezuela will end. A Chinese-Russian base will not be established in the Americas, as this is not 1960 and Cuba. Communism will not expand its foothold here, as carriers have been sent to back this. World War Three is coming, but it will not start here, as they are not ready.

   A true statement was said by Van Jones and another guest last night in the media, the political correct statements on racism has gone too far. Few are offended in the Black community with statements from Biden and some others. Concentrate on moving the country forward instead of acting like pu..ies every time you hear a certain words.

   It is great that you in the media, are addressing church burnings. I say again, racism festers in homes, not because Trump is president. His words condemning means nothing, but an opt. White nationalism is not rising, it is being exposed, for it has been hidden. Change your behavior starting at home. This is the Truth.

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