Political Snap Shot



Written May 4 1 am EST

Update May 5 12:30 am EST


   As we reflect back on events at Columbia, which was the epic center of the pro Palestine protests in the nation, what has the astute observe? There is push back against Chell and you have to ask why? The NYPD executed a perfect operation and Chief Chell spoke out against one in the city council, which promotes defund the police. We all know her stance was a mistake. But to call those inside barricaded inside the building as encountered students and agitators critical thinkers, she is out of her mind. They are for some part, planted opportunists. The chief was right to call her out. This is not grade school, where everyone gets a trophy when losing. Iran and Hezbollah are recruiting those same students and you do not see a danger.

   The NYPD is issuing a warning, which was presented softly, that there is well finance dark power behind the expansion captivating students, but certain professors and news bureaus state, this is a conspiracy theory. They have interviewed the arrested outside individuals and can back this. Literature seize, can back this. Financing of tents and supplies, can back this. Little in the past riots could be proven with Antifa, but those arrested on campus can. You have a problem and if you do not stop it, this will be the real election interference.

   It is not the Russians and the Chinese presented in the media, as they just bribe your top officials through business partnerships to get results, but joining the emotional cults on your campuses. The political spheres of influence from aboard is a political game to discredit any opponent. There is real threat, which is now on your campuses and you refuse to believe it, as it unfolds before your eyes. If they state death to America, as the recovered literature states, how long before some take up arms?

   It will not be long, as you allow Israel to pound Gaza and the West Bank with humanitarian injustices to move forward. While Blinken forces a seize fire package down Hamasís throat. Hamas will sit on it, due to the protests, which you refuse to control. The leaders of this nation are making extremely dangerous mistakes, which can dissolve the fabric of traditional family to save the children of Gaza, so much for your 90 thousand of tuition. If there is a fight between the views of the young and your international policies, you may be right on some issues sometimes, but the overall optics presented by the media will crush this nation and families will be destroyed. Is this what this inept administration wants? Grow some balls or lose in November and I am speaking to both Trump and Biden. In the media. you have great influence to shape the narrative of the nation. Sometimes it is best to report the Truth, All is not what it seems. Heed This.

Update happy Cinco de Mayo 12:30 am EST

   The Middle East is in stages of looking for a peace agreement. Not because the leaders in this world care about Palestinian children being killed, it is the world media optics. The Administration leaders are MIA. Israel will invade Rafah even with a plan to remove civilians and the offer of a seize fire to appease the Biden administration, which will not work. This is why there are no details. The peace process is floated only to stall responses and the public is none the wiser. You have been told Israel will invade Rafah and then the West Bank to eradicate Hamas. Cease fire for what, to let Hamas live another day. This is what you are dealing with. Curb the deaths of the innocent, as pressure from the US mounts due to optics before an election. F..k you is what Netanyahu states. Your nation was not attacked. The US states, stand down. No, that is what your weak nation does in a crisis. This is how they talk to Biden and Blinken. And like the cowards they are, weapons and money keep flowing.

   Israel can protect itself, eliminate Hamas, but does not have to sh.t all over Palestinian civilians. This is the change needed. This world is spiraling into a dark place, when Macron is thinking how to get the French to fight in Ukraine and NATO wants to add the nation, prep for WW3. The Ukrainian people and some leaders know the war can not be won, but they can steal. The common man is being sold out to where billions may die under the guise freedom, when it is greed.

Update 11:30 pm

   Today we had a Princeton professor comment on the Sunday 6pm  news media outlet MSNBC, about the protests being organized by an outside entity. He used comparisons of MLK of being associated with an outside influence. If you are going to quote history tell the truth. MLK was being associated with the communist party, an untruth spread by the Democratic Jim Crow proponents in Congress to discredit the movement. This time we have students backing terrorists hiding among the people of Palestine by choice. The people of Palestine needs to make a choice, continue to hide Hamas or distance from them for survival. You can not play it both ways.

   Donít, and Israel will completely destroy Rafah and your homeland of Gaza is uninhabitable. It is your choice. Yes some students in America will support you as baby Hamas, but there is a growing push back from pro American students, which will turn the tide against your movement. Administration is wasting our time with tepid optics, holding back ammunition. They wonít hold back missiles for the defensive shield. These are the games played. The Administration thinks it can control Israel, it only seems that way. If backed into a corner, they have nukes, then what?

   Hamas killed over a thousand Israelis, in a war that they started. There would be no deaths in Gaza, had the attack not happened. Now that a military move did not pan out the Hamas made, results in getting pounded, we need to talk and get sympathy? What about taking responsibility for involving your own citizens and their deaths to start. These are terrorists using the innocent by design. But the naive students in America can not see this. Students were taught critical thinking at the Universities and you on the boards are surprised and upset, that it has come back to bite you. You sowed the seeds of change in the students and that is fine, but instead of a progressive change that moves the world forward, it is about a total rewrite of society values.

   All funding and backing to divide America is provided by the new world order, not Soros, a proxy who is promoted in the media by design to lead away from the true source. In order to form one world government, the individual models of independent countries must implode on their own.

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