Political Snap Shot



Written May 5 11:30pm EST

   The Democratic Party is so focused on regaining power, that they are over looking the obvious. With the economy heating up under Trump, their recourse to stress that our poor and lower class have not seen any benefits. This is true, but not for the reasons they think. The tax cuts did help the rich, upper middle class, and to some extent, lower the tax burden of the middle class, as was designed.

   Those who are disenfranchised in this country, do not pay taxes and reap benefits, meant to be a safety net, but abused.. So they see no benefit. Health care, they cannot afford it, so they visit the emergency rooms only when very sick. People have bills and some opt out of health care, as they never get sick when young, there is Medicaid when the time comes, and this is their choice. A blanket fee for all, as many make life choices that, cuts their life span and health. You will never be elected if you take away health care for those who pay, to be inclusive for all, that is substandard, to what they have. Not one of you is going to tell the doctors, they have to take a massive pay cut, to make your plan work. Your future for America makes no sense. You allow the poor illegal migrants to pour in by the millions that compete for jobs, housing, and space in school for their children, and this directly affects our poor. The reason the poor do not move ahead, is that your, “moral” values, hurt those you seek to protect, but you can’t see this. We can, and this is your folly.

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