Political Snap Shot



Written May 7 11:59 pm EST



   I do not care how this sounds, but I am directed to reveal the Truth. The Aeroflot crash was not an accident. Few have been told in these end times, accidents are not accidents. The plane was struck by lightning, directed by the angels of death, under the command of God the Father Almighty. What you saw with those who survived, was a total disregard for life, as people stopped to grab luggage, halting the evacuation. Most succumbed to the toxic fumes of burning plastic windows, then the heat flash pierced through, what was the windows. They fell to floor, as the selfish trapped them for grabbing luggage, and then burned to death while alive. Those that call out for God, are with Him. Those who didnít, along with those, who have a temporary life, as they escaped with out regard for those piled up behind them, will reap their choice.


   The IRS has reviewed the tax returns of Trump as a part of presidential vetting, to make sure, that he can not be compromised. This was no different than Obama being verified, as born as an American citizen, which Hillary claimed otherwise in the primaries leading up the 2008 election. Check it. The FBI reviewed his tax returns and cleared him. So why the requirement to reveal the presidential finances, if no money is passing from the Russians to Trump? This is political and will be addressed tomorrow. As If you want tax returns, then pass a Federal law for the entire nation.

   We have Congressman Cohen, as Mueller gave you a report of no collusion, with that no matter how you spin it, obstruction of justice applies only to a crime committed. No crime, no obstruction, so you dig. The election software systems was hacked, but you do not bring this to light for the general public, why? You are wasting our time, and be careful on where you go with abortion, as you do not answer to men or women, but you do answer to God.


Written May 8 3 am EST



   Huawei with 5G wireless technology, plans to service the UK and EU with a technology far faster than their nations, can deploy for lack of finances. So it is seen as welcome. The Chinese CEO has said no country, will be given a back door to the technology, any you trust him on his word. Do not the Chinese steal technology through partnerships, as plants produce products for US corporations? Google and Facebook spy on Americans, and they are US companies, but answer to a global agenda. And you think China, will not spy on your cell phones, just because, they say, they will be honest. You are fools. This is why PM May crushed the UK secretary that revealed this plan, as she is new world order.

   Guaido backed by the elite in the US and global arena, does not have the support of the rank and file in the military or most of the people. Ask, if the population hates Maduro, then why little support when called to the streets, and why not back him? The Trump Administration is considering going into Venezuela on a humanitarian reasons back by advisors, and not the president. This is a set up. Invade, then civilian deaths, and we have to restructure and support a government. The goal is confiscation of their oil resources, as this is the present plan. Again the elite get rich, Guaido assumes power to do the bidding of the elite, with a backdoor plan to enrich him when leaving office.


   The NYT released confidential information on Trumpís tax returns from 84 - 95. The only groups that would have access to this, is his CPA or the IRS, as his accounts are bound in secrecy. The leak came from IRS hack, follow it, and you will find nothing. The purpose of the tax returns, was to see, if their was a financial link to the Russians, which there was none. It showed Trump loss massive amounts of money with investments in Atlantic City. He moved on, and wrote it off on his taxes, This is legal. The NYT and the media should be sued, as the information, no matter how you spin it, was protected. Make them pay Trump.

   Bottom line, as you may go up and down, but are judged for who not who were, but who you are. Jeff was poor, then stepped on his workers to attain great wealth. Do you talk about that?

   What I do not understand, is how your patsy Eric, continues with your agenda? Words of lies, cheating, and stealing in your tax returns. All in business knows, you can write off previous losses. This is US tax code, but you in your small mind, donít see this. You want more information on the collusion with the Russians. You were told to run for president, a carrot. Few even know you are running, as you are the face of collusion. Do you have any policies to move this country forward. If so, tell us? But you will not. We here about spying, but few believe. I will leave it there.

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