Political Snap Shot



Written 3pm May 8 EST

   Today Secretary Austin step up the tepid response of halting ammunition by the Administration, escalating to delaying shipments of bombs. Again the Administration is looking for world optics, as this gesture will not affect IDF operations in Rafah or upcoming operations in the West Bank. The Israeli Air Force does not order bombs like industry does with their just in time inventory. Israeli bomb inventory is in the tens of thousands presently. So the Secretary presenting this delay as a way to influence Netanyahu means nothing and the IDF will go ahead with the operation whether the population moves or not. They were given a warning. On the backside shipments will resume after the operation to fill the slight loss of inventory. This is how inept leaders who run the show operate, as if the general population only sees, what is presented in the media.

   We also heard from Rep. Moskowitz who this time was careful about what he said, but not careful enough. Stating Hamas did not agree to a cease fire is a lie. They just accepted the measure presented by Egypt & Qatar. Return of some hostages with all at a later date. An Arab peace keeping force instead of Israeli and 2 state solution both of which the Israeli government will not accept in the years ahead. The dynamics in Middle East are not what they seem. Your narrative considers one side and true peace is achieved somewhere in the middle.

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