Political Snap Shot

Biden Addresses Gaza



Written May 9 EST

   Biden appeared on Erinís show last evening and did update America on the situation in Rafah. Many thought Secretary Austin did that same task in the morning, but limiting bombs already in stock was seen as a weak response to the Israeli invasion. We heard if the IDF goes into the population center of Rafah, the United States will withhold all offensive weapons, but the IDF is already in Rafah. What is little understood from the Administration, is why send a message if you cross this red line, when Netanyahu stated he has given the order to the IDF to begin the operation and it has begun? This is leading from behind and the optics look bad. You should have said, ď Due to present invasion of Rafah and the humanitarian disaster it is creating, the United States is suspending all offensive aid to Israel until offensive ends.Ē No, but you canít say want you want to say. Can you for once lead. Those words would at least speed up the operation, causing the IDF to be more careful on how they treat the Palestinians for optics, but still get their weapons upon completion with the goal of killing Hamas complete. You would have a positive media optic for standing up for the citizens of Gaza and still support Israel. Plus, do not offer a two state solution, if Israel wonít even consider it for security reasons. Now when you acknowledge they crossed the red line, the Administration looks weak as Israel just ignored your warnings, like they always do.

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