Political Snap Shot





Written May 10 1am EST


   Comey was fired, not for what he did, but what he refused to do. The Clinton e-mails will never be revealed to the American public as this would shake the foundation of Democracy, as Hillary, corrupted by Bill, were just common thieves.

   Both the Attorney General under Obama and Comey had their hands tied. Bill exploited this on the tarmac of a runway in Arizona. All of you knew why Bill went to the Attorney General, but few will speak the Truth. Comey was forced to say nothing, to what was in the emails and this was a lie. Bill and Hillary were pay for play masked as a charity. Audit the charity, but you the government, weak in morals will not.

   Comey wanting to make things right reversed his position a week before the election to make up for the forced deceit under the Obama Administration. In essence he burnt the Democrats and the Republicans at different times. Yes he over stated the amount of e-mails, but crushed a traitor to this nation, Hillary. And you in the media assume that only Comey knows the truth. This is false and the nation sees true the lies presented. No one man controls the FBI and if there was any wrong doing leaks will fly. Trump had no choice to fire a hero. So it was done. Did Comey know of his firing, yes? But he played the game for the news network and Democrats. Many things are leaked from the Trump Administration, but this was held back by design.

   The American public has no clue what is coming and Comey chose to get out. Without revealing what was in the emails, he accomplished his mission. This was great sacrifice, a great man.

   Rumors of war are true. The point in the End Times, compromise is not an option. Either you stand with the Almighty or listen to the false words of peace from the mouth that represents the antichrist. This is the bottom line.

   We hear of the satan 2 Russian missile that can take out an area equivalent of France. We hear the US is testing Minuteman 3 ICBM missiles from Vandenberg. Let me say this to you Russians and Chinese, the bunker busting nuclear weapons the US has will penetrate to a depth of 5 miles or more crushing your deep under ground military bunkers. Few to none will survive with radiation burns. All safety locations in Russia and China for government officials and elite are known and you do not have the time to dig deeper. So I say, when you give all power to the one that all believe that will save this world, you sign your death warrant. Trump is not Hillary. Attack the US and your nations and the Middle East is toast. This is a promise Russia and China. Yes it is written, but you can change.


Update May 11 1:00am EST


   The media portrays to the American public that the firing of Comey is the end of the investigation, scandal, treason, a president that is moving towards a dictatorship, but it only begins as a battle cry that rises among the weak and so far from the Truth. Warren is being played by the new world order and what is sad is she has no clue. Comey was the director and was briefed on the alleged Russian intervention. The head reviews the facts and states yes or no to go ahead, nothing more. All evidence if any is still there. All agents involved are still there. All motives to bring justice are still there and now with the director dismissed all will be revealed, if anything is there. The rank is pissed and will bring down Trump at any cost, but there is nothing and it would have been leaked already. There are no held secrets about Trump, if real the field or Comey will shed light, but the Democrats seek to delay any release of definitive information as this will crush their present agenda on innuendo. This is the Truth.

   What you need to see is that Kissinger met with Trump, as he is the present face of the new world order since the seventies. Time is against them and at all costs they must get Trump on board. We are to believe Kissinger has Trump in agreement, but the photo op was just that. Any agreement with Trump and the new world order would be secret, but the world does not see this. There is no agreement and with Trump protected by the Almighty, they are disparate and the media event is shown around the world to send a message to their following, there is hope when there is none.

  France’s new president was pushed in as all scandals known (leaked) to the world were suppressed in the French media. Their will be no new Donald Trump as Marine Le Pen was crushed. There will be a world war and cities in this nation destroyed. What you do not want is a pre agreed alliance (Hillary) of after the hits killing billions all looking for peace will accept the dark one as a man of peace by design. This is the current plan and Trump is a disruptive force to achieve this goal.

   I have told you, it is not what is in the news, but that which is unseen and by then it is too late.


Update May 12 2:15am EST


   We hear that Comey had broad support within the FBI and that is true as an overall statement, but deceptive. What is hinted is that many within the investigation were unhappy that Hillary walked on the email scandal and money laundering with the Foundation; this will be reversed by design. You will say it is a witch hunt, but she sold influence as an alleged common criminal. The new world order wants a polarization of both parties to where our Democratic system loses faith through a series of events that herds opinion, then war and we as a nation collectively look to another leader by design. This is the current plan.

   We hear that Comey was asked for loyalty as this again is true as with any other organization, like the Democrats. Let me quote Brazile, “If you walk in the middle of the road, you get hit”. This is the Truth.


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