Political Snap Shot



Written May 10 4pm EST

    The American media has gone far enough with this Mueller Report, that is polarizing this country. Exactly what 10 examples did Mueller have? Those examples should have been revealed to the American public through the media, as to why it was obstruction?

   Comey on CNN presented a case, that the FBI was impartial as to its investigations. Did not Bill compromise the AG of Obama on the tarmac in Arizona? Did not agents express a political allegiance, yet Comey states, the FBI does not lean towards any political party, but evidence by two of his own, shows that statement as a lie. Have you informed the American public of the alleged charges? No. You have told us, for two really long years, how the Russians have affected our election, really. No facts were presented on who, what, where, when and how the election was affected, but there was a meeting, which yielded no dirt and this molds our opinion of Trump. Yet your media does not question this.

   As you seek the truth, then contemplate what your media is stating. Trump has put the interest of this nation in the hands of the Russians. I said judge by actions. Under the Obama Administration, the Russians annexed Crimea. This would not have happened under Trump. We had an airliner flyover the Ukraine, and then shot down, did the Obama Administration really care? We saw Manafort and the partnership with the Podestas selling influence in the Ukraine. One group was offered immunity, the other went to jail. This is your world.

   Mueller found crimes with Manafort, the Podestas, and Flynn with offering access for a fee in the Ukraine and Turkey for influence. This was in place long before Trump. As it is business as usual. Dig and you will find many more on both sides, guilty of the same crimes. What Mueller did not address is crimes against America, which collude with Russia to undermine our great Democracy. The point, if Trump is a Manchurian candidate, throw him under the bus. But this is not what, you see. He is the outcast of the global community as he stands for America, and casts aside those nations that use us. The point, all politicians will not get rich on the backs of the American public. The media will not lead us blindly on a path where, what we have, erodes. We will not adapt policies without proof that will bankrupt this nation, as others just ignore.

   What your media fails to recognize, is that the Russians, have always undermine our political system. This is nothing new over decades, since the cold war started and has never ended. It is only now that Trump, who is not one of the good old global elite boys, that this is now normal in the eyes of your controlled media.

   Trump was told years ago, what states would lead to his election. That there were moles in his campaign, and all has proven true. Check the past papers here. Now with Don Jr. being subpoenaed again, by his own Senate committee, they have been compromised. Within your party, this was a move to fracture it. Heed this.

   The Democrats refuse to believe the obvious with school shootings. These are your children, and again as you trust them with your lives. Except the nine year old, who killed his mother. The latest shooting was not an assault weapon and there was a girl. You have been told many times weapons will always be attainable, but the mental health of students if addressed, will limit future mass shootings. This is why the students walked out in Colorado, but you push a narrative anyway.

   Our Bill of Rights was put in place to prevent a group of mindless politicians from maintaining control over this nation, as the population are disarmed. A few crazies who stole guns from their parents, and your laws, are going to stop this? If you want to kill, it is about money, and you can get any weapon. Do you want to emulate France? I ask, drunk drivers kill thousands. Do we band the sale of cars? Excess drinking, needs to addressed, not the car. Mental health needs to be addressed, not the gun. This is where you as politicians, who follow polls, instead of your gut, fail as true leaders.

   Last night we hear the D speak about how Trump promotes violence, did not Hillary and Waters do the same thing? It is your media that divides this nation, as you are owned by the new world order. Doubt it, then, for you, it will be too late.

   Just a side note, not one of you in the media has shown America the true financial costs to our social and health systems, plus the loss of available low cost housing for our own due to illegal immigration. America would be shocked. When families come, the mothers can not work, and they are moved to welfare. We have a system, which are govern by our morals, what is going on at our borders is just plain stupid. As none of you would run your household, like some of your leaders run this country. This country has a crushing debt, and your wisdom states, lets invite millions more costing hundreds of billions of dollars. Which, we have to borrow, and you the taxpayer takes on this debt. We owe over 58K for every man, woman and child in this nation, adapt that to your household, and you are broke. Your leaders are not definitely not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Update May 10 10pm EST

   We now have Giuliani going to the Ukraine. Should the Trump Administration have lets this go public. No, it did not, but a mole leaked it to the NYT. As you were told in this paper, the Ukraine is a cesspool of corruption and influence for the Democratic Party. It is a cash cow. This push back is to prevent further digging, that may taint Biden.

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