Political Snap Shot



Written May 11 1 am EST


   Everyone is so upset at the Administration’s new stance on aid restriction to Israel. Like children who got their cell phones taken away. As for Netanyahu becareful of your arrogant words, the United States does not orbit around your world. The Administration does not have the balls to tell you. If you want to go it alone, your free choice, then do it, and you would rid us of one piece of s…. No country that protects your ass needs to hear world your words. Are you a spoiled child on the world platform? This move is necessary to modify your behavior during war.

   Look at what your actions caused on our college campuses and we should stand down for your actions? Your IDF gave orders to shoot to kill at a food distribution location. Hundreds died. Your IDF took out aid workers to discourage others to volunteer. Seven aid workers died. Those actions were by design. Need I gone on and reveal true secrets, don‘t bitch? Everything about this operation in Gaza is shady, as collateral damage is promoted. Don’t lie.

   Those here in America support your operation to eliminate Hamas, but do not use the excuse of the elimination of Hamas to also eliminate the innocent. Weapons will be restored when you carry out a clean operation. That is it. The dramatics are not needed on the world stage optics.

   So I have always advised mankind that the dark world creates the problem and then offers a solution. The UN passed a resolution to divide British controlled Palestine in 1947, as Jews for decades composed 33% of the population even though the UK tried to restrict the immigration of Jews to the region. The nation was divided. They did not want them in Europe or in the Holy Land. Now Palestinians want a country that does not exist to sit at the UN? There is no river to the sea if both Arabs and Jews occupied the same land. Check the original maps. This is your world.




   As for the Republicans, stand down. The Leahy law would back the Administration, then what? The red line of full scale invasion means nothing, as the Israelis are moving neighborhood to neighborhood to skirt administration ultimatums. For once let common sense ride above politics. Lets all let the IDF kill the Hamas, complete the mission and save the civilians in Gaza even though they are future terrorists and re-supply their arms in the IDF. And everybody has a good day.


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