Political Snap Shot



Written May 12 11:59pm EST


   Your leaders have concerns on how tariffs will hurt or help America, but are you told the full picture? Tariffs were put in place against China for unfair market manipulation going on decades. So as your leaders state, this is not good for the American consumer, and how the cost of imported goods will rise. So lets take the false façade off of this issue, and examine why your media is as stupid as they can be, are showing you only the short term affect on America.

   Our trade imbalance with China, now upwards of 600 billion every year, adds to our 20 trillion dollar deficit, and you do not see a problem. Do nothing, as your past leaders have done. Once further in debt as most poor countries are, they are now under the influence of the Chinese building infrastructure instead of taking predatory loans from the World Bank. The Chinese have billions to invest into America real estate until it collapses. This time they will buy pennies on the dollar, and there is nothing, you can do to stop them, like buying Detroit. The difference with the Chinese is to capture the will of the people. Change their lives with infrastructure, dams, an electrical grid, hospitals, as you exploit their resources, and who do you think will win?

   Quietly take over farms and penetrate the wireless networks in this nation, like the UK allowed with the 5G network. They will have the same power as the NSA. Control communications, real estate, food, and you will not have to fire 1 bullet. This is the plan, but you do not see this.

   The Chinese adapted capitalism in order to beat you at your own game. A billion people that works for nearly nothing and in your small minds with partnerships taking technology, greed forged deals made in hell. They only need a blueprint as a foundation to leap ahead, as they will spend 10 to one on research, while their kids get educated at Princeton and MIT, as they have the money. Again you do not see this. If this was to continue, once in total control, capitalism would be eliminated. Do you not see this in Hong Kong’s future? I guess you don’t, as you are blind.

   As corporations, you raised profits due to shipping jobs overseas by your brilliant CEOs, who chose, cost cutting (terminating workers and some of their managers) instead of innovation. Yes they are not that smart and over paid. China as our manufacturing slave nation, was a plan put in place first by Kissinger, under Nixon as a directive of the new world order, then carried forward by the Democrats and some Republicans to this day.

   So now hard working Americans lose their jobs and buying power shrinks. They come here, and what you see in the reverse as gentrifying your neighborhoods over time and again, you do not see this as a problem. You need examples, then look at Queens NY. It is about becoming one global nation in a world without borders. Where have you heard this before?

   The tariffs will affect those companies that import from China. The true task is that, China will have to absorb most of the increase, rather than past the cost on to those they supply. Those companies if faced with a true 25% increase, would then buy from American suppliers. This is Trump’s goal with the sanctions, but your media does not have a clue.

   As events in Iran ratchet up, exactly why does the world, give them options? I have told you, the French and Germans sold them Uranium enrichment centrifuges. So I get it. Create the problem, then offer a solution through sanctions. Brilliant until caught. You are caught. I told you, the US has neutrino detection systems, which can detect weapons grade uranium from space within the earth almost to its core. The Iranian program was hidden, and that does not make a difference, as rogue Russians have provided more than enough weapons grade uranium with a new signature as to not trace its source. This is why Trump is imposing sanctions, as the world is still not ready for the truth.

   Will there be a war? No. As this Administration is being watched by the world as to civilian casualties. This why Iran thinks, it will not be attacked. The current plan of the new world order is a false flag attack on Israel with a low yield nuke that falls off target, yet affects the Palestinians by design. The radioactive signature will lead back to Iran, but how if no tests occurred to record that signature? You were told of a trigger event in the Middle East. Syria was the start, but Iran is now the wild card. How will this will play out?

   As Muslim faith grows, there will be a day of reckoning. There is only one path to Allah (God the Father Almighty). That is through His Son, Jesus. You, just like the Jews, have yet to realize to the truth, but you will, as your path shall become clear in the near future. What you have not figured out yet, through the various religions, almost all show that there is a one and only God. As for the eastern religions there gods are false. Only mankind due sin, states the path they created with their off shout religions is the only one. This is a lie. The Bible states there are many paths, but the road is narrow. This is the Truth.

   Jesus created the only path, and through His popes (as a representative of Him except francis) and priests is the only true one religion. He assigned Peter to bring His people home through the Roman Catholic Religion, and God does not make mistakes. You say what about the prophet Mohammad? What about him, he is a man not God, but sent by Him. Moses led the Jews, destroyed Pharaoh, parted the Red Sea, and for disobeying 1 command of God the Father Almighty, was forbidden from seeing the Promised Land. Allah states thou shout not kill another, yet this is your passion as you shout God is Great. Conversion comes from love, not hate. He is great, but with your actions you will join another. The Jews killed the Messiah and in their minds, they are still waiting. This is your mistake.

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