Political Snap Shot



Written May 13 11:59pm EST

   Today the media was caught off guard, by Barr appointing a special prosecutor Durham to investigate the origins of the Mueller investigation. CNN stated this has been investigated twice before on D Lemon show tonight, but we the American public did not hear about this or did you reference those investigations. By the way never talk about your love life (me so horny) on your show, children do watch. This investigation will unravel the web of lies preached by the DNC, the Podestas and Hillary. What is funny, is that all of you saw Rosenstein as a Trump nemesis, but when armed with the truth, he sees Comey as a traitor to this nation, and a political stooge. Your option now, is to throw him under the bus. Now, you as the Democratic Party and the media, can work to improve the lives of Americans, or such deceit will be revealed that even Biden, will be despised. It is your choice, and again I do not bluff.

   For Trump, the tariffs are devastating to our farmers, and many are in financially marginal positions that affects their ability to maintain their farms. This needs to be addressed, not illegals wasting billions of our tax pay payer money. Our government needs to buy the soy products, then dump it on the market destroying Chinese sources subsidized by the tariffs. Two can play this game. This is war. The Chinese pay, you shift the money to the farmers, through purchases, and crush alternative world suppliers by depressing prices. This is how you win.

   Did the 60 billion response in new Chinese tariffs, tepid in the least, demand an almost 700 point drop on the Dow? No. Those that control your financial markets, hope to strip the wealth of the common man. They took advantage here. Either through debt, as money flows out your country through trade imbalances. Excess wars costing trillions enriching the military complex. Unimpeded debt supporting illegal migrants and destabilizing neighborhoods. False green deals that cost trillions, which enrich those who hope to change events, or stock market scares that strip the wealth of your 401s.

   The Market was set up, and the big players went short. Those unprepared, had to sell to preserve wealth as many on Wall Street make profits on slim point spreads taking advantage over an overrated buy price and a unexpected low price that exceeds the normal spread through their software algorithms The drop was anticipated, as the elite firms wrote the software told all to sell. You set up sell stop orders as protection, but the majority of those positions are known. The point, drop the price in one motion. Your orders in place will continue the slide by design. You are such the suckers. Then at a predestinated point, known by all insiders they covered the short positions without additional selling as the Chinese tariffs did not warrant this correction. There was a great transfer of wealth from those who thought they were top of their game and the consumer told to hold. They made money and discredited Trump. This was their win-win the plan, or so it seems. This is what you face, and not one of your present leaders can save you. Trump is only in place to delay it.

   In the Middle East, there seems to be a new player in town. As ships are sabotaged off the UAE coast. The damage to the ships seems like it was done by amateurs, but it crippled the ships. The locals are not equipped to go undetected, nor have the expertise to place shaped charges on a moving vessel that show little damage, but disables the ship. This is what you need to realize. Those attacks were new world order, but points a finger to another.

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