Political Snap Shot




Written May 15 7pm EST


   With the mainstream media fixated on a McCain apology from a Trump aide, she was expressing what is said behind closed doors by 30% of all in Congress except the few on both sides who does not think it. The difference is that the Trump moles leak anything that would be proved damaging. You were warned over a year ago. The leaks are not by cell phones, but by covert listening devices in the hands of the deep state as they have access to Black Project technology. Save your comments to very small private events were a warrant is needed and the traitor can be pin pointed.

  Yes McCain was a patriot when shot down, but soon changed as a POW under the control of the North Vietnamese. Those who were of no value were tortured, maimed, killed on a good day or fed alive to the pigs or rats. This was McCain world, die like those who stood up for America or suffer the same fate of those he witnessed. It does not take a genius to figure out how he lived for years. He was released and debriefed and presented as a hero to the general public as how he survived was not revealed. The Geneva Convention for treatment of those captured did not count in the jungle as US soldiers killed the innocent and raped the villagers when the opportunity presented itself and you think they would have mercy for those who bombed them?

   The public exposure made him a prime target for recruitment in the new world order and those that are the deep state here in place since the time of Wilson. His agreement to join them, allowed for his rapid rise in politics to almost the top. As both candidates and Hillary during the 2008 Presidential election are linked to the Illuminati.

   McCain is a primary member of the group in this country trying to create a new world war. Those protecting this nation have used him as an example to others as his brain cancer was by design for his crimes against America outside of the public view. The Almighty has allowed this to continue in the hope that McCain that he will accept Jesus as his Savior. Will he come clean and reveal the intent of the new world order or go to his death with that secret. The pain will be ratcheted up in order to facilitate a choice sooner than later. This is his choice to save his soul.

   The aide made a crass statement in the presence of those she should have never trusted. This was her mistake and Trumps’ for still not fully cleaning house. Those associated with McCain would have allowed several American cities to be nuked by design and is a traitor. All in that room knew that McCain is under house arrest by the US Military and his crimes not known to the general population or the media. This is a fact. No apology should come, but people make their own choices. There is a reason he is dying just like Barbara who controlled drug trafficking in this country set up by papa Bush now senile and the CIA. As you were told Mc Cain succumb so now will Hillary, be prepared.

   The earth changes have ramped up as the volcanoes around the earth will explode remember in a group of three to get the world’s attention  and rogue waves will now assault North American and European coast lines, again prepare for the worse and hope for the best.


Update May 15 11:59pm EST


   The US Embassy move in Israel was prophesized in the Bible and is God’s plan. Jerusalem is the capital of the new earth. Trump is an important temporary tool that has accomplished this. All presidents have failed to do this as most promised, but never delivered as aligned with the new world order. They appeal to masses for change, but nothing does. This you now know is the Truth.

   The Jews are being set up as the cause for World War 3. The goal of the new order is to demonize the race, who is the true children of God. With billions lost in the war there needs to be a scape goat. It will be them as the world gives power to a man of peace. He will eliminate them by the millions with the approval of this world. This is in the hands of mankind.

   The Democratic polls showing a gap with the Republicans closing, is false. All know Trump has energized the economy, but this has yet to trickle down to the common man. The media continues to expose all of his faults by insider moles in place to destroy this administration. For the religious, they see the general public promoting abortion and LBT rights. Those in power are to promote complacency by design. If you believe you are in front, then for some no need to vote for a sure thing. This is their new temporary plan. 

   Events in South Africa are far from what is seen in the media. Those in power have been given permission to repossess the land of white Africans. For the covert UK support of this violence, their corporations will keep possession of the gold and diamond resources. The elite care nothing for the common man, but will make a devil’s agreement to add to their wealth at the expense of those who settled there in the name of the British Empire.


Update May 17 12:15pm EST


   We have heard that some Republican members counter the Intelligence Committee and again the media runs with this. All that is needed is to offer proof of how this would have helped Trump. A few ads on Facebook have no influence on the general informed public. The voting system was not hacked to change votes. Those in the media need to ask, how the Russians affected our Democratic voting system instead of just saying it.


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