Political Snap Shot





Written May 16 1am EST


   Again you in the media have been played. Look at what has transpired since 7pm yesterday and as always, few of you considers whom it benefits. Was the room bugged at the White House, where the meeting with Trump and the Russians met and then leaked? It was swept before the meeting, as Trump is paranoid with listening devices and his words being altered in these media wars. This is why he told Comey he was taped as a reference if leaked. Conspiracy theorists will imagine, but a sweep now, after the fact with most devices still in place would have been traced back to the source and lives would have been eliminated. There are still some patriots in the CIA & NSA.

   Did the Russians leak through their aides, no, as the information benefited them? So that leaves Trumpís staff, which was picked for loyalty. All close to the top are family or trusted over the years. All cell phones and other electronic devices were taken when everyone entered the room and their physical bodies without their knowledge, were remotely scanned for video and listening devices. Yet the media promotes an anonymous mole. This is a lie. So where was the leak?

   Trump you fail to consider the obvious. The leak was a false classified document to entrap you and placed into your meeting by your intel agencies. Was the information, outside of the document discussed to help eliminate ISIS as a joint effort yes, but it was minor in importance. What third party country has a network of spies that has infiltrated ISIS? Why is the fact of revealing a city considered a breach, when it is a needle in the haystack? Did you trace the source of the document? The Truth will set you free. And when you find the Truth, burn them.

   A city has thousands of sympathizers. Why would you trust the info as the rich and leaders your corporations pay with oil agreements in the Middle East fund ISIS? It is greed that perpetuates terrorism. It is greed that perpetuates our immigration problems as corporations let you go to pay illegal pennies. How is this working out America? Look towards the oil companies that control assets from the old British Empire in place over the last 150 years. One Saudi King Residence leveled to glass would stop the nonsense and point it (the destruction) to another, but you are so weak to make that move.

   Thousands do not need to die anymore, when money is the only link and treachery is the goal. I told you that any Russian connection would be leaked. This was arranged by the new world order, beware. Since the Russian connection of the past 9 months was only smoke and mirrors, now a leaked meeting with their Ambassador is the rage of the left and the focus will be validating that which all feared. Brief the intelligence committee with the tapes of the meeting and invite Pelosi and Schumer. It will stop.

   The third party source answers to the NSA and CIA; it was those aligned to the new world (moles in the alphabet agencies) that sent the info to the post (on purpose to add more fuel to destroy and unseat you). What was shared with the Russians by the Trump Administration, were details on insulating (Faraday Cage) the luggage area in aircraft from EMP. The lithium batteries would explode when hit with a burst now increasing exponentially from the core of this earth. The meeting was about saving your sorry asses during normal aircraft travel as there is a more significant risk rising abruptly near Oct. 2017. Many planes have disappeared; the key is to blame it on pilot error until numbers defy explanation. As for me, I would let your sorry asses go down when the batteries explode in your arrogance, especially the press corp. Need I remind of what is coming?

   So Trump, what do you consider? Your enemy is the new world order, Kissinger, (now a low level spokesman) wants to divide this country and it is working. Stand by your people and build from there. You chose them for a reason. All that has happened is beyond their control. I told you, when face the new world order; you face the spirit of satan incarnated in a man. It is written. Heed This. Just know; no mortal man or woman can fight this.


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