Political Snap Shot



Written May 16 2:30 am EST


   CNN, are your anchors that stupid? If we continue our same path with China, they will own America in many ways. As China exports supplies to American companies, shifting jobs overseas. Tariffs were placed upon them, to reverse this trend. The question you need to ask, is why all politicians over decades, allowed this to continue in both parties? They, the Chinese have a different strategy. The goal is to flood our country with subsidized goods supplying companies with low cost imports, forcing many of our domestic companies that buy from American suppliers out of business, while at the same time crushing this nation with a trade imbalance that you as a taxpayer are held to interest payments due to the poor decisions of your politicians. As analysts, you need to dig deeper. You will find, that for the most part, China will not pass, the cost of tariffs to the companies they supply. But, they are bound by contract for a set price for a long term time period. Is this not how your futures markets operate? Now with China, things are different? This is the lie you are being fed. No company would settle on spot pricing and uncertainty as market fluctuates, costs need to be controlled. Consumers will choose another source if priced out.

   The point of the tariffs is to promote fair trade, as the Democrats state we need a more tepid attitude towards China. So for 40 years, an escalating deficit, and this is your plan. April you talked about finesse with handling the Chinese, really, it is people like you that leads our country astray, as you are rich, and care nothing as the results of your shallow words.

    So what about Don Jr.? He has decided to testify by design, now that Barr appointed a special prosecutor to examine why the Mueller report started under Durham. This was his safety net, so he agreed. With the restrictions especially pushed by the Republicans, there will be nothing revealed, that will change, as to what has already been reported. The Republicans knew this, and the Democrats going to act like cornered rats. This is why, it was allowed to go forward. You on the Democratic side were played.

   Some in the media are asking, why no emergency declaration was declared at the border? First as Democratics sent the message babies are to be excepted at the border, and now families overwhelm our system. So lets put this in prospectus. So now, in your small minds, you can comprehend what faces America?. Over a hundred thousand come here within a month illegally. That is the size of our smaller cities, where housing, hospitals, food supplies, schools, infrastructure, has to be created every month. You are out of your minds.

   Trump, you are being directed to let this crisis on the border to fall on Congress. So this nation can see the true cost of illegal immigration. Let them solve it, as they created the problem. They pass a bill, more will come. As for 2020 if it comes, it will be a cake walk as to the election. This is your plan.

   As for the abortion decision in Alabama. You as woman, who are not raped, had a choice as to pregnancy. Destroying life due to a bad decision is not your right, as the Almighty creates it. You can go to another state, for the price of a bus ticket.

   You have been told, this world will be cleansed due to abortion and homosexuality. The decision in Alabama, has lessen the chastisement on America. Now, the Almighty will destroy almost all who rape, but those affected by the free will of mankind, cannot be affected by the will of God unless there are prayers. Life is precious. It is about saving your soul. For women, you are a vessel, as the Almighty creates life, and your spirit, not you. Life does not start until the spirit of God joins your cells at conception, which He created. Know your place. Be careful here, as I told you, during the end times, you will have nothing to offer, that will save your life. Heed this.




   Your speculation as to Iran just does not make sense. I have told you of the ultra secret neutrino detection system, that has been in place above this earth for the last decade. Our nation cannot reveal the truth to the media, as this would alter how WMD by terrorist are captured. As most of the world leaders discount what is said here. The US military has been briefed by our Black Projects as to the location, amount produced, and purity of weapons grade Uranium. This is why the Trump backed out. But, this was allowed, as the media will try and crush him. We will stand here.

   As you were told here before, the EU had no plans of letting the UK leave the union. The choice to review exit in June was superceded with a new date of Oct. 31. They are banking on the earth changes crushing their nation, as the tsunami that will roll over the southern portion of the UK from Wales to London, and could happen before December. This is what they are banking on.

   As for those countries signing for the end of online violence. No one has to join your cause, as you have not changed anything. Tell the world, most that signed on to the agreement, answers to the new world order, who placed the assassin, offered support to carry out the event. As Idiots, you think pushing this in the media to a general public that does not have a clue, you will spin this, and many in both parties, shall be replaced. Good Luck.

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