Political Snap Shot



Written May 18 11:59 pm EST


   As your world spirals out of control, few of you are grasping your lessons. You were told your cities under Democratic control for 80 years in many cases, did little to improve the health and education of the poor and lower middle class. Black voters adore and faithful, but little do they know, you were Jim Crow in the fifties. You did nothing but hide your KKK hats in the closet, oh but that governor wore his. That is the nasty truth. So that is why you give them free stuff.

   We hear a past president spout where is the leadership? Under your watch Hillary and Bill used influence peddling to enrich themselves by billions. Bidenís son learned from the some of the best. Had she became president, she would have been less prepared, as political flunkies that were fired would have led this. All of you said, no need for a lockdown. We need ventilators as if that helps, more 80% on them die. It is on tape. No one, either Republican or Democrat saw this coming, and to say you would have done better, is a lie. Now we face the voters with the biggest lie, social distancing, false hope. Isolate all over 70 as a solution, and let the nation work.

   It will work in parks and some very large stores, but mom and pop? It is a slow death sentence. For the leisure industry and big cities, it is a death sentence. How is Times Square going to work, if you say a second wave is coming? Do you listen to your words? Do you really think Disney World or cruise ships can make a profit on 25% occupancy? What about restaurants that need crowds packed in like sardines to make a profit. What about clubs that are attractive, because they are packed? Social distance dancing, strike up a conversation 6 feet away, really as if that will work? How are people going to get to work in New York City? I guess the 7, E and F trains riding under and over hot spot Elmhurst will run so smooth. Did you really think this through? Your leaders are lying, they have no answers. The sad part, you listen to them, as the idiots they are. Worse, the media is clueless. Just know, social distancing destroys the allure of the city.

   It will take years for restaurants, bars, hotels to return to normal. So now to the elephant in the room, where are all those illegals going to earn a living with rents due? Your Democrats are planning to give your taxpayer money to them, so that the true numbers do not spill into the streets (north of 40 million). You need to ask, exactly how do they know who and where they are?

   50% percent of their jobs are gone forever as businesses will close, and others cut back. You will get taxed to balance the budget deficit, and many of you are broke. This is simple math or dollar becomes worthless in a super inflation environment as Congress prints money. Crime will skyrocket, as little opportunity opens in the cities. Food prices will be out of control, again by design as the deep state infects your food processing plants. You will know hunger as a nation. They are infecting the illegals to divide this nation. Those needed in industry will just work from home, and abandon the cities and nearby suburbs by design. The loss of tax base of the upper middle class and rich will devastate budgets in big cities and their surrounding counties.

   A new problem is quickly developing, and I am not talking about the new lockdown in China, which I will address after this. FEMA is quietly preparing for the New Madrid, San Andreas and Ramapo fault lines to rupture, and they can not handle Covid-19. This will level the cities of St. Louis and Memphis, and destroy Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York City. There will be collateral damage in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Buffalo. Millions will be lost. This will not happen at once, as the New Madrid will go first others, to follow in a short time. Watch for the uptick in unusual locales, as a precursor. New Orleans will suffer a special fate for voodoo, the city will sink under the waves of the gulf, as the Mississippi rips apart. The time line is uncertain, as this is in the hands of the Almighty. If you make it to October, consider your self blessed. Addressing across the pond, the UK and Netherlands, you are toast as tidal waves assault your coasts and wash inland. The rebound wave will scour miles of coastline along the eastern seaboard of the United States. Millions will drown (New Jersey and Delaware). They wonít tell you the truth, but as an authorized messenger of the Almighty and Jesus, I will. The Warning will shortly follow. Look to your skies as the double suns appear. This is your sign.

   Everybody is now realizing the W.H.O. was working with China to hide the truth. You just touched the tip of the iceberg. The Nation Nations is a tentacle of the new world order. Is not their theme one global leader hiding under the theme of peace. Few remember when the WHO was chased out of certain areas of Africa for distributing tainted vaccines by design. They would do it again, if given a chance, this time to the West. China is the manpower of the new world order and you were told this, but still do not listen. The EU will fall even with Merkel being taken out. Take out a head another one grows in seconds. They are appointed and placed in position in preparation for that moment. What follows is even more ruthless. This is where the white hats will fall short.

   You have to ask if the current lock down in China is real over a spike of under 50 cases that shuts down a territory of millions, when they are tracking all movements and contacts? Did you not learn this same lesson in Wuhan? Nothing has changed. The cases are far higher, and deaths are already occurring, except this is different. More to come.

Update May 19 11:59 pm EST

   The Almighty has given you another lesson, but few are listening. The point of origin of the Covid-19 was clear to the world. It went out of control, and millions died in China under a repressive regime, no matter the media spin, but this was hidden under relentless covert cremations outside of their nation. Your NSA has detailed communications verifying this, and the CIA has onsite intel confirming the deaths. You will never get an official announcement. Reality, thousands of urns sent to single funeral homes. Your media and certain corporations are bought and paid for. So the truth is not revealed, but suspected with an element of doubt. Your elected leaders bow to the dollars flowing back from China, which will soon be near worthless to spread the influence of communist China. Your trade imbalance made this possible by design (new world order Kissinger). Several decades ago, your current lobbyists would be considered traitors, jailed, and the in some cases shot. This is how far, your world has fallen.

   They killed millions of their own to hide the truth of the virus, now just what would they do to you? All of you have failed, pointing fingers at each other, who are Americans. You help your own, before an illegal. This is America, who is hurting. They stole jobs, education, healthcare and lowered start up wages for our poor, all so the rich can exploit them as cheap labor. Illegal crossings help the rich, this is the dark truth of why it continues. They are infected, workers producing your food supply. Now all this is exposed, and we are to bail them out when, we have little funds? Your leaders are idiots.

   Take care of home first, then offer a helping hand. Take note Black people with the Democratic party, little has change in your lives, but they are about to change the lives of illegals, and your future tax money will pay for it. You are patsies, and 50 plus years since the sixties, nothing has changed, but has gotten worse. The sad part, you still fall for the promises and spin, but things get worse. They are thieves. Ask the Lord to open your eyes.

   This pandemic is only the first of many lessons, your world will face many by the Hand of the Almighty, to cleanse this earth. Look at how the pandemic cleared the air in polluted cities. This is your clue. You will be broken, and those who still cling to the shallow words of the dark one and his pawns the new world order, will be destroyed. This is a promise, but you can change.


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