Political Snap Shot


Written May 18 1 am EST


   Events again have turned to hatred. Yet everyone is looking for answers, they refuse to accept, that which is in front of their faces. The majority of high profile mass shootings that captures this nationís attention, are perpetrated by very young white male assassins. This is a fact, yet to control this, you want to suppress the nationís legal rights to weapons that carry multiple rounds, as this is the solution?

   As was said in nightly news using just Chicago they are multiple mass shootings Black on Black, yet you pay little attention. You ask why? They do not care if Blacks shoot one another, it eliminates a growing threat, as the Democrats see it. This is why they throw money at you instead of education. This is why, they allow millions to cross the border to take your starter jobs and housing. Like we need millions of unskilled workers half of which are women and children and there is a language barrier. Who does this help? This is why, you as Black people under their leadership have little to show for sixty years of their control. And just why do you keep sending that undercover Klanís man from before the eighties to speak on racial injustice?

   Buffalo was tragic, and the victim souls will live on in glory in the eyes of the Almighty. Know that. What you need to know is racism does not come from a political leader, as painted by the media. It comes from the upbringing of the family over decades. All parents indoctrinated their children, when caught, they look the other way. This is your system. Reduce the capacity of weapons, they will find another way. Heed this.

   Hundreds of innocent Black lives die everyday in your cities and now 10, less than weekly total die in minutes instead of a weekend in a major city, and it gathers national attention? You have no clue as to the deception the elite perpetrates upon the minorities. Talk of million and half new units of housing, but they can not be built in the cities where you live. No land. Ten million new illegals just in the last two years and where will they live? Oh, the new homes the Biden Administration proposed for you.

   The key of the elite is population control of the undesirables. The key method is abortion in the Black community. The general Black population is around 13 million, which it was in 1960. Check it. A free choice, no genocide and you are blind as bats. Ask a Black woman, where are the men? Oh jail, gay, or broke is this the future you were promised? If you work hard you are rewarded. Everyday the Democrats promise free stuff to the needy and the same needy are still here sixty years later and you do not think some elements of White America is not going to get pissed at the waste? Someone is getting rich managing social services. Everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their lives, but at some point there needs to be a change for all races. This is what you face.

   At some point the racist narrative that infects the media needs to stop or you will create a racial war. Defund the police, just how would that have worked in Buffalo? Case workers going in and they would have been shot, no they would have ran. Or better yet the police could have passed on the supermarket. How does that work for you? Your activist leaders are idiots. You cannot have it both ways.

   Heed these lessons and take in that Bidenís lily white hands did not shake or hug the general population of Buffalo in front of Tops. He talked about white supremacist, yet he was an alleged one back in the day. If Byrd was alive today, he would paint you as a sellout, good old boy. Tops was a necessary stop only for optics. Wake up, all is not what it seems.

   To the Democrats pass a law that anyone under 21 can only buy, possess or hunt with a single shot rifle or shotgun. Parents allowing access to other weapons go to jail. Leave everyone else alone. You will not curb the rights of millions for the actions of a few. Illegals weapons will always be available for the right price. Can you do that?


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