Political Snap Shot



Written May 19 11:30 pm EST


   The Democrats, media, and many women are in an uproar at some states passing more restrictive abortion rights. Is this a free country? We here from candidates. This will make abortions women seek more dangerous. So we are to believe, women are going to pay a premium price to get an illegal procedure, rather than travel to another state for hundred dollars or less. Please don’t say, they are that poor, that travel fees versus raising an unwanted child on the most part due to a bad decision with a man. A state has a right to pass its own version and modify restrictions reflecting the values of those who elected them, just as some states proposed extending the permitted time of abortion up to the time of birth. This is America. Be careful here as you promote the rights of minorities, which is fine, but you try and crush the voices to the minority political party. I ask, why the double standard, unless what we see, is a facade?

   Why do I have to constantly remind you, it is the Almighty creates life, you are just a carrier as a woman. You as a woman have no right over another life even though it resides within your womb. Abortion is against the Laws of God the Father Almighty. If raped or in incest their may be a life lesson, although as a man, I may not see one, but I don’t question, the plans of God, if not a miscarriage. Pregnancy from rape, which is far less than incest and that is your family out of control, only comprises 1% of abortions. The other 99%, WAS A WOMAN’S BAD DECISION. Do not question the Almighty as some times it is the bad events, that brings you home. Many of you will soon face this, in the Chastisements where what you thought, this was your world. It shall be cleansed. You will recognize little when over, if you are still alive, as the old passes away. Your earthily life and pain is only temporary. Those who for what is being seen now in these End Times, are the spokesmen for another.

   Nancy with the Democrats behind her and some Republicans passed lbgtq equality bill. This bill will not be used to punish religious organizations through unwanted employment or services provided. Try it and their will consequences from Father above. They will not a union blessed by God or in any Roman Catholic Church. If you want to bless their union so be it, in front of your justices as you have free will. Marriage is a sacrament of God that unites a man and woman to create a family. What you have created, is an abomination in the eyes of God. The love you feel comes from another. When you are on your knees praying, realize the events are directly related to your sins, abortion and homosexuality. You were warned in the Bible, but you think your fate is controlled by man. Shortly you will see different.

   Those that lead you, really think man is charge on earth, and letting women rule over their bodies is fine, but when a life is within, it must be protected at all costs. Abortion takes away a young life to make choices on earth to mature its soul. To choose good over evil, this is what you, take away. For you as a primitive race even though children of God, have little understanding of the soul. As most of you think it is a fantasy.

   Modernism as all have equality, but there are boundaries. People changing their sexual orientation is not your right. The Almighty does not make a mistake. You did, by questioning what you were given between your legs. For the men did you procreate life or just waste what God gave to produce life in an anal canal for pleasure that will fade? That influence came from another.

   So Buttigieg had his town hall, I passed on that nonsense pushed by CNN and others. You assume America is ready for a gay president, and you are so wrong. The media does not give a true picture of how America feels, they only show those willing to take to the streets to protect extreme ideas, as most others stay quiet, fearing backlash for a view that does not agree. Yes you may be a fine confused man or woman, and stand up for the rights of America, but what message are you sending to our children, who are Christian and Muslim, God is alright with gay. The Almighty loves you and your soul, but hates your sin, homosexuality. You asked for an answer, now I am giving it to you, as His representative. This comes from your Father, as I am only the messenger. In your mind only do you justify your actions.

   So lets detail your future as the Democrat leadership are using you, just like Beto was. An easy rise in the poll to keep others at bay, and then you fall flat on your face. The polls you see, are rigged. You can not pick a women as a running mate, as you are one in your mind. So we shall have an all female ticket? Lets imagine the inauguration, introducing president Buttigieg and his first man for their dance. Most will smile in a façade to hide their disgust.

  What about the Middle East and the Southwest Pacific Island nations, no face to face talks there, as they might behead you. The Saudis respect you, that is a joke. They will say under their breath, here comes the anti-man. Dream on, if you think this is going to work. The Russians and Chinese will laugh, as war will certainly start, with what they see, as an inexperience mayor. Who is so soft.

   Republicans, Christians, Black, Irish, Italian and Latino men, unless they are gay, are not voting for you, just to start. You have zero chance of winning, if the nominee of the Democrats, and Pelosi knows this. What did they promise you, if you take out Warren, Harris, and the others below you, so that Biden can concentrate on Bernie, and put him, and the progressive movement within the party in its place? You are a tool, get over it.

   Remember when Bernie got to close to Hillary, they fixed the polls, and votes were tampered with in 2016. This time they will use you to eliminate many after Iowa and New Hampshire and bring the field to 7. This is their goal, but they what Warren, Harris and Booker out. With most women out along with Bernie at the end, this with shut down the freshmen Congresswomen in Congress by design.

   The severe flooding and heat throughout the world has impacted, what percentage of the fields in farms have been planted. This will lead to global famine in some areas, increased meat and chicken costs, as feed rises due to a shortage of corn. The signs in the sky will increase exponentially, as time is short. This is why the agenda of the dark one is being pushed by those in your media and politicians. Remember those working for the Almighty number in the few, as this is his time, the dark one, and even the elect have been fooled.

   Representative Justin Amash took a bold step as to offer an opinion, which it was, for the impeachment of Trump by reading the redacted version of the Mueller report, that many in the media has read. You offer speculation only that the chief investigator Mueller cleared him without giving facts to the American. You have no clue of what is hidden in the redacted version. Now, I know you were promised a lot to do this, but this will be a life lesson. You will take the fall. You will not reveal who compromised you. You will offer no details as to why you have come to your conclusion. The deep state will kill you. Just fade away if you want to live.

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