Political Snap Shot

The Leaks




Written May 20 2:45am EST


   Many are confused as to exactly what is going on in the Trump Administration. Is there a Russian connection? Meetings, firings and leaks control the media these days, so let’s shed some light. The leaks are coming from within, while other information is coming from an untraceable video and audio system embedded within the White House and Air Force One. You will see the signal as background noise similar to the noise in the universe and random, but super computer reassemble the feed into usable data. Does this revelation now compromise your surveillance of the Russians? No, because the new world order gave them the secrets years ago. They (new world order) have proxy control of your military contractors and corporations (banking and stocks) and you are being fed lies. You were told there is no Russian Connection as the super powers are prepping for an eventually war over land. Trump is no friend of Putin. They smile as a façade, but there is deep hatred as Obama’s face showed. Trump and Putin are playing a game for the media.

   The new world order has one goal, world domination using the Russians and the manpower of China. The proposed silk road connecting the West and Africa to the east has an ulterior motive. As the earth changes increase land is the most valuable commodity and the target is Africa, then conquer the Middle East and solidify control of the EU as Germany’s Merkel is cooperating and will reign in Europe again for a 3rd time. The road is for military vehicles, troops and supplies to be moved quickly as the oceans will be dangerous along with air transports. So how does this impact Trump?

   Trump removed Comey for reasons not yet known to the American public. The Clintons were protected by Comey as he said there was no intent. All saw the money to the foundation stop abruptly after her loss halted influence. All knew she allowed the uranium to be sold to the Russians, some of it now in the satan 2 and cruise missiles that will devastate the world at the assigned time. All are aware 2 billion dollars of the foundation money that was transferred to a country with no extradition treaty with the US. These are facts, not accusations of a Trump-Russian connection and what happen to innocent until proven guilty? Where is the transcript of Bill and the AG meeting? These were crimes against America and Comey pulling the strings on crushing any investigation into the Clintons was removed by his firing.

   The media refuses to believe there is no Russian connection with Trump. Yes, some of his staff may have taken money as did the Clintons and need to be prosecuted. Everything with the Russians is leaked with Trump and held for optimum release times to control the current news. This is by design showing how deep the tentacles of the new world order go. You speak of intent with Trump, but drag out a connection that does not exist. Do you really think he is that stupid to allow a special prosecutor to be assigned when Sessions is the AG? Yes he complained as to force an inquiry with a swift closure. He has nothing to fear and has removed those who may or do. When cleared, the decision was independent crushing Democrats that saw political blood.

   The Democrats fear a new FBI director as does the new world order as a reopening of the Clinton emails would devastate the Democrats in 2018. The most dangerous revelation is Hillary’s agreement to allow a limited 3rd world war to usher in the antichrist. Trump is the wild card as an attack on this nation would bring about a full response and the antichrist would lose America its jewel. Any political attack against Trump will be exploited and funded as the goal is to remove him by any means necessary before Niribu shows in the skies over America and that time is near. It is here, the general public will know they were lied to and led to the slaughter by the media. There will be hell to pay.

   Did Trump get warned to join (new world order) or fall subtly? Kissinger hinted at his meeting with Trump, the assault could increase or decrease and a sign of cooperation would be the appointment of old new world order pawn Lieberman to lead the FBI. He is on the consideration list, but now may or will be rejected. As he again would keep the Clinton crimes hidden in exchange to close the Russian connection with the Truth. He is a mole with deep connections to the Israelis and that is the problem. This is the Truth.

   To Trump, know that you winning underneath, but to some of the public, you look like a loser. It seems like all are against and technically they are. You will not curb to shale industry to protect Arab money or hide them here when the earth changes come. You will not open an embassy in Jerusalem as Netanyahu knows this will lead to war in the Middle East. You will not offer any protection to the pope as he is the false prophet. You will not commit Americans to die as many of the compromised leaders of the EU are in agreement to allow a Russian invasion from the east. As for the meeting either you are with me or against me. They are in panic, not you.

   Just know; you are deep under the skin of those who has secretly controlled this nation, its media and polls as the pressure increases. This will shortly change, as long as you remain independent and protect America. I told you, the new world order and its tentacles run deep and again it is time for house cleaning backed by the Joint Chiefs. The eavesdropping was put in place to compromise Obama. It worked. Trace who authorized the program and look to who were hands on. The system is still live. It is here you will find the source of leaks and then back track the chain of command and who kept it hidden.

   So what are the current plans of the new world order? Destroy or undermine Trump through the constant leaks thus preventing any agenda to help the American public. Then when the earth changes take hold release the information on the Clintons, Bushes and other world leaders. In the turmoil invade Africa and blitz the eastern front of the EU with the Russians and Chinese. Then talk peace to inept leaders who are cowards and push the button for a limited 3 day world nuclear war. All will cry for a leader to stop the carnage and one will emerge satan incarnated as a man walking the earth as a man of peace. What is sad, all of you are so blind, as you are letting events happen as your herded actions are fulfilling the Book of Revelations.


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