Political Snap Shot



Written May 21 1:30 pm EST


   On the world stage nations are pushing Netanyahu to stand trail with Hamas with ICC. In this case, it would be demised. Netanyahu is and was acting out of self defense whether engineered or spearheaded by Hamas and is well within his rights to punish Palestine, who on a majority level supports Hamas. Although in a civilized world, he should not be punishing the Palestinians, regardless of their affiliation. If your family was wiped out, would you stop? What Netanyahu is doing in Gaza is wrong, but it still falls under self defense in a court of law. Remember WW2 incendiary bombs wiped hundreds of thousands of Germans and Japanese, which led to a real peace. Today, wars are selective and they go on forever with no solution. More deaths occur over decades and trillions get spent bleeding our nation. This choice is by design. If the population aligns with Hamas, they too are the enemy. Hamas started the war and can be prosecuted, lets see how that goes. Internal pressures are squeezing Netanyahu on an after war solution for Palestine, which is the right move. To the world, wait for it.


   It was surprising, that Gutfeld allowed Marr to have a real platform on his show last night, as Marr had great common points. Maybe there is a future for the media, anyway it was just a start.

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