Political Snap Shot



Written May 23 11:30 pm EST


   The Mueller Investigation is now coming under public scrutiny. Not for what it is pursuing, but for what it has not revealed to the general public, well after a year. The primary goal of the Russian collusion was to discredit Trump during the election. Podesta wanted a link as he thought this would compromise him to his base. They arrested Manafort for crimes, but he was working with the Democrats at the time. The Hillary emails was an internal theft again blamed on the Russians as the NSA had no trace from an outside source to the Democratic servers. This is why the FBI was not allowed to examine the servers. Moles put in place during the Bush and Obama administrations just in case Hillary did not win were activated. With this you have to realize top Republicans promoted this insider and others still hidden in key positions of influence, Trump new to this game accepted the recommendations, but now is cleaning house. This is what has been behind the wave of firings. Yet your media spins chaos when it is preservation.

   He was not a spy at first, but a government plant that saw an opportunity to advance and used his or her position to reveal internal information of the Trump campaign, which was leaked to Podesta. A layer put in place as not to lead back to Hillary.  Now he is a spy. What you have to realize is that certain Republicans arranged this for Hillary. This is the deceit of your government. He in turn freely gave the info to the FBI. So the story of a FBI plant is false. But, yes those who of the deep state are responsible. This is the source of your leaks.

   You were told the deep state controls both sides and you are allowed to choose either or. Trump could not be bought as he is rich. Yes some say he is not worth billions, but Oprah, JZ, Beyonce are worth a billion and you think Trump is worth less? He is second generation rich with many undisclosed resources to the general public, but all in the business world know. The key here is the refusal to release income state tax returns by design. The deep state with their tentacles in all aspects of this world tested this and failed. The goal here again by the deep state is to show Trump a billionaire thus disconnected from the common mans problems. This tactic has failed.

   The current goal of the Mueller investigation is to maintain the same narrative into the 2018 Congressional elections and with any hope extend it to 2020. It is not about indicting Trump as that would have been done months ago. It is about keeping the threat of a potential crime in the news to herd opinions and thus votes. Is there a national security risk by revealing the source? No, he is a mole politician just leaking information to discredit the present administration to promote a shift in the Congressional vote in the next election. This is their plan.

   Some in the media said, this is nothing (internal spy), because he won (Don). You in the media promoted Hillary with skewed polls never thinking she would lose. This was controlled by the hands of the Almighty. Just know Don, your life style needs to change if all of us will see each other on the other side. Heed the advice of the Almighty.

   As North Korea tries to back out of peace talks, the tactic is on again maybe off with hope, the media fails to address the true cause. China used them to destabilize the western pacific while they under the guise of peace expand their reach on those islands. All being militarized with bombers, missile defense systems and jamming. Primarily they are forward bases put in place for more sinister plan. They were told nothing the Americans can give you, which we have not already provided, stall.

   You were told the plan is to advance towards the western North American coast under the earth changes with troop movements hidden in cargo containers. Sweden is preparing their population for war and the Russians already practice with their population for nuclear attack. Here we think all is well, Trump loves the Russians and the Chinese are just an economic threat. This is so far from the truth and these events are foretold in the Bible. Nobody is listening. The North Koreans will dangle peace only to delay a military response towards China as they are the real threat and the North Koreans are the diversion.

   We need to address the true cause of school shootings. You were given a lesson as semi automatic weapons were not used. The true weapon was a deranged human mind by the making of their own peers and parental neglect. You were told, how you treat bothers, they will treat you. I will give you an example. Ban weapons and satan will influence a soul to enter a school bus at the last pick up spot of middle school kids and slice them with a razor. This is your reality. People kill, not weapons, for once take responsibility for own errors in raising your kids, bullies and the abused.

   As the end times progress the false prophets will tighten their grip on their membership promising salvation. No man can promise and entrance to the new earth, this right is only Jesusí. The sad part is that those born into it a false religion or as children have no options. Isolation shunts a true perspective of the real world. The goals of those leading are obedience and control. If questions are asked, then division may occur. Any religion that promotes that only they will get to heaven lies. Only Jesus judges and has the right to review your life and merits. Jesus also told you he does not come for the righteous, but the sinners. As long as they believe even in the last second of their life despite their past, they are saved. This is the Truth.


Update May 24 10:15pm EST


   With Trump withdrawing the meeting with Kim, it forced the North Koreans back to the table as they were not given a choice by the Chinese as pawns. As a conflict before the Chinese put their soldiers and materials in place, they would be drawn in a hot war on the Korean peninsula diverting resources dedicated to North America invasion. I told you it is the peace process that will be dangled in front of the media and Trumpís opponents to force him back to the table. I would pass unless the agreement was immediate.

   The earth changes will again now increase, just know all in power know we have a year or little more by the Grace of God left. So NASA spending 8 billion dollars on a telescope to look at the dawn of time is a waste of taxpayer money as the debris field would sweep it out the sky along with the space station. What they will find if it ever gets launched is more to the universe that is so vast just like Hubble. The universe created by God is infinite and only your restrictive optics allows you to peer to your limits with out an answer. Just know the systems do not work for a reason, as money is being funneled so the elite at NASA can prepare for the passage of Nibiru. 90 percent will die on earth and they know, but you donít. This is your government and media.


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