Political Snap Shot

Beto CNN Town Hall



Written May 24 3:45pm EST

I was busy with family


   Beto started to address the audience at his town hall with the same rhetoric. The Trump Administration pushed ban on Muslims to this country. Muslims on the whole were not banned, as it would seem, but those from countries harboring and supporting terrorist cells. Those were 6 countries, not as the media projected without saying, that seemed to be all. This was common sense, which you seem to lack.

   You speak of rapists, as we have seemed to insult those traveling north escaping poverty. You have to be a fool, to think, the women and some children are not being raped or exploited. This is why, they travel in caravans, otherwise families would travel alone. Do I hear idiot in the background? Trump states there are rapists and criminals in the caravan. This is true, but not all are, as this is stated, but you omit this. Is it 10, 20, 50, 100 or 25% of the men? We do not know, but there are there and 1 is too many.

   You say, we are turning our backs on our trading partners. We need to cooperate with our Allies. The problem that you as a politician, have not considered, is that protocol and a façade, is now more important, than protecting the interests of our nation. Yes we need to trade, but not where the bottom line loses almost a trillion dollars a year. Again, you do not have common sense. No alleged friend or trading partner, is worth those losses. Plus, in China, they are stealing our technology through partnerships in the manufacturing plants. Crushing debt, loss of market share, as interest payments replace investments, and this is your plan. Who do you work for, China or America? This is your choice.

   Tariffs are a short term solution to a long term problem. We as a nation cannot maintain this deficit. It is not about friends that use this nation, as you, Beto are being played. So we are to take a soft approach to balancing our trade. We have tried this over the past 50 years, and it has gotten worse. The American tax payer loses almost 100 billion dollars defending nations, that will not come to our aid if Russia attacks, and if they did, would be ineffective. This is why this nation has guns. Now I know some of you aligned with the new world order that continues to plan these assaults on America, will herd Americans by what they see as a free choice to disarm, but we are not that stupid.

   So today, CNN stated, that you the American consumer will pay more for goods made in China. Trump was telling the truth, China will pay. You ask how? Because China signed agreements to provide the product to the end users at a certain price for a certain period of time. They have to accept the loss. Future agreements if the end user wants the Chinese products, will have to pay a greater price, but they may seek another supplier in the USA. This is the point, but your leaders again are not in your right state of mind. The tariffs collected from the Chinese will soon be distributed to our farmers. This is the truth, and you are not being told the full story by your bias media and politicians like Beto.

   You complain that Trump said some nations in the Western Hemisphere, and overseas are sh.t hole countries. Would you live there? Don’t lie, as you think it, instead of speaking it. He told the truth, except his words were crass. This is where your political correctness goes astray, and you lose the American public, as they have eyes.

   Beto stands for abortions, and says, he has the right if president to overturn the laws of a state that its representatives chose to restrict. He is lying.

   You care of the frequent mass shootings, only when it is your own. Thousands die in the inner cites with Black on Black crime, and in you minds, you say one less nig.er. This is why things do not change. 30 thousand die from suicides, because their lives are so fragile. You need to go to Africa, where a week may pass, before you see food in the form of insects or rotten flesh. Your plan is to disarm America, because a few crazies take guns from their parents and shoot up school. They have mental health issues, start there. If America is disarmed by design, then we are at the mercy of politicians like you, who are inept, when, not if Marshall law is put in place, due to the upcoming pole shift, aka “Climate Change“.

   With immigration you spoke about the inhumane conditions they face. Really, where they came from! They slept on dirt, venom infested floors. They ate cold corn mush, and no medical care, face death or rape from the gangs, and the cages in place from the Obama days are now Trump’s fault? Yes, we can spare no expense as millions flow north, and we will make the same mistake as the EU. You are idiots, and we pay for your mistakes. 2020 will be about you paying at the polls, as events will turn south for you. You have no plans for our Visa system, as chain migration that over burdens our social services. Can we afford it? No, but you pretend we can, when our own sleeps in the streets, our veterans get little care, our citizens do not have a health care plan, and in your wisdom, lets invite 2 million freebies every year.

   Your party has watched the opioid crisis grow, as the pharmaceutical industry got rich on the abuse. So now you have a heavy heart. When the heroin epidemic of the sixties and seventies, and the crack cocaine crushed the inner cities in the eighties under Democratic control, your solution was to fill the jails. You have no answer, as tobacco and vape is out of control. The cost of medicine is to return a profit on development, costs of patient trials, being sued for side effects if passed by the FDA. Could there be a balance, yes, but this is not your approach. You are clueless on how to handle this, as you answer to the lobbyists.

   Finally Climate Change, you are lying and why bring it up. I know you are blind to what is happening in the Mid West and accelerating. The world will know before the election, then what? Oh, by the way never say, that this is not an act of God, when you know this is the truth. This is a stern warning, do not go there again.

   You are not going to make it, as they see Pete easier to manipulate when elevated in the polls, in the end, control, as he is gay, and can never win in this Christian nation under God. With you there is a danger. That you could catch fire and stop Biden. This is why, you were crushed, but I know your plans, like Booker & Gillibrand, a cabinet position. You will never see it happen.

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