Political Snap Shot


Written May 24 5 pm EST

Revised May 26 2 am EST



   PM May has chosen to remove her self as Prime Minister of the UK. You may ask why, as she cried with the announcement. You were told, the EU would never allow the UK to Brexit. She paid a political price. Now with no deal, but has to succumb to the will of the EU. The game is over, but with a new PM in place, there seems like hope. Boris Johnson proposed a break from the EU, but those, as mayor of whom he represents, chose to stay in the EU. So where are the lies? May was worthless, as a tool of the new world order, all will see with Merkel and Macron as the global elite, masking to move forward the interests of their nations under one global command.

   The British people need to make a choice, to avoid a dictatorship as the End Times accelerate. Not one will provide an answer, to the backstop in Ireland. Not one will produce a viable trade plan that benefitís the EU and the UK. Not one will address the Illegal immigration issue, and the general threat of rogues that kill citizens of the UK. The world is watching the MPs, so how are you going to move your government forward after May, who was no great loss?




   We have the Treasury secretary delaying the conversion of the twenty dollar bill from Jackson to Tubman. This was deliberate. Now many of you will see, that Trump is behind this, but this is not the case. It was the social Democrats that pushed this as a olive branch instead of reparations to Black people instead of billions going to the poor, but knowing how prejudice this country is, the Democrats were not going to take the unexpected backlash when a Black face shows up on a twenty dollar bill. So quietly the Democrats asked Trump and the secretary of the Treasury to delay this for now. As both sides saw a downside.

   Pelosi is pushing it. ďHe is hiding somethingď, the new narrative. Just because our President is not honoring your subpoenas, does not mean, you can go on national TV and slander. Do you provide facts? No. Same game, different angle. This will not continue as you forget someone is investigating, how all of this started.

   Even though Nancy is a power hungry bit.h. Time is short. She is new world order, but there was no need to promote that false video of her. This is not who we are. Now the Trump Administration did not create this, but it was created to entrap you by the DNC and new world order. The sad part, you fell for it. Trump, sometimes wait and look before you step in sh.t. As for Pelosi stating we are all Godís children, yes that is true. We have a path to chose, as some will not make their destiny without change. For the freshman Congresswoman Underwood that stated, we are purposely killing migrant children at our border. Do you know what you are saying to America, or are you that stupid to be a tool of the Democratic Party? The children that die, had health problems that were severe. The parents made the trek north, hoping to get health care, before their childís life ended. In the cases of the few, it was too late. Now I am not going to come down on you Congresswoman as you are just beginning to learn. Choose your battles wisely.

   I will update on global events and Mayís exit later tonight.

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