Political Snap Shot




Written May 28 5 pm EST


   Much has been made on the Open Skies treaty withdrawal especially from our EU allies, but why would Trump withdraw? Russia has allowed flyovers to be allowed over certain areas, but makes excuses for other areas of concern. Russia has been prepping for WW3 since the end of the Cold War, and was hiding its weapons in in the nations that left the USSR. They figured you show some Democratic initiatives, shared trade in the case of China, would fund their war machine by a trade imbalance, then strike as the earth changes weaken the Western world. Why would the EU want this in place? They are the ten headed beast predicted in the Bible to rise. All are new world order, and all are on the same page. The US would be wasting their time defending the EU as they have put in place that design to fail by choice, thus enslaving the people of Europe under one government. That time is about six months out.

   Trump knows this, and is stopping the Russians from mapping sensitive sites that the Chinese would use in an invasion from the West coast along the Southern border reaching Georgia and then they turn North, unless stopped. Broken bridges at the Mississippi will slow them due to the New Madrid quakes yet to come, but it is shear numbers (200 million army spread among the world) that they think, they are invincible. As for the concern of citizens, stand by and do nothing, they will be slaughtered anyway, and the young girls and boys sex slaves. Negation is not an option, as they will lie. The sad part, those embedded in the new world order like Biden, Clinton, Podesta, Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and many established Republicans were planning for a surrender in the name of peace, with billions dead, your coward leaders fold by design in tepid retaliatory strikes invoking a Brave New World led by the antichrist. This is the plan and they all know it, watch as it unfolds before your eyes.

   China is about to test the world and take back what is hersí, Taiwan and Hong Kong. I have a question for the world? Are you going to go to war to protect Chinese from their own? Yet your current plan is to lock down your own citizens already in place. China has your economies by the balls. All of you know what is coming, but your citizens are well out of the loop will push peace, and this will be their advantage. They will crush them, but seem to pull back with freedom as a guise to maintain control and kept the West at bay. They are buying time, just like here in the states.

   WHO funding needs to be revoked, as they planned to distribute tainted Covid vaccines in third world and in certain locales in western countries. They were going to use the virus to eliminate useless eaters. This was known to your government, but all aspects of the plan has not been stopped. The US is withdrawing funding, but the Chinese will take its place. The UN is another name for the new world order, hiding under the guise of world peace.


   The current Democratic plan to control this nation, is to continue the status quo at all cost. As Covid-19 subsides, a smart response is maintain the lockdown at nursing homes and keep in place stay at home for those over 70. As there are areas that have been little affected, like are those under 70. All refuse to admit the infection rate is out of control among those illegally here. Stay in place creates a pseudo Marshall Law and government dependency. The problem, that it is too early for when crowd control, will be needed. The point you played your hand early and when needed, all will see your intent. Your leaders are idiots, as they destroy your jobs and lives.

   There is much speculation on a second crippling wave of Covid-19. So exactly how do you and your inept scientists come to that conclusion? This is not 1918. Your models (guesses) have for the most part proven false. Did not Pelosi and DeBlasio state on national TV in Feb. come to China town? Had they led you in hindsight, the original death rate predicted models would have occurred in the US. Covid-19 was an act of God, bottom line, and none of you knows the future, except that all of you will die at some point, Tic Tock.

   Exactly whose idea was it, to pay the unemployed workers more than they were getting paid when working? The governors of your states with the financial records of those who lost their jobs should have added Federal stimulus to supplement the shortfall in salaries, if the state amount fell short. Again your leaders overpaid, wasting your tax dollars and creating a group that would rather stay home, and leech off of mismanaged agencies rather than work.

   Your jobs are not coming back as promised for the most part. Those still unemployed, needs a long term solution and overpaying workers in the short term does not help those, who will need help, when federal funds stop.

   Places of worship cannot attend to the needs of the faithful with the rule of only ten that can gather. Is this rule in place in Wal-Mart? This is Godís House and as man you place measures to close it down? We know who you work for, under the guise of safety. Family pews need to be separated by every three rows and a special Mass that only those over 70 can attend (8 am), unless attended with a masked helper. The pews then sprayed and 6 ft. separation, as they walk out. Churches with under 12ft ceilings will need negative air pressure (fans in open windows blowing out) for now as a simple solution.

   Biden stating you are not Black if you donít vote for me. You have no clue of how many Black people are going to vote for Trump. We all watched as the Clintons stole through their phony charity. We watch as your son hooked up with the corrupt Ukrainians and Chinese and got paid. And you can not put together a simple paragraph of speech without screwing it up? If you got in (not happening), you are controlled by the new world order and those watching knows this. Your VP pick would rise to power, and we hear names like Stacy as a choice, as if she can handle Putin and Xi. You are lucky Covid-19 was not a threat to her. You can thank God for that. Just how would whiney Warren work out. Look around Covid-19 took up all available funds, so universal healthcare and the green new deal, are toast for at least a decade. None of your picks is ready to step up on the world arena stage to fight the new world order, but that is not your plan, as you pick a compliant stooge.

   As you hide in your basement, except this past Monday, what happens at the first debate where Trump crushes you? Trump, please donít make fun of him when he stutters his answer. Those at home will laugh anyway without your input. No need to step on a wounded man nature (the people) will remove him. The sad part, the DNC knows this. They wish for a contested convention, as their last hope. All secret communication devices accessing the debate stage will be blocked. The plan to doctor the choice or advance knowledge of questions blocked. A injection of a new enhanced drug to boost mental abilities just before the debate blocked. This nation will see you for who you are.

   Much is being debated in the media about mail in ballots and potential fraud. This is a dream for the DNC. So what is their plan? No voter fraud will be in place, in the states they typically win, as they will point to those states as examples, the mail in vote reflected the true democratic decision of America. What they are doing, is scrubbing the major cities of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and North Carolina voter rolls for those who do not show, but are registered with copies of the signatures. The point, intercept the mail, forge and proxy a vote for them, or go to the homes and ask them to fill out the vote for Biden posing as campaign workers. Thus collecting the mail as an ease for the unsuspecting voter. This is their current plan in place to tip the balance.

   You still have a deliberate attempt to control society, as your sources of meat continue to close, when they get re-infected. You were told the deep state is allowing the disease to spread through their illegal immigrant communities, as they have patterns and live in close quarters. Tyson disinfected their plants and then hundreds are infected days later. It is not at the plants where they are vulnerable, but among each other by design. The point, increase hunger in the US again by design.

Update Mar. 28 2:30 am EST

   The incident in the city of Minneapolis that involved a Black manís death, Floyd was a tragic event. This travesty occurred under a city ruled by Democrats (Democrat Farmers) since the seventies, as New York (except Bloomberg now a Democrat), Chicago and Baltimore. The spin that Trump is influencing the left police officers after a few years in office is a lie. It is embedded over decades. You promoted he is a racist for political gain. This time, the world sees a rogue action, but what is disturbing, was not one cop watching said enough. The mayor was smart to fire all on the spot, and ask for justice. The cop pressing the knee deserves 2nd degree murder as it was not premeditated, but he knew the victimís life was waning, and his indifference to life, did not stop his actions. A bad check that was forged, yet your leaders steal billions. Where is the justice? Trump is not responsible for the actions of a free mind, nor is he to apologize for every racial injustice. We know where he stands, but few admit the truth. Grow up and change the system. The Democratic Party was the party of Jim Crow. You have a governor who wore a KKK hood in his yearbook, and you think Trump is your source of evil? Look in the mirror, before pointing fingers.

Update May 28 11:59 pm EST

   As the riots in Minneapolis turned ugly this evening, and brought out some of the worst in humanity, step back, and look at what your leaders and police union leaders, should have done. New recorded video angles show incompetence among those, who should have protected life, but they watched in silence. Is the blue wall worth what you saw? There are bad cops, though few, he should have been ousted on past complaints. Now you lose 3 good cops, who were afraid to stop the actions of a senior veteran, due to reprisals from members. A union is only as strong as its members that upholds the law. A strong union is, who protects all that does the right thing. That is a union. Protect the criminal, then you weaken support for all. Make a choice.

   Videos give you a choice, let one go on second degree murder, and spin influence to reduce the charges for involuntary manslaughter as a plea bargain from the others. They watched with disregard of life, and need to pay a price. Pension or back pay is off the table, a minimum plea deal, a year or two suspension. None of three knew this event would lead to death of an man innocent of resisting arrest. By the way, the BBC stated the National Guard was activated earlier, but I have yet to hear this in America. Where is Ilhan Omar, who represents parts of Minneapolis? I guess, hiding like Biden. This is the Truth.

   Those in charge of this case, needs to control the narrative now. Prosecute the bad cop for intentional second degree murder, and the others for accessories to manslaughter, as they did nothing to protect human life. Set up a meeting with the family without disclosing the settlement immediately, and shut this down, before it is out of control. Cut your loses now. As time is money, and may cause an additional loss of life in a violent confrontation by design.

   Just to let you know, the police were told to stand down against the looters again by design. The Target store had been a under producing store, that would have been closed due Covid-19, and now the rioters made sure they would get more than their investment and profit. Inventory stolen is on the honor system. Minneapolis, you lose. Auto Parts fire was intentionally set by those allegedly hired the company, as the last events would be pinned on the riots. This is the plan as fires erupt around town. Looters seek an opportunity, but do not burn if something of value, when something is left to be taken. This was a corporate decision backed by insurance. This was the reason for the order from the mayor to the police to stand down.

   Corporate America will not rebuild in Minneapolis like Baltimore, and the riots will increase property and auto insurance rates for all, but you donít see this, as you pay. The few that looted the stores for items, will mean nothing in the coming 4 months. You ask, why is God cleansing this earth taking millions, look around, as you are out of control, and your leaders inept. You were told to change, but only when faced with the extinction (cleansing) of your world, will you listen. So be it.

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